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Riona ([personal profile] rionaleonhart) wrote2016-07-02 09:38 am

Because Some Jackass Dumped Them All Over The Floor.

THE BOOKENING TITLE #4: The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet, Becky Chambers.

Oh, wow. This was a joy from start to finish. I'm sad that the sequel isn't out yet. Hello, new favourite book?

Here's something I don't think I've mentioned here before: I'm afraid of space. It's so big and so empty and so unknown. I think stars in the night sky are beautiful, but I can't look at them for too long because I start thinking about how far away they are and I get unsettled. The Total Perspective Vortex would destroy me. So I was a bit nervous at the prospect of reading a book all about scary space.

But it wasn't a problem at all. Space is so alive and fascinating in Small Angry Planet. I loved all the information we got about society and history and the differences between assorted sapient species. The whole universe was so much fun.

The structure is interesting; it's very episodic. Rather than focusing on telling one overarching story, this book introduces a cast of characters and then goes 'and now we're going to see a series of their escapades!' It's essentially a series of interconnected short stories. It could be adapted very well to television.

And it's a great cast of characters. I'm fond of everyone. Kizzy might be my favourite (I wasn't sure at first whether she would be irritating or endearing, but she came down firmly on the latter side for me), and I love her relationship with Jenks. Oh, wait, maybe Ashby's my favourite? WHO KNOWS; EVERYONE'S GREAT. Sissix, Dr Chef, Rosemary, everyone. Even Corbin won me over towards the end.

I can't stop picturing Ohan as Randall, the chameleon guy from Monsters Inc. This is not even slightly right (Randall doesn't have fur, for one thing), but for some reason my mind refuses to let go of it.

When I was almost finished with this book, I went, 'Hey, I should see how much fanfiction is waiting for me once this is over.' The answer: literally none. Nobody has written Small Angry Planet fanfiction.

Maybe I should fix that.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I want the entire crew of the Wayfarer to have a big Aandrisk-esque cuddlepile-stroke-orgy. Sissix said that almost all feather families have group sex at least once! I can understand why the Wayfarer crew is the exception, but I'm also sad that it's the exception. (Corbin elects not to engage in the orgy; he just sits off to the side and complains throughout.) This is probably not something I'm going to write.

I might write something about Lovelace, actually. I've made a small start, but it's tricky; the book is in past tense, and I want to try to match its style, but I haven't written in the past tense in so long. (This is perhaps why I so rarely write fanfiction for books; my instinct is always to replicate the writing style, and it's tricky!)

I'd really like to see some flashbacks to characters' early days on the Wayfarer in the sequel. But, honestly, I'll be happy so long as we get more of the ridiculous adventures of this pack of space misfits.

OKAY, I'VE JUST CHECKED THE BLURB FOR THE SEQUEL AND IT LOOKS LIKE IT IS NOT, IN FACT, ABOUT THIS PACK OF SPACE MISFITS. Noooooooo! The lack of fanfiction is now even more tragic than it was before.

Anyway, this is a thoroughly delightful book. I'm so happy to have read it.
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That sounds really cool! I should get that book!

It's interesting about space. I was thinking about different environments that freak different people out, and how I am, for example, a terrible audience for "Scary dangerous ocean!", but deserts freak me right out.
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That's much more logical than my "Hot environment with insufficient water, noooooo!"
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To be fair, I think the Total Perspective Vortex destroys everyone.
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But I always remember thinking, but how? How can they possibly put the universe into perspective inside one tiny little brain? There's no way you could witness the whole thing at the same time, see? It would be like that site where you scroll through from microscopic to galactic, but to witness the whole thing all at the same time... now that I'd like to see.

Or perhaps not. Unless it's actually inside a special universe which was created just for me. In which case, okay, cool, but I'd like a long angry chat with the manufacturer of said universe afterwards.
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[personal profile] magistrate 2016-07-02 07:43 pm (UTC)(link) I'm wondering if you've read M.C.A. Hogarth's "Earthrise", and if the two books are as much in the same genre and vein as it sounds like they are.
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That depends entirely on who I was recommending it to! It's not SUPER SERIOUS SCIENCE FICTION, but it's not, like, a farce or anything, either. Really, it reminds me of fanfic in the way it's textured – you can tell the author is having fun with it, and also getting something out of the emotional mileage of all of the characters, and it seems to hit a lot of fanfiction-y beats in the situations and structure and emotional arc. So, I enjoyed it, and I also found it an atypical reading experience in terms of the books I usually pick up.

Also, it has to do with a romance-reading heroine of color, a space elf who stubbornly refuses to be like the space elves in the romances, cat people who have different cultural norms about sex, people being stupid about emotions, a Captain being super-protective about her crew, scrappy space freelancers, and a bunch of teamfeels. It's a bit like Firefly, but with more wacky aliens. So, you know, if that sounds good to you...
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...okay, yes, having gotten 77% of the way through Small Angry Planet, I say you should check out Earthrise, because I'd be interested in seeing your response to it. Also, I may be weird in this, but I feel like the two books are similarly-textured enough that they really need to be crossed over. Which is probably not the answer to your lack-of-fanfic woes, but.

Also: oh no, Jack Harkness would have entirely too much fun with the Aandrisk. Entirely. Too much. Fun.