Mar. 10th, 2017

rionaleonhart: final fantasy x-2: the sun is rising, yuna looks to the future. (Default)

It's been a rough few days. We've just learnt that Mabel, the little tabby here pictured wrapped around her enormous brother Dipper's shoulders, has a heart condition that means she's unlikely to see her second birthday. If we're lucky, we might have a few more months with her. She's home from the hospital, at least, and she seems happy enough now that she's on medication.

She's a good cat, and she loves me more than anyone could possibly deserve to be loved. I'd like someone to know she was here for a while.

(I say 'she's a good cat', but this is her usual position: sitting in front of my computer when I'm trying to work, yelling in my face. She's a nightmare. I love her so much.)