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Riona ([personal profile] rionaleonhart) wrote 2017-07-11 07:35 pm (UTC)

I didn't write this, shhhh.

Mike only glances up from his keyboard when Chester bursts into the room, but that glance is enough to take in the haunted look on Chester’s face. He stops playing. “What’s up?”

Chester slams the door shut. Turns the lock.

Something is really wrong. “Did some fans get in here?”

Chester presses his back against the door. It’s not a casual lean; it looks like he’s trying to make sure it stays shut. “You know the other me from the music video? I think he followed me out.”

Mike snorts with laughter. “Rory’s here? You actually had me worried, you asshole.”

Chester shakes his head. “No.”

“Oh,” Mike says. So it’s... a metaphor? “Well, you can’t lock yourself out, you know? Do you need me to remind you how awesome you are?”

“There is another me,” Chester says. “In this building. Apparently I have a fucking clone, and he’s here, and he’s angry. He did this.” He gestures to his bleeding lip.


Chester must read Mike’s thoughts in his eyes. “I swear I didn’t take anything. You got me out of that place. I’m not going back.”

“Maybe someone spiked you?”

“You don’t think I’d know?”

It’s got to be a joke, right? But he’d have come clean by now, he wouldn’t let Mike think he’d relapsed.

“I could call a doctor,” Mike says.

Someone kicks the door in.

“Chester!” Mike yells over Chester’s own cry of pain – he was leaning against the door, he – fuck!

But then he sees that Chester is fine, he’s standing in the doorway, looking pissed off but unhurt.

And then he sees that Chester is also on the floor a short distance away, gripping his ankle like it’s causing him pain, teeth gritted.

“Uh,” Mike says. “What?”

“I told you,” the Chester on the floor says, sounding slightly aggrieved.

Well. Yeah, okay, this is probably a problem.

Honestly, even if he’s about to get murdered by his bandmate’s impossible twin, a part of Mike is just so glad it’s not drugs.

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