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Come Along, Jonas Brother.

I played a couple of hours of Oxenfree last night! It's very pretty and colourful, which is an interesting design choice for a horror game. All the landscapes sort of look like they've been made out of coloured paper.

You have to make decisions within a few seconds in Oxenfree, which I find very stressful, even when most of the decisions are just 'what do you want to say now?' (I feel a bit spoiled by Life Is Strange, which not only gives you as much time as you like to choose your response but allows you to rewind and redo things if you change your mind.)

At the very beginning of the game, just after you get off the boat, I refused to speak alone with Jonas because my mind was working by Until Dawn rules: DON'T SEPARATE, BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. [ profile] th_esaurus pointed out that this was very early in the game, nothing bad had happened yet, and a brief conversation with my stepbrother was unlikely to get anyone killed. I felt so bad for turning Jonas down that I restarted.

At this point I set the first and most important of several goals that would help me make decisions in the future: I want to get along with my stepbrother.

Later, after panicking during the 'who do you meet up with first?' decision at the radio tower, I came up with my second goal: I want to improve my relationship with Clarissa.

My third goal, after telling Ren there were other fish in the sea and TOO LATE realising that the game might think I want to be his fish: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can I end up in a romantic relationship with Ren.

('The game won't let you romance your stepbrother,' [ profile] th_esaurus said, with deeply felt sadness. I laughed at her.)

I feel a lot more comfortable making quick decisions now that I know what I'm aiming for. Even if I still miss Life Is Strange. (The soft colours and loading-screen Polaroids really remind me of Life Is Strange, actually. Although I'm puzzled by the fact that Jonas took a picture on his phone and it appeared on the loading screen as a Polaroid.)

I'm playing this game at [ profile] th_esaurus's flat, so I don't know exactly when I'll be able to pick it up again, but I hope it'll be soon! There's a lot of intriguing mystery. And I like Alex, which is unusual; I usually have trouble warming to characters who communicate entirely through dialogue choices, because they can end up feeling like an empty vessel for the player rather than a character in their own right, but a lot of personality comes through in everything she says.

Here are a handful of things I experienced in 2016 but didn't post full entries on:

- I watched the anime ERASED (it's available legally on Crunchyroll here), which is about a man who goes back to his childhood and tries to prevent the abduction and murder of a classmate. It was very good and very gripping, but I don't know whether I'll ever watch it again; it might be a bit too bleak and serious without the 'but what happens next??' drive to keep going. Still, I loved that it told a very compact, intense story in just twelve episodes. It also has one of the coolest opening sequences I've ever seen. The shots of the empty school give me chills.

- I saw Your Name in the cinema and loved it. The basic concept (two strangers keep swapping bodies across a great distance and can only communicate with each other by leaving notes) is exactly the sort of idea I find irresistible: people being drawn together by weird experiences, unable to talk about them with anyone but each other! Inevitably, I'm now wondering whether it could be employed in fanfiction for other works.

- Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is a much, much better show than you'd think from the title. A couple of my favourite songs:

I've kind of got a girl crush on you, by which I mean I wanna kill you and wear your skin like a dress.

- The second series of How to Get Away with Murder is, I'm delighted to report, just as stupid as the first. The scene in 'Meet Bonnie' where the students were going 'pfft, we've screwed up our lives, might as well have an orgy' inevitably delighted me. Has anyone written the fic where they follow through? I'm going to be so disappointed in fandom if nobody's written that fic.

Inevitably, the combination of fandoms in this entry is making me ponder a How to Get Away with Murder scenario in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, in which Rebecca somehow ends up killing someone and has to try not to get caught. It's actually a worryingly plausible scenario.
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oh boy, I forgot I was partway through LiS during the move. Must restart ; it is very relaxing for reasons mentioned above.
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I've been told to play Oxenfree - is it a puzzle-horror game or a survival-horror game?
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I was sold at Bad Teen Decision simulator.

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I'll do a ramble catch up too (AS IF I EVER DO ANYTHING ELSE. I really am considering making a Dreamwidth again just so I can stop spamming your journal with this stuff and spam your friends page instead xD).

This makes me wonder how you'd cope with playing Telltale's games. Did you ever play their Walking Dead games? You don't have to know the Walking Dead (I don't and they're great) to play them. "CLEMENTINE WILL REMEMBER THAT." You'd be so stressed. xD They've been a massive, massive influence on this sort of genre. Stuff like the choice trees at the end of LiS episodes etc. - that was all Telltale first.

I didn't realise Erased was on Crunchyroll! Might well look into that, it sounds up my street. I don't mind if it's dark, either. There are various tropes/topics I like to look at, and time travel is a massive one for me. If it involves time travel, or can be made to have ridiculous crossovers involving time travel, I'm normally for it!

It'd be interesting to compare Erased to Ghost Hound actually. They're incredibly different concepts, but something in that empty school etc./dealing with issues vibe strikes me as emotionally similar. In Ghost Hound, the main protagonist Tarou is a narcoleptic - he was kidnapped along with his sister when considerably younger, the guy who kidnapped them got killed or something, and they were found later - when his sister had presumably starved to death. Some of the show deals with the fallout of that event on him and another character too though in very unique ways, and that emotional core is what made me think of it despite being such different concepts in many other ways.

I actually watched D.Gray-Man Hallow on Crunchyroll last year. For some context, this was incredibly exciting news as D.Gray-Man is one of my favourite manga and while it has had a series before, the manga creator's health being poor means quite frequent (and lengthy) hiatuses. I think it's on hiatus for like the 3rd or 4th time at the moment (and it's gone from weekly releases to monthly to three monthly already!). That they managed to gather enough manga material to come up with another 13 episodes is great, especially when it's some of my favourite arcs - though they really rushed a few arcs, and skipped one entirely. It also stopped just before the beginning of the current manga arc, so I wouldn't expect any more for years again. Hallow had some flaws, but the adaption was still generally enjoyable with everything hitting the fan - which I've wanted to see animated for years! (The bad guys are as affable as ever but still evil, but wait, the good guys have done some really awful things too. Is anyone right? Love that sort of stuff, as well as some of the other plot stuff going on.)

Your Name could be an interesting Assassin's Creed crossover, across time?

Other new things:

I saw Finding Dory recently, we took some of the kids from school (long story). I was thinking about this when being like "FF15, stop assuming I've seen Kingsglaive!" given that I've never seen Finding Nemo and managed to pick up enough plot points throughout the film to still be able to understand those three characters. And it didn't spend a long time needing to establish that either. DON'T BE LAZY, FF15, I LIKE YOU OTHERWISE.

Netflix is making a film of iBoy, which really surprises me! Some people suggesting it sounds a bit juvenile: yeah, I understand that, but boy do they have another think coming. Kevin Brooks is one of my favourite authors, and everything he writes is pretty dark (iBoy is probably the lightest). Picking up a few Kevin Brooks plots at their most basic (not including iBoy in this):

-Your best friend and a local girl goes missing! Nobody trusts your memories since you were being irresponsible. Nobody seems to care about your best friend being missing!

-Your sister gets murdered! You go to find out who did it so the police can release their body! Also, you're a gypsy so everybody hates you!

-Main character gets kidnapped and locked in a bunker eventually with other people; kidnapper constantly torments them by messing with their perception of time and worse.

-You wake up mid way through an operation to find everybody claiming that your insides are plastic! WTF is going on?

They're not exactly cheery reads, lol. Though I suppose iBoy would be considered very contemporary in our phone obsessed culture.

A Monster Calls also has a film! That's exciting to me. I enjoyed the book, though my favourite Patrick Ness book is The Rest of Us Just Live Here, which I read last year. In it, a very convoluted story of saving the world (with ridiculous numbers of characters named Finn) is told in a few paragraphs. Meanwhile, the rest of the book is all about people who don't get to be the main characters of stories living their relatively mundane lives while all that background craziness goes on.

Last but not least, I'm going to return to Damnatio Memoriae (three books - Damnatio Memoriae/None Shall Sleep, In Absentia/Song to the Moon, Memento Mori/When I Am Laid in Earth). It's funny because I don't often talk much about books (this entry nonwithstanding), but something's really caught me with this series. Often with me when a book really catches me it's something about the writing, which isn't the case here. Actually, while I was never bored, there were a few instances where I thought it could have done with a bit more editing ("haven't they just had this conversation? do we need 2 of them?"). I got through the books in a day each, and when I finished the 3rd book it just really affected me. That's really rare for me with a book. I missed the characters - I really liked Enim in particular as a very unusual protagonist in a lot of ways. I'm actually rereading the first book to catch up some other things, also because it just wouldn't leave my thoughts - I do reread books I like, but not normally instantly. Also, given how much I like dark fic, it's about the only series I've finished and gone "AND NEXT: FIX IT FIC" while another part goes "I SHOULD WRITE POST-SERIES FIC". It just needs more of an audience: the series, I mean. I dunno. It's a weird feeling, but kind of a nice one?


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It felt like about half of the chosen one names, but I may be exaggerating! There was a boy Finn and a girl Finn, at least. Also, one of the chosen one characters was called Satchel. This I remember!

Like literally, here is the beginning section of chapter 1 before the proper story starts:

"CHAPTER THE FIRST, in which the Messenger of the Immortals arrives in a surprising shape, looking for a permanent Vessel; and after being chased by her through the woods, indie kid Finn meets his final fate."

It just glosses over it like that for the whole book while we focus on our real protagonists. xD

Yeah, I don't know how much our tastes align in way of novels, but we're pretty similar in other media so it's probably not as far off as it may seem. Although one of my main interests in fiction - and I don't look at a lot of it in films etc. because it's more dramatised and I don't really like films anyway - is mental illness, for various reasons, and that does crop up quite a bit in the stories I read (probably in most of them mentioned here, actually). (That's how I found Damnatio Memoriae, actually - as I said, it's not very known, but I can get around some tag searches. :) ) It's an important subject to me, and it can be rare to find actually decent novels dealing with it in any capacity, so yeah.

Telltale's stuff can be quite buggy, yeah - more so now than their earlier games, I think. (I still like their old Sam and Max stuff, though that isn't really similar.) I don't think the early Walking Dead stuff is as bad for that? Here, I found this trailer for the first season. Clementine is such an awesome character that you don't actually find anybody complaining about her, which is very rare. (Think of her as the Ellie to your Joel, I guess? Though they're VERY different characters.)

What d'you think?

If I watch Erased, I will let you know what I think!
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CRAZY EX-GIRLFRIEND! :D I have a weird relationship with that show, in that I've literally never seen a single episode and yet I listen to the music religiously. I can't even pick a favorite. Face Your Fears is absosultely glorious, but I also love I'm So Good at Yoga, I Give Good Parent, I Have Friends, Love Kernels, and... well, a lot more, really. Someday soon I should get Netflix so I can give the actual show a try.

Oxenfree sounds really cool, if a touch stressful! The conversation mechanic sounds like a great strategy for a horror game; now even the act of talking gets to stress you out. I'm always a sucker for interesting mechanics like that.
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Musical taste high-five! Honestly, I love just how many different genres and musical styles are represented--every song is something entirely new.

Oh man, that's so cool. Meta stuff like that is straight-up amazing, that's such a clever idea.
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I’ve never even heard of Oxenfree until now, but it sounds pretty neat! Anything that reminds someone of Life is Strange (which I just finished and loved!) or Until Dawn is something I need to involve myself in.

I actually saw ERASED on Hulu over the weekend and added it to my queue! Glad to hear it was good, now I might actually watch it heh heh