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Because I'm Just So Interesting.

A handful of people have been doing this AO3 stats meme, and I thought I'd attempt it myself, in celebration of the fact that the fifty-two works on my AO3 account have just reached 100,000 collective hits!

I'm sort of awed by that figure. Obviously the actual number of readers will be considerably lower: some people will have read a few different fics, some might have read the same fic a couple of times, the hits on my few chaptered fics will mostly be people coming back to see new chapters. But I was writing and posting fanfiction for well over a decade before I started posting to AO3 in 2013, so, when I think about it, the number of people who've read something I've written probably is in six figures.

That's slightly terrifying. I didn't realise, until AO3 and its hit counters, that the potential audience for fanfiction was so big.

If I could see a glow around everyone who'd read my fanfiction, how often would I pass glowing people in the street?


Top five by hits:

- And Again (32,495). Dangan Ronpa, time loop, gen. I'm strangely delighted that my most popular fic (by all three metrics, actually) is gen. I'll talk a bit about why this is at the top when I get down to Life Imitates.
- Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition) (10,367). Assassin's Creed, Sense8 AU, various pairings. There are sixty-nine chapters of this self-indulgent nonsense, so the high hit count isn't a big surprise.
- Life Imitates (7,162). Final Fantasy XV, Noctis/Prompto. Both And Again and Life Imitates were posted at exactly the right moment, I think, which is why they've done so well. They were written just when their respective fandoms were beginning to become popular; they were also both originally posted on the fandom's kinkmeme, which I suppose got them more publicity. It was a time when there were a lot of people coming into the fandom, but people hadn't had time to write much fic, so these stories got a lot of readers, which got them a lot of kudos, which meant they ended up near the top when people sorted by kudos, which got them more readers.
- Visitors (5,578). Assassin's Creed, Sense8 AU, gen. Despite having only four chapters, I note this has over half the hits of its sixty-nine-chapter sequel. I'm going to hope that's because the sequel's length and the gratuitous wish-fulfilment concept make people hesitate, rather than because they don't enjoy Visitors. This probably gets so many hits because it's the first fic in a vast, vast series, so a lot of people see later fics in the series and click through to the series page to see where it began.
- Forecast Bleak (4,552). Super Dangan Ronpa 2, huddling for warmth, Hinata/Komaeda. Like And Again and Life Imitates, this was posted at the right time: there was an influx of Super Dangan Ronpa 2 fans who didn't have much to read. I also think people may have been curious about the 'huddling for warmth' concept when Komaeda doesn't really lend himself to fluffy fanfiction clichés.
- As two of these are from the same series, I'll note that in sixth place is Crossroads (3,222). Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Hinata/Komaeda. Most of the things that apply to Forecast Bleak also apply here, with the exception of the bit about huddling for warmth.

So much of fandom is a lottery, I'm realising as I look over these figures. You could write something great, but most people will never see it if you post it at the wrong time. I'm genuinely happy with And Again and Life Imitates, but I've never been entirely satisfied with Forecast Bleak or Crossroads. They only did well because they were amongst the first fics for a pairing that was just becoming popular.

Top five by kudos:

- And Again (1,602)
- Life Imitates (1,105)
- Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition) (447)
- Visitors (323)
- Scattershot (266). Final Fantasy XV, Prompto/various, Noctis/Prompto. The only one that isn't also in the top five by hits! This follows the 'posted at the right moment' pattern, though, and Noctis/Prompto is a popular pairing. (Pretty much every Final Fantasy XV inter-party pairing is popular, but Noctis/Prompto is particularly so.)
- Again, two of these are from the same series, so I'll note that Forecast Bleak (245) is in sixth place.

Top five by bookmarks:

- And Again (521)
- Life Imitates (313)
- Visitors (71)
- Scattershot (49)
- The Once and Future Queen (and Present Manservant) (46). Merlin, bodyswap, minor Arthur/Gwen and Arthur/Merlin. This is tied with Forecast Bleak for bookmarks, even though Forecast Bleak has 75 more kudos and over twice as many hits, so I suppose people actually like the Merlin fic more. Come to think of it, is it possible that some people open Forecast Bleak in the hope that the huddling for warmth will actually be cute? It's not cute. Komaeda's involved.

My bottom fic, by all three metrics, is my most recent: a little thing like the end of the world (Final Fantasy VI, Celes/Sabin), with a whopping seven hits and one kudos. (I was SO EXCITED when I got the kudos, four days after I posted it.) It's for a rarepair in a twenty-three-year-old videogame, so, to be honest, this isn't a huge surprise.

(I considered listing out the bottom five for hits, kudos and bookmarks, but it made me too sad! Unsurprisingly, most of them are for fandoms that are no longer active, or are crossovers between fandoms that don't have a lot of audience overlap.)
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I know that feeling about being excited about rarepairs! Every kudos and comment is like a treasured gift. :D

You could write something great, but most people will never see it if you post it at the wrong time.

Sooooo true. I often find very good fics that are sadly not read very much.
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Cool status!

And I know what you mean. If you're not in on the popular paring at the popular time, you don't get nearly as much attention. So if something you do is either timed wrong or gen or in a small fandom or otherwise not primed for maximum fannish popularity, and it still takes off, it feels like a really big deal!
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If I could see a glow around everyone who'd read my fanfiction, how often would I pass glowing people in the street?

I often wonder what I would do if I saw someone with AO3 open on their phone in a plane or on a bus, and then what if it were MY fic? It, ahaha, has never happened, but I think I would be happy enough just to see someone on AO3 or even have someone catch me at it, just a knowing glance of, yes, I know what that red and white layout means.

It makes me sad that our fandoms have once more diverged, but I am always happy to see you on my flist and I live in hope that WAIT A MINUTE PRISON BREAK HAS JUST COME BACK WHERE ARE YOU ON THAT???
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Hey, you gotta write about what floats your boat, or where your boat is currently floating because you've been blown off course and the sails were eaten by a mermaid. It's all good. I could extend the shipping metaphor, but what I want to say is I can only write about what currently has my interest, and since fandom is a lot more fickle and spread out, and real life takes up a lot more of my time, as does the dog, that is even more odd and sporadic than it used to be. So keep on with your videogames!!

I was fully prepared to hate this PB, but so far, and I'm only two eps in, going to watch the third when I'm done typing here, IT'S AMAZING AND SO LIKE WHAT I REMEMBER LOVING. It is a ridiculous series, but hey.

SUCRE IS STILL ALIVE. CONFIRMED. I'M EXPECTING BIG THINGS. AND T-BAG. AND C-NOTE! WHICH IS AMAZING AND I LOVE THAT THEY GOT THE BAND BACK TOGETHER. I am really hoping for everyone to come back, but for there to be a really good, if ridiculous, reason for it, and so far I'm totally happy.

I still love your brain, and even if I don't comment on things I don't understand, you are a bright spark. So there.

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This made me extremely curious how I’d fare using these measures for my account, so I decided to go and see. It’s really quite interesting:

FFN – Most Views

1) Phantom of the Fallen (Danny Phantom – 6311 words, chaptered, complete) – 28,553 views
2) Paradoxical (Danny Phantom – 23,980 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 21,024 views
3) Toeing the Line (Danny Phantom/Harry Potter crossover – 7,923 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 14,993 views
4) Demands (Dragonball Z – 3233 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 4,286 views
5) Lullaby (Harry Potter – 1,467 words, one-shot, complete) – 2,554 views

Not surprised at all that the Danny Phantom fics are top there as I had a reasonably sized, and fairly regular, audience for my Danny Phantom fics at one point when the fandom was fairly active. Also, they’re chaptered fics which I write very few of, so that ups the view count. (I still can’t believe how much I wrote for Paradoxical – I’d find that so hard these days!). The bottom 2 surprised me quite a bit, actually! They’re also all very old stories so have had time to pick up hits – 4 and 5 were both published in 2005, while the most recent ones were first published in 2007.

FFN – Most Reviews

1. Paradoxical (Danny Phantom – 23,980 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 90 reviews (avg 7/8 per chapter)
2. Phantom of the Fallen (Danny Phantom – 6311 words, chaptered, complete) – 77 reviews (avg 11 per chapter)
3. Toeing the Line (Danny Phantom/Harry Potter crossover – 7,923 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 51 reviews (avg just short of 13 per chapter)
4. Messenger (Mediator/Harry Potter crossover – 5,028 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 36 reviews (avg 12 per chapter)
5. Demands (Dragonball Z – 3233 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 33 reviews (avg 11 per chapter)

Paradoxical has the most chapters, and consequently most reviews – although it’s average reviews per chapter count is way down on the others. Danny Phantom fics reigning supreme here again, Demands still with a surprisingly strong performance, and Messenger completely comes out of the left field. Mediator/Harry Potter was not a popular fandom combination, though a few people were writing them when I started it purely as I was sick of Mediator/Harry Potter fics being ridiculously formulaic. Messenger was my “here, have a crossover that goes differently!” attempt.

FFN – Most Favourites

1. Phantom of the Fallen (Danny Phantom – 6311 words, chaptered, complete) – 123 favourites
2. Toeing the Line (Danny Phantom/Harry Potter crossover – 7,923 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 63 favourites
3. Wager (D.Gray-Man/Kingdom Hearts crossover – 2340 words, one-shot, complete) – 52 favourites
4. Paradoxical (Danny Phantom – 23,980 words, chaptered, incomplete) – 41 favourites
5. Interrogation Interaction (Persona 4 – 1571 words, one-shot, complete) – 30 favourites

There’s the 3 mainstays (interesting how far down Paradoxical moves here!), but the other two are quite a surprise. Wager I could maybe have guessed based on review count, although I was pleasantly surprised how liked this was as they’re a weird fandom combination (and both fandoms suffer from “90% of the written fic is total AUs” syndrome). The Persona 4 fic comes from nowhere. It was a low review count and I’ve never considered my Persona fic to be well read, but it’s done really well here over time, wow.

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I’d be curious about your FFN stats to, as a comparison to your AO3 ones! Much more time for views etc to accumulate.

And I don’t have as much on AO3:

AO3 – Most Hits

1. Fairy Tale (The Walking Dead Game – 6911 words, one-shot, incomplete, written for Yuletide) – 871 hits
2. Na (Warchild Series – 2013 words, one-shot, complete, written for Yuletide) – 516 hits
3. Nuances (Heavy Rain – 2028 words, one-shot, complete) – 269 hits
4. Seventeen Years (Harry Potter – 1979 words, one-shot, complete) – 246 hits
5. Dead End (Heavy Rain – 2565 words, one-shot, complete) – 237 hits

Yuletide will always boost views, which is why I’ve noted which are Yuletide fics. Fairy Tale has the advantage of being the second fic written at all for this fandom which was non-existent at the time, but is now considerably more active. Heavy Rain finally shows up here, which I get decent review numbers one but it’s a much smaller fandom than many of my others.

AO3 – Most Kudos

1. Fairy Tale (The Walking Dead Game – 6911 words, one-shot, incomplete, written for Yuletide) – 56 kudos
2. Na (Warchild Series – 2013 words, one-shot, complete, written for Yuletide) – 21 kudos
3. In the Moment (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors – 4757 words, one-shot, complete, written for Yuletide) – 18 kudos
4. Wager (D.Gray-Man/Kingdom Hearts crossover – 2340 words, one-shot, complete) – 17 kudos
5. Cycles (Heavy Rain – 3065 words, one-shot, complete) – 15 kudos AND Liturgy (Heavy Rain – 976 words, one-shot, complete) – 15 kudos

Wager makes an appearance on both lists. Go, surprisingly popular fic, go! Interesting that two non-Yuletide fics managed to make it on this, too. Cycles is probably my favourite story that I’ve ever written, so I’m happy to see it on this one. It doesn’t have as much of an audience base as even the other Heavy Rain fics because it’s about a character most people don’t like.

AO3 – Most Bookmarks (I’ll cut this one off at 4)

1. Fairy Tale (The Walking Dead Game – 6911 words, one-shot, incomplete, written for Yuletide) – 10 bookmarks
2. Wager (D.Gray-Man/Kingdom Hearts crossover – 2340 words, one-shot, complete) – 5 bookmarks
3. In the Moment (9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors – 4757 words, one-shot, complete, written for Yuletide) – 4 bookmarks
4. Cycles (Heavy Rain – 3065 words, one-shot, complete) – 2 bookmarks AND The Many Facets of Home (Warchild Series - 9072 words, chaptered, complete, written for Yuletide) – 2 bookmarks

Some of the Warchild fics showing up on here is surprising but nice, because it’s a tiny fandom. It’s doubled in size over the last year or two, but we’re still talking around 25 fics over about 10 years here. Mind you, it’s one of the fandoms that’s so rare only a handful of people write for it, so you get used to the names (somebody commented they knew I’d written a Yuletide fic because of the way something was tagged or something before they even read it xD).

And that’s how I wrote 3 pages of MS Word in reply to this entry. :P


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Yeah, no real stats for LJ fic unfortunately, since that's where you've always consistently posted your fanfic! (Also things like the fanfic100 challenge stuff that you kept to LJ rather than posting elsewhere.)

I hate those type of reviews. It's fine not to like a story, but don't be abusive to an author about it. I deleted a fic of mine - it was a Silent Hill 4 fic - because the fandom was just toxic about it and that was making me stressed. It was an Eileen point of view fic and exploring her terror over the shit she'd been thrown into/her WTF about Henry disappearing randomly into "holes" that she can't see/gradually sterning up as a person. I got flamed for character bashing Eileen. I LIKE Eileen, but you're not telling me she wasn't majorly freaked out about all of that shit going on - the game is pretty blatant about it! I still refuse to post anything for Silent Hill to this day since I have such a bad experience of the fic reading fandom.

Lol at the Mary Sue fic clinging up the rec list!

I've also had the bizarre experiences of getting 2 off site reviews for my FFN fanfic. One on a blog post for Fairy Tale, and one on some sort of video game website for Cycles! Very unusual but nice as they were both fairly favourable little reviews. I can't find the one for Cycles now, though - FFN eventually started eating URLs in reviews, so I just have the remnants of it, haha. Bit of a shame as it was an indepth review.
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Huh, this is really interesting to look at! I may have to try this myself, though I don't have anything even near 1,000 kudos, haha. And congrats on 100k hits! That's a really awesome milestone.

It's pretty interesting seeing which ones made the top five in one metric but not another, and which ones are older vs. newer.