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Remember All Their Voices.

If I were in charge of a remake of Final Fantasy VI, I'd cut the playable cast down substantially. I like the playable characters, but there are just too many of them for the plot to feel focused. The story of Final Fantasy VI would work perfectly well with just Terra, Locke, Celes, Edgar and Sabin in the party. And possibly Setzer, for the airship. And - and General Leo. Look, I'm in charge and General Leo is the best. I'd forgotten how much I liked him.

I can see that you sort of need a huge number of playable characters for the World of Ruin to work, though. If there are too few party members, it'll become tricky for the player to find enough to assemble a viable party.

I'd also make big changes to the feeding-fish-to-Cid bit. It admirably conveys the misery and monotony of being trapped on a tiny post-apocalyptic island, I suppose, but it's horrendous game design on about six different levels. (I saved Cid this time! The first time, I had no idea what I was doing and ended up running back and forth for what felt like a thousand years, catching fish indiscriminately and going 'when is this fishing going to end?' until he eventually died of food poisoning.) And I'd reduce the game's ridiculous encounter rate. I was so happy when I finally got a relic to bring it down.

Okay, that's enough nitpicking, because there's a lot I like about this game as well!

When I started this replay, I thought 'maybe I'll finally establish whether Celes or Sabin is my favourite character!' and instead I've ended up torn between three favourite characters: Celes, Sabin and Leo. Although Sabin definitely earned strong points with his 'Did you think a little thing like the end of the world was gonna do me in?' line; it was a timely reminder that life and hope and humour can be found in the darkest of situations, and it made me smile.

I was so happy that Sabin was the first person I found in the World of Ruin. CELES AND SABIN: THE PERFECT PARTY. It's just as well I love these two, because it's taking me a while to track down anyone else. Inevitably, I now want fanfiction about Celes and Sabin slipping into a strange, sad physical relationship while they cross the ruined world in search of others.

I can't say Celes/Sabin is a pairing that's ever occurred to me before, but maybe the fact it's not an obvious pairing is what makes the concept interesting. It appeals to me in the same way Sam/Mike from Until Dawn does: under normal circumstances, they'd never look at each other in that way, but the circumstances are so far from normal. It's another living, breathing person, and that's suddenly become so precious.
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This is one of my favorite games of all time. You’re right about the characters, though I’d keep Cyan too. He’s got an interesting story and gets a surprising amount of character development between his events at Doma and the two sidequests that revolve around him in the WoR. Plus, he’s an older guy and that’s something we could definitely use more of in this series. (And I might have a weird Sabin/Cyan thing going on, don’t judge me.) Shadow is pretty cool too, though… maybe unnecessary, but I really like him. So maybe just kick off Relm, Strago, Gogo, Mog and Umaro. That’s still five peeps.

I don’t like that you can save Cid at all. It makes everything feel so… anticlimatic. I feel like Celes’ attempted suicide is a major beat in her character arc, and better suits the “finding hope even when there’s nothing but despair” theme the rest of the WoR thrives on.

Sabin is the name I give when asked who my favorite is. Honestly, half the cast could fit that role though.

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Oh, wow. I remember thinking about him... only to instantly forget. Hah. He could've been an interesting character (and I'm open to the Sabin/Cyan as acting parents dynamic) but he was severely underutilized.

You're so good to me. :-)

You make a very valid point regarding Cid. I actually saved him my first time, so it wasn't until my second that my love for Celes exploded.

I agree about the design 100%. I've actually had that exact thought when I played last time haha.