writing goals :'(

Jun. 24th, 2017 07:38 pm
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At the beginning of June, I made a goal of finishing three bingo cards/prompt tables. Guys, why did I do that??? Family visits + unexpectedly strong feelings about anniversaries this month = not writing nearly as much as I'd expected to. I mean, I've certainly written more than normal and managed to publish three fics this month! But that's not enough for my goals.

So new goal for the rest of this month: finish up my [community profile] fffc June special card. Hopefully if I try to make my fics more bite sized I'll actually manage to finish. ;3;

I don't know what I want to do for next month. Camp NaNo is a thing but I don't know if I really want to participate this year. At least not in any official capacity, haha. Maybe I'll do the same thing as I did this month and just shoot for blacking out a card. I have enough of them!

Friending Meme!

Jun. 24th, 2017 09:01 am

Cars 3, etc.

Jun. 24th, 2017 07:03 am
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Cars 3 last night! \o/ And it was everything I could have asked for.

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Having failed to do anything apart from ouch a lot and some test writing on Thursday due to the drinkpocalypse, I then had the worst night's sleep conceivable, overslept angrily by four and a half hours, and still successfully went to the gym, did test writing (and a small snippet of robot porn set up, because I am Only Human), started defrosting the fridge - beginning MAN'S INTERMINABLE STRUGGLE AGAINST THE WORLD OF ICE which has repeatedly involved me hacking at arm-sized icebergs with a kitchen knife while naked at 12am. Listen, I don't tell you how to live YOUR life... oh, and I went to a museum late with [personal profile] ruthi, who took the instruction "museum late" as a literal piece of advice and showed up around two hours after I did (er, executive dysfunction plus hot weather equals slow friend, and it gave me the opportunity to take a lot of dodgy selfies with gay statues and do the aforementioned writing AND treat myself to a cream tea which did not hysterically fuck up my macros so no shade there; also even before the Fridge Adventure I have been eating like total shit and motivating myself to actually put anything inside my body is hard so I've not actually consumed A Vegetable for about five days and I feel like my skin is on inside-out? I did eat a fruit salad on Wednesday, I just feel it was cancelled out by the bucket of alcohol).

Anyway if you're interested in about 40 pictures and a couple of videos from the V&A last night they're here: https://www.instagram.com/derekdesanges/

(I also got a Loz postcard and some miffy pendants in the post from Nine&Lin who know me offensively well)

Today's plans have had several revisions:
1. Go to the gym: abandoned because I had two have an hour-long extension to my sleep thanks to yet another night of enraged sleeplessness (partly sleep cycle out of whack, partly intensely hot room because Jess wouldn't open the window because people in the pub outside were having a conversation and it was distracting her, and then largely because Jess a. would not stop flinging all fifty of the limbs she apparently possesses over my body when I was about to fall off the edge of the bed from trying to grab some space and b. snoring loudly enough that no mount of bluetooth headband music would drown her out). Instead: went to the supermarket and then came back and did some desultory truncated mini-workout (20 press-ups, 2 minute plank, 10 military press at 25kg).
2. Eat breakfast like a normal person: for some reason my brain was not functioning AT ALL this morning and thus I had to spend about 10 minutes wiping soya cream off literally every surface, flat or otherwise, in the vicinity, after I shook it AFTER I TOOK THE LID OFF.
3. IDK normal sane things: no, I decided to fish an old pair of jeans out of the charity pile and cut the legs off because while all my shorts are clean and mostly dry "all my shorts" is "only" three pairs plus the gym ones and "I don't think any of them are suitable". And by "suitable" I mean "I need something that will prominently display my ass" because I'm going to Duckie. Even though it's rammed in there and no one can see anything apart from my incredible saddlebags.

Still to fuck up: test writing (I was going to post yesterday's but the formatting issues are just giving me the world's biggest case of "dunwanna"; a shame because it was fairly good worldbuildery), going to Pimlico, Jamie's birthday, dancing.

Does anyone want to have a look at Draft 3 of Heavy at all?

Swing Life Away

NSFW Jun. 23rd, 2017 07:42 pm
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this is not a fandom post, sorry

Jun. 23rd, 2017 08:57 am
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Thanks to everyone who commented on the last post.

I'm okay! I actually ended up spending most of the day alone, watching SVU and playing on Pinterest. Mom and my sister went to places but I really resent my sister inviting herself over like she did (and she knew it) so I elected to be alone.

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Let's see. I'll get back to fandom soon.

Note to self: discourse lemmings

Jun. 22nd, 2017 10:32 pm
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Tumblr is such a dumpster fire, but sometimes reblogging can be useful for purposes of finding things later.

Anyway, [personal profile] sarasa_cat  was discussing several problems with Tumblr, including the tendency for misinterpretation, wank or tangents to set off a long reblog chain, partially or wholly unrelated to the original post, and often removed from its context. And by the time the OP can reply to the initial wank and correct any misunderstandings, it's too late: the Discourse has taken on a life of its own.

I described those participating in such a thread as "discourse lemmings." (I was thinking especially of those who react to the posts at the bottom of the reblog chain rather than to the OP.)

A term I'd already forgotten, and it might come in handy, so, there. Free to use.


Jun. 22nd, 2017 08:32 pm
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I had to go get this icon out of my LJ icon folder... Games!

I woke up earlier than I wanted to and, unable to fall back to sleep, I went ahead and took a run at the end of Suikoden, since I was pretty close. \o/ I did get all 108 Stars, so I did get that amazing end~~ ♥ Now that I'm twenty years late to the party, it's time to look for fic?

I don't feel quite as attached to everyone as I did in SuikoIV, but that's understandable. I mostly used Flik, Viktor, Tir, Pahn, Cleo, Gremio, Kirkus, um... Kasumi for awhile, Rubi at the end, with a few others sprinkled in here and there. A very physical team. I never used Soul Eater until the final battle.

I love Gremio so much. And I want to go replay SuikoIV for Ted. ^^;; Though I'll be good and do II next, when the guide shows up.

I want piles of Gremio/Tir everywhere, and however the universe wants to give me Flik/Viktor. Hmm... who else? A lot of the canon couples were really cute - Hix & Tengaar, Lepant & Eileen, Kirkus & Sylvana, etc.

I would give a lot of money for a shiny remake of this game with about twice the character stuff, some loose ends tied up, etc. (Well, some may get tied up in SuikoII?)

Gah, I'm so happy~~

forgot this GEM

Jun. 22nd, 2017 07:16 pm
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yesterday a man punched me excitedly in the arm out of fucking nowhere and yelled at me that my (sun)glasses were fucking great, which was lovely, but SOMEWHAT STARTLING.

you know normally when someone yells about my clothes in an approving way they're: a) female and b) not hitting me??
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"i'll just walk there" it's 31C you are wearing plastic flipflops and you have a limited timeframe so you can't take it easy what actual part of your brain thought this was an acceptable idea you flay-footed fuck
"just walk to tottenham court road we have plenty of time" (at least we got to visit the museum of the order of st john while the garden was actually open: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVmsvViBBan/?taken-by=derekdesanges it is a beautiful tiny oasis in clerkenwell)
charlie decided we needed a large bottle of gin and i decided we needed a small bottle of gin and what with the two bottles of wine we went through before chris arrived and the half a bottle of pimms, i was right and he wasn't
definitely very allergic to grass my entire torso looks like someone's been firing angry cats at it
we did not feed the parakeets because we were too drunk and i am 500% delighted that i do not remember the majority of the conversation i am only very annoyed that i remember having to pee in the trees
went back to chris's in a valiant attempt to sober up a bit. how this actually worked: charlie drank a litre of water and threw up five times and was still incomprehensibly drunk. chris arbitrarily smashed a glass, i was directed to drink about half a bottle of gin and hung out of a majillionth floor window of a tower block in paddington watching the sun set over london on midsummer's day while waxing aggressively pretentious
we tried to go to g-a-y late, which somehow involved being in a restaurant on wardour street briefly which i largely remember because i have a receipt; chris informs me they both started nicking stuff the minute my back was turned but thankfully i was concentrating too hard on trying to understand salad to really notice
g-a-y late wouldn't let us in. not because *i* was monumentally drunk. not because charlie couldn't remember his own face. no, because chris, probably the most sober of us (who'd also had to put my nose piercing back in for me) "was too drunk"; we decided the bouncer was actually just wildly prejudiced against slavs and complained loudly about this all the way to Heaven, which was shut; we ate the peanuts we'd bought for the parakeets all the way to the RVT, which was also shut. Union briefly tried to tell me my PASSPORT WASN'T VALID ID? but we got in, which seems like a waste of time because it was almost empty and at least three of the people who *were* in there were straight; we left in the hopes of making an entire last hour in XXL / Pulse @ SE1 (bear night) but didn't get there (would probably have been fucking empty anyway WHAT IS WRONG WITH LONDON does NO ONE go midweek clubbing anymore) and found ourselves, eventually, in Bar Italia (Charlie demanded we go because he's never been and the Pulp song).
Bar Italia is very expensive. We sat there eating a cheese melt and yelling at Genesis videos in absolute delight before making our way home.
Oh you think the evening is over? Stopped for chicken from Hardies, AKA "how not to have a hangover" (the other part of not having a hangover is to drink water every time you wake up and take a paracetamol the FIRST time you wake up, then keep sleeping until you're not ill, I am pretty sure at least 50% of hangover is just being tired), and on the way back to the house ended up in a lengthy conversation about the overall shitness of men with a junkie-in-remission who was wearing a rainbow bra and accidentally killed her boyfriend's cactus.
My brain politely decided to wake me up repeatedly to inform me that I "probably have eye herpes now and will go blind" but I recognise "alcohol panic" when i see it (more or less) and just went back to bed.

here i am regretting my choice to remove all the skin from the tops of my feet and foolishly thinking this was the dumbest injury i was going to get this week (i have since SUNBURNT MY MOUTH): https://www.instagram.com/p/BVms6cdBl6f/?taken-by=derekdesanges
here is charlie consuming his fourth or fifth glass of wine: https://www.instagram.com/p/BVo8S8nhWkX/?taken-by=derekdesanges

Anyway it took me until about four to start on the test writing and I've had to bow out of a social engagement this evening (partly because I don't want to go anywhere further away than the pub on the corner and partly because it is like standing inside a boiled bollock today - about 10C cooler but also 100% more humid - and partly because the friend I was meant to be seeing subluxed her knee this morning - she has EDS - and I didn't think we'd get the best out of socialising while one of us was sweating gin and the other was having pain sweats), but I've done it, so here it is:

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... I started trying to fix the font on that but it involves removing so much crap it's really not worth it.

(no subject)

Jun. 22nd, 2017 12:12 pm
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Spoilers for my book. )

I can't tell you what a gift these books are in the midst of 2017. You should all have your pairings of 14 years ago come back to soothe you. Or not soothe, but whatever this is. Maybe if we all make it to 2028 Franklin and Bash will miraculously suddenly return and deal with all their issues from the end of s4 in emotionally wrought ways that at least slightly distract from all the wars and total lack of civil liberties.

(Seth Green is making a thing and Breckin Meyer is going to be in it. WITH HIS ACTUAL FACE. I thought that was never going to happen again.)

My MP has written back to my email about the DUP, and he says that actually he has a lot of friends in the DUP and that although he understands 'concerns from the lgbt community' he feels sure that they can work together for the good of everyone in the country. I hate him so much. And obviously I would really like it if we didn't destroy lgbt rights and everything, but I didn't even mention them. My email was about abortion, it wasn't just vaguely about abortion, I literally told him that he couldn't appropriately represent me in parliament if he didn't think that safeguarding my rights to a clean and safe abortion was important. But no, no reassurances there. I mean LGBT stuff, that's quite political isn't it, and we wouldn't want to mess up and lose votes. But denying basic rights to women... that's a bit more debatable.
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Just sort of a brief update, but since Monday I've been at my brother's place since the house is getting fumigated (not because of the bees, because of an older different problem) and I'll be able to go back sometime Thursday afternoon. Everything living had to be taken out of the house, so I've got Nana's plant and Splotchy with me and such, but also any kind of food or medicine has to be double-bagged with an airtight seal, otherwise the poison will get absorbed by the food and will kill you if you eat it later. Everything looked bagged up properly when I left but I'm getting increasingly anxious about the possibility of a bag not being completely sealed, and something getting poisoned. I really really don't want to die because something wasn't bagged properly, and whenever I think about it I get extremely anxious. There's not much I can do about it right now, I tell myself, so there's no point in freaking out about it, but I'm worried. I'd almost rather just toss everything I didn't take with me not to take that chance... I mean, when it comes down to it, what's more valuable, food or your life? I'm hoping I'm worrying over nothing and everything will be fine though...

Anyway, I'd blame that for not getting anything done over here, but Alex brought over his Switch and I've been playing Breath of the Wild, which has been very distracting thankfully. I'm trying to get as much time in it as I can before I head back home and he takes it back. There's just so much to see though! I know I haven't even scratched the surface of all the stuff in the game yet. But it definitely does help keep your mind off of frightening things. Well, things I'm currently frightened of, anyway.


Jun. 21st, 2017 07:36 pm
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Sega wants to turn its classic catalogue into 'the Netflix of retro gaming'

Sega exited the video game console business nearly 20 years ago, but the company still retains some of the industry’s most iconic characters and beloved classic catalogs. That explains why Sega decided to put resources toward an all-new initiative it’s calling Sega Forever. Announced earlier this morning, Sega Forever is the new banner with which the publisher will reissue games from its backlog on iOS and Android, starting with five titles to be released tomorrow in the US. A new title every two weeks after that, and every game will start out free, with players having the option to turn off advertising forever with a $1.99 in-app purchase.

The first five Sega Forever games are Genesis titles: Sonic the Hedgehog, Comix Zone, Altered Beast, Kid Chameleon, and Phantasy Star II. But Sega doesn’t want to stop there. “I’ve got two decades worth of classic gaming content,” says Mike Evans, Sega’s chief marketing officer and development lead on Sega Forever. “Everything as far back as the SG 1000 Mark I through to Master System, Game Gear, Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast.”

I probably have Phantasy Star II in two or three different formats already, and yet my immediate thought was 'OH I NEED TO BUY PHANTASY STAR II'. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this and will probably end up jamming my tablet with Sega goodness. Especially when they get to Saturn stuff, since that's the generation I really missed and picking up back-catalogue Saturn stuff has been really difficult. I really only have about a dozen games for the system and that's including imports.