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Thanks for showing concern or worrying or things like that about before, I know I didn't really sound real great... well, I wasn't doing really great at that time. I think venting about it helped though... it stopped repeating in my head as much. I still get blindsided through most of the day by memories or reminders that she's gone, but it's a little easier not to get sucked down into it. Some days to recover helped the pain and hurt fade a little bit, I think. So that's good, at least! My birthday was pleasant, although it didn't really feel any different than any other day, exactly... it was sort of just like any other day I'd go out to dinner. But that's probably normal as you get older... in the end, that's all it really is. Another day, right? Anyway, it's done with now, so there's not really much more cause to think about it. Had a fun stream the day after as well with everyone.

I always feel like I need more content to really update over here... and usually when I'm working on a Handplates page, I want to get that done before I do anything else. So there's this period of a few days after the page is done and posted where I can do other things before I feel compelled to start work on the next page, and then I end up using those few days to draw OTHER things, and then before I know it, the cycle's started up again without me taking time to put something together over here. I guess it doesn't seem as pressing to write these up since it's a ghost town, although it's nice to know some people still hang around over here and read these, haha. You guys get the SPECIAL INSIDER INFO!! I actually HAVE posted some fairly spoilery stuff here before, I wonder how many people found it? I toss little bits and pieces of future events all over the place, haha.

Anyway, I thought I should probably catch up on the other shorter comics I've drawn since the last time, since it should hopefully be faster to do than typing up the Handplates pages, particularly since a major event just occurred. This will be a mix of Handplates stuff and other things, with some possible talk of Undertale spoilers within! But now you can get Undertale on the PS4, even more reason to play it! Hehehe.

OH heck, to open with, I totally forgot to post this here! I did a quick animatic Flash video for Handplates!

I'd tell you the song choice but I think it's better if you don't know it going in, hehehehe. When I first got this idea I was laughing so hard I had to stop what I was doing for a few minutes, haha. IT REALLY WORKS.

With two variant branches of Mercy going on )

I think that should be everything! Gah that took too long.
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What the fuck have I been doing? Well...

{"write down your thoughts and feelings" has disappeared into "just keep track of your movements", because really, who wants to know if I think or feel? I am straining everyone's patience here by breathing}

Tuesday: saw me a SCI FI EXHIBITION, (photos begin here: although they're better on Lindsay's phone and also doesn't include the inspiringly odd film installations that were scattered about as part of the same media/art retrospective - there was a neural network replication [haha] of Bladerunner, which was. Why do we do these things.), which was Very Interesting, and walked with Lindsay most of the way to Soho to meet Ruthi for RAINDROP CAKES (, travelling via the Garden of the Order of St John and also via the discovery that the Japanese Art Gallery on Old Street (where the McQueen store used to be) sells those kintsugi kits; the second part of Angels in America was even longer, stronger, and more magic-realism-y. In the curtain call, they brought out the stage crew for applause, which is good, because I'd been saying in the interval that god DAMN they work them HARD in that production, there is a LOT for the tech team to be doing. And yes maybe there was a certain irony in seeing a play which ends with the blessing "more life" on the anniversary (the first of many, hoo boy) of my stupid dead friend's wake, but there we go. We get what we get.

Wednesday: ah, the stress dash to Stratford-upon-Avon; ah, the Starbucks kerfuffle, where my name went from Derek to Derrick to "Derm...mia? Derria?" thanks to someone's handwriting. Ah, the surprisingly luxurious train to Leamington Spa, significantly nicer and with more reliable Wi-Fi than fucking GWR (I have to go back at the end of the month on the HELL TRAINS and lord I am Not Thrilled). Naturally S-u-A is very PICTURESKEW, as the Discworldian has it, and reassuringly Normal ("They've got a kebab house and Eastern European groceries and people not speaking English, it's okay, this place is Normal") alongside the chocolate-box "this is how England Looks, Honest" guide book half-timbered town centre. There was a barge selling ice-cream and one selling baguettes. There were gay statues and swans of indeterminate sexual preference. There was a big goddamn theatre with a cafe selling individual tiny tubs of hummus for 25p because why the entire fuck not.

We saw Salomé, and it was easy to see why it was very much For Lucian; it was signficantly less For Me (I indignantly remarked on the way home, as I bounced up and down on Ruthi's one remaining nerve like a ping-pong ball of blithe irresponsibility, "Even the blood wasn't RED"), and on the whole felt like an immature production for an immature play (I periodically forget that I hate Wilde's writing and I hate it even more when he's trying to take himself and the world seriously, as he was here), albeit a play with a troubling fixation on people's feet and entire windy world-long passages which make it abundantly clear which classical and renaissance authors Wilde was comparing himself to and failing to emulate in euphony or in interest. I HAVE SAID MY PIECE, GOOD DAY TO YOU SIR.

Otoh, a naked Matthew Tennyson is appreciated, although to be honest other members of the cast were appreciated more on account of them not having the physical composition of a sparrow skeleton. (I DID like Herdodias as a character because, you know, I can Relate ™ to Bitter Old Queens).

We had afternoon tea, I introduced Ruthi to a frankly mediocre example of a lardy cake, by dribs and drabs we trailed toward the station, the trains on the way back were packed and rather less comfortable, Ruthi went to sleep and I went to iPod; on the other hand, as we walked towards the exit at Marylebone a familiar face and gait passed us - ah yes, Mr Tennyson, on his way home. (Jess informs me he "probably lives somewhere around Muswell Hill - I used to see him up there a lot", so it's a good thing I waited for Ruthi to top up her card etc because man would it ever have looked like stalking otherwise.)

Today: I have hated quite virulently on the gym and I am seriously contemplating throwing off the instigation to go to trans/nb cabaret tonight partly because I'm very tired of all forms of theatre now (like, for the rest of the week, not FOREVER), partly because I am B R O K E as F U C K (and likely moreso after yesterday), partly because I have A Lot To Do, having not really tackled writing/editing of the trench story in my brief trip to le cafe with Jess (I did get complimented on my terrible whorish outfit by a very elderly man so THAT'S NICE); however I also partly want to go the fuck out and stay the fuck out because CHRIST IN HEAVEN I AM TIRED OF LOOKING AT NAZIS.

... I guess no one's forcing me to be on the internet and if I just did all the other goddamn things I am supposed to be doing I wouldn't be looking at them.

40 Day Anime Meme - Day 36

Aug. 17th, 2017 08:20 am
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36 -- in your opinion, what makes a good anime?

If I can answer 'yes' to 'Do I want to watch it again?' and/or 'Do I want to own a copy of this?'

Of course, I can answer 'yes to those questions over some real hot messes, too. ^_^

I mean, if I made it to the end as was entertained in some way, then it did its job. That alone should qualify as 'good', right?

I feel like 'good' has lost all meaning.

(I am so glad this meme is almost over.)


Aug. 17th, 2017 09:40 am
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you always hear horror stories about food service jobs. this week i learned theyre all true )

EDIT: literally 2 minutes after making this post, the job agency called back and offered me a thing tomorrow and monday, cleaning cute little holiday cabins out in the middle of nowhere, i get to wear whatever i want, i'm allowed to bring my own lunch this time, and they'll actually tell me what i'm doing instead of just throwing me in. COOL BEANS wish me luck

40 Day Anime Meme - Day 35

Aug. 16th, 2017 04:11 pm
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35 -- have you ever dropped an anime, if so why?

All the time-- let's see... timeslot changed, financial reasons (can't commit to $30/3 episodes for a 75+ episode show), moved to somewhere without television/cable, had to work instead of going to anime club, dropped anime club, fell out of contact with friend who was loaning out series, library doesn't have full run and doesn't order in optical media, series was never fully released in NA/English, subbers dropped series and no one picked it up, um... should I go on?

And that's ignoring shows that weren't my cuppa - didn't like the plot, characters, direction show was headed, art style, etc.

That's like asking 'have you ever not finished a book? why?' when sometimes... you just don't.

I'm not sure what the last anime I actually dropped was. There are a lot of things I want to go back and finish, but it'll take awhile. My slow internet makes streaming iffy sometimes so I'm a lot better off with physical media, but that often requires more cash. And some things aren't legally available on physical media yet, so~ *handwaves*

The last manga I dropped (from my library-borrowing spree) was JoJo's. It was interesting but I just couldn't get invested in the story.

More animal pictures

Aug. 16th, 2017 03:45 pm
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Because the world is a terrible place and we all need some cuteness.

They're so stinking cute.

A selfie of my Selphie. ♥ ♥ ♥ (this was taken for #nationalselfieday and I wanted it to look like she was taking the pic herself lmao)

I feel like I should say

Aug. 16th, 2017 12:02 pm
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U.S. politics has (have?) washed over my head again, as it does periodically, rising from the baseline fear and disappointment that mounted during election season and spiked in November.

I don't talk about it much here. This blog, and [ profile] bironicwastaken, are my dedicated fannish spaces online. It looks like we all understand that media consumption, fannishness and other creative pursuits are permissible hobbies, community building in an environment of divisiveness, necessary breaks and even artistic acts of resistance as we struggle with current events. Still, I sometimes (1) worry that fannish-oriented posts strike the wrong tone in wider context, such as yesterday's, and (2) feel a defensive urge to point out that I'm doing things "in real life" to fight what's happening, even if they may not be enough and even though no one has said anything.

When I get down on myself about not doing enough, I focus on things like these, in addition to thinking through how I can have a greater impact:
- Since November, every feature article I’ve written at work has made an explicit or strong implicit political statement
- This auction vid not only raised money for a good cause but is also about celebrating many characters of color in current genre sources, and that's not for nothing these days
- Every month, I donate to activist, investigative journalism and/or minority-support organizations
- I talk to people, including family and friends who voted in ways I am trying to understand
- etc.

That is all. It's a[nother] tough day. ETA: Not least: Event & dream involving anti-semitism )

(no subject)

Aug. 16th, 2017 09:03 am
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Also dang, okay, I'll post a real update about life soon-ish but let me just say classes have been been SUPER CONSUMING and I am ALREADY EXHAUSTED however we're focusing on Toni Morrison in Multicultural American Lit and I'm really enjoy that class the most, aaaahhhh.

Name that pupper!

Aug. 16th, 2017 09:02 am
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My sister got my mom a surprise standard poodle puppy. She goes to Mississippi to pick him up this weekend and Mom needs to decide on a name. So!

Raphael or Dominic?

(I am not super in favor of yet another animal in this house but oh well, it's too late now and he's pretty dang cute so)
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So apparently Daniel Craig will be doing one more Bond movie. I suspect that the studio just gave him an assload of money to defer the debate about a female/POC Bond few more years...

I'm pretty meh about this, because though I liked Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace, Skyfall RUINED MY CHILDHOOD (I'm only slightly exaggerating here) and I lost all interest in Craig!Bond movies (I did eventually watch Spectre on DVD and it was terrible). As for the next Bond, I don't know... I think Idris Elba would probably make a good Bond (though what I really want is a Dicsworld movie with Idris Elba as Sam Vimes), but I'm starting to feel that Bond movies as a whole have just overstayed their welcome. I'm not sure how you could even make them feel fresh anymore? James Bond is one of my ur-fandoms, but I just can't work up any excitement for it anymore.

And unpopular opinion, but I don't actually want a female Bond. I just think that if you changed it to Jane Bond, you might just as well change it to Jane Smith and do an action movie without all the baggage of the Bond franchise. And no, you couldn't explain it with the Bond-is-just-a-code-name theory because that's a fucking stupid theory.

(and no, this is not the same as a female Doctor (because the Doctor is an alien, so their gender is a non-issue) or the female Ghostbusters team (who weren't supposed to be the same characters as in the original movies))

I just want *new* female action heroes who are just as iconic as Bond, because I don't think there's anything about the franchise that would *add* to an action movie with a female lead.
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I promised that I’d be back with the bullet points and yelling, and look! Fate/Apocrypha is back! Oh my beautiful darling show, it’s been too long! *dreamy sigh*

So let’s get this rolling by yelling about Fate Apocrypha Episode Six! )

And this episode of Princess Principal was really fucking bleak in an entirely obvious way, but it was still bleak, as a fair warning. Caution warning for physically abusive parents and alchoholism! Let's go and yell about episode six. )

40 Day Anime Meme - Day 34

Aug. 15th, 2017 05:47 pm
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34 -- have you ever watched an anime only because you liked a specific character?

As in, only hung on because I really wanted to know what happened to one of the cast? Or started watching something because of one character (like I'd seen art or something and was curious)?

Sure. Isn't that sort of how it works sometimes? If it's not a stellar premise but a character has an interesting design or something, I'll check it out. And then there's usually some reason to keep going... I can think of more games that I've finished for a character or two compared to anime... But I definitely know where there were times that the plot was a mess or fell off and I kept going because of an attachment or curiousity about the cast. I think that's pretty natural.

I'm quite fond of the whole things, now, but... the first time through Tekkaman Blade II was pretty painful until all of a sudden Dead End showed up and wait, what-? and I would have watched another fifty episodes to see how that was going to play out.
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So, funny story. Back in 2012, Lex and I went to Manchester Comicon because it was there and we were there. And while we're there, I spot a guy with Queen & Country books on his table. I love Queen & Country, so I forget not to make eye contact with people trying to sell you things, and end up buying a different spy thriller with a female lead off him. And just the other week, I spotted a book by him set in the same universe at work, so I grab it!

Fastforward to tonight. Lex and I are in the pictures, the opening credits are rolling. "Oh hey, Executive Producer Antony Johnston! I've read his books!"

Credits keep rolling. "Based on the Oni Press graphic novel The Coldest City? WAIT, NO, I'VE READ THAT ONE, I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS BASED OFF A GRAPHIC NOVEL!"

... And that is how one of my most anticipated films of the year managed to spoil the twist for me with its opening credits.

What’s up, August edition: vidding

Aug. 15th, 2017 10:46 am
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It's periodic crunch time at work, so a proper post / con report will have to wait a bit longer. For now:

[community profile] vividcon was lovely. I had some good conversations with a few people I'd expected to catch up with and a few I had not; went to most of the panels; saw only a fraction of the vids screened but still came away with several favorites; stayed on an even emotional keel the whole weekend; and returned with renewed vigor for creative pursuits…

…most notably this extensive auction vid that's been in progress since the spring. After VVC I finally processed all the DVD footage I've been collecting, figured out how to get a bunch of MKV files into Adobe Premiere (tried [personal profile] absolutedestiny's FFmpeg tutorial for format conversion but gave up in favor of DirectShowSource in the more familiar Avisynth), and skimmed two seasons of American Horror Story with [personal profile] drglam's guidance. I'd been putting that off along with The Walking Dead & Z Nation because horror TV is not always my thing, but it went fine. Forging onward.

Meanwhile, I made the mistake of perusing [community profile] equinox_exchange requests on the AO3 and ended up with a vid idea that I don't have time to make, except I started making it. *facepalm* I don't even go here, as they say, but I think the concept is beautiful, and the draft is making me have an emotion. Fortunately, what at first seemed like an intimidating endeavor is coming together faster than expected.

Still, my primary focus needs to be the auction vid, and I'll be away three of the six weekends between now and Equinox go-live, so we'll see if this other vid gets done in time or if the DS9 vidlet began a tradition of posting treats three months late.

Crisis Core - thoughts etc

Aug. 15th, 2017 09:53 pm
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I literally just finished Crisis Core! It's been sitting in my backlog since about 2009, so you know, eight years after I bought it isn't too bad, right?

What with the LOVELESS quotes and the misuse of the word honour, it's little wonder Sephiroth decided to hang with his alien mother and destroy humanity. )

In terms of backlog statistics:
  • 103 games in my backlog
  • 15 games left before I hit 50% backlog
  • It will apparently take me 175 days and 13 hours to complete my backlog according to How Long to Beat.
I haven't worked out what's next, so if anyone wants to choose my next games for me, let me know!

(no subject)

Aug. 15th, 2017 11:11 am
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For a shift changeover day yesterday was surprisingly busy; I got back early, made a good six hour in-road on "sleeping like a person", got up, went for a 30 minute bike ride at the gym and, thanks to "don't eat until halfway through the cardio" as advice, was so focused on getting to 15 minutes when I could have my stupid Weetabix bottle that I didn't pay much attention to my legs not being my friend.

Naturally, when I was doing this and also on a train for a million years to go and see Doug (perfectly fine, in quite a good mood, we managed to get him to the pub next door without any drama as well, although possibly because one of the other people he lives with was being A Bit Much), everyone started responding to emails and whatnot so I have P L E N T Y of work to do instead of getting sucked into arguments with people online. Finished off by bleaching my hair.

TODAY: Got up nice and early if somewhat confused, had to do a massive detour on the way to the gym because the police had closed off the intersection due to someone being shot again (he's fine: well, he's alive, anyway, and not in critical condition) and then Morrisons being closed so I had to turn down a lot further than expected. Gym was a little taxing but not horrifyingly so.

Have just finished off the full cover for Heavy now that I have the cover quote I was waiting for, m'mate Aaron's offered me a free condenser microphone (or £5, but whatever, close enough), I think my debauchery date for Sunday is standing me up because she has to go see her grandma (I did predict this so not too butthurt), and one of the presses I have stories with has just updated everyone to let them know they're running behind schedule but that nothing is awry.

Remainder of day: Sci Fi Classics exhibition with Lindsay, second half of Angels In America with Ruthi.

... I could quite happily sleep for another six hours but NOPE.