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That's What Bats Do! They Bite Me!

I was overly pessimistic in my 'two or three survivors' estimate for Ginger's Until Dawn run; there were four!

Emily's escape from the mines was done perfectly (and, as expected, Ginger exclaimed, 'I'm not going to shoot her!' when given the option). It was a close thing, but Chris just survived the run to the lodge. Ashley didn't go near the trapdoor; Ginger went, 'Yeah, I'm not going to go after the voice of someone I know is dead calling for help.' (It's interesting that that particular death is easier to avoid if you've screwed up once already. If you got Jess killed earlier, you're going to know it's not a great idea to follow Jess's voice. The game takes a sort of pity on you.) So the full potential complement of five made it to the final lodge showdown.

The survivors were Mike, Chris, Ashley and Emily. Sam died while Mike was breaking the lightbulb, upon which all the others fled the lodge and Mike flipped the switch. Ginger was very grumpy about failing the Don't Move with Sam - they thought the controls were oversensitive and the vibration unfair - but, on the plus side, at least losing Sam before getting any 'run to switch' prompts means you can't accidentally kill three characters at once. And, hey, my favourite character survived! (Even if the character I 'ship him with didn't. Why is it so difficult to keep both Sam and Mike alive?)

Ginger also got very grumpy about characters constantly deciding to split up. 'I try so hard to make good decisions for them, and then they go off and make terrible decisions in the cutscenes!'

The other loss, as predicted, was Josh; Hannah's diary remained unfound (although Ginger did work out as soon as the Stranger mentioned cannibalism that Hannah must have eaten Beth and become a wendigo). Neither Rei nor Ginger was particularly heartbroken by Josh's death. It's sort of strange that he's so unpopular in our household when he's by far the most popular character in the fandom.

Rei tried to guess my favourite character and got him on the first try, on account of knowing far too much about my personal tastes:

Rei: Is it Mike?
Riona: Of course it's Mike.
Rei: When in doubt, go for the guy who gets his fingers caught in a bear trap.

WOLFIE LIVED. This, of course, is the important thing. Both Rei and Ginger were much more invested in Wolfie than they were in anyone else. 'Riona, I'm sorry, but if it comes down to a choice between saving the wolf and saving Mike, I won't even hesitate,' Ginger warned me. I'll be honest: I love Mike, but I can respect that decision.

Late in the game, Ginger picked up on the fact that Mike's relationship stat with Sam had increased a lot.

Ginger: They're not going to get Sam and Mike together, are they?
Riona: Breaking my heart, they are not. I 'ship Sam and Mike a lot.
Ginger: Sam can do so much better!
Riona: I don't care!

Another stat observation:

Ginger: Huh. Chris has become less funny.
Rei: I don't think it's possible for him to become less funny.

I cracked up. Sorry, Chris.

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