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Riona ([personal profile] rionaleonhart) wrote2017-07-07 10:34 am

Just Like Before.

You guys, I really love Linkin Park. I really, really love Linkin Park a lot. I've barely stopped listening to their music since the live show. It's becoming a problem.

I don't get into bands! I enjoy music, but I haven't got invested in a specific band or artist in a fannish 'listening to all their stuff, reading up on the members, daydreaming about meeting them in the street' way since the Spice Girls, back when my age was in the single digits. The closest I got after that was... well, Linkin Park, in my early teens, but even then my obsession was limited to 'listening to Hybrid Theory over and over again' rather than falling headlong into band research. And now I've seen Linkin Park live, and they've ruined my life.

(A couple of great facts I've learnt from said research:

- the video for 'One Step Closer' was directed by a porn director.
- before they were signed, their strategy for getting an audience was going 'hey, we're having a GREAT PARTY but you're only allowed in if you have a ticket to our band's performance beforehand,' and then a Music Person turned up at one of their gigs and saw everyone there for the alcohol later and went 'wow, this place is packed, I should offer these guys a contract!')

Very bad idea: write a series of fics inspired by Linkin Park songs. Fics for my existing fandoms, I mean; I'm not going to write fanfiction about Linkin Park. (I don't think I'm going to write fanfiction about Linkin Park. Please don't let me write fanfiction about Linkin Park.) I don't know what 'Good Goodbye' makes me want to write, exactly, but I know it makes me want to write something.

(I just thought, Hmm, if I'm going to link that song I'd better actually watch the video, just in case it requires content warnings. It depicts... an evil basketball game? An evil basketball game. Okay.)

If this were a more obscure band, I'd probably link to a few favourite songs here, but there doesn't seem much point when most people have heard at least some Linkin Park already. So instead I'm going to link to a couple of stupid Linkin Park mashups that somehow work surprisingly well: 'In the End, You're an All-Star' (Linkin Park/Smash Mouth - I've listened to this so many times that the opening of 'In the End' now sounds weird to me without the whistling in the background), and 'Into Numb You' (Linkin Park/Ariana Grande - it is genuinely incredible how much better this Grande song sounds with Linkin Park's backing).

So, yes, apparently I am now an active, passionate Linkin Park fan. I can't believe this is happening to me. This is a disaster. I feel as if I should say goodbye and hit the road, pack it up and disappear. Better have someplace to go, 'cause I can't come back around here.
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I know two Linkin Park songs - the "Crawling in my skin" one of DRAMA!, and the "In the end, it doesn't even matter" one. (Somebody vidded it to Cowboy Bebop once, and there were enough good bits that I actually messed around with bidding software in an attempt to fix the bad bits. Never finished it.)

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Oh cool!

...six? Wow!
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If I may comment, and forgive me for imposing, but if you found that you liked their style of music, I highly, HIGHLY recommend listening to the Meteora album. It is still my favorite of their albums they've put out, and it was the pinnacle of their sound (personally, of course!).

The two songs you mentioned, "In The End" and "Crawling In My Skin" were from Hybrid Theory, which was their freshman album. They defined their sound there, but they hadn't quite perfected it like they did with their sophomore album.
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Thanks! I never got all that into their music, but I do remember finding it enjoyable, so it might be worth checking out some time.
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You're most welcome. I hope you enjoy it even more!
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Doesn't it feel great to really obsess over a band like that? I was the same as you. Loved music but never really got into the cult following bit. That stopped with 311, who I ended up seeing six shows for in two and a half years. This was both in state and out of state. I knew then I had a problem lol.

It's adjusted now, and my obsessions and cult behavior has turned to passion, but live shows really bring out something very intimate with you and the band in question. So as my tastes evolved, it's now at the point where I won't miss a single Avett Brothers or Mumford and Sons show, because to me, their music already hits home, but when they sing it live, it's just a whole new animal.

If you were to love any band at all, I'm happy to see it's LP. They're some really talented musicians, and they put out some great material. I was going to see them live a few years back, but Chester ended up breaking his foot before the show? I joked and said, "but you don't need to move to sing!" However, from what I understand, they're a very animate band. So alas, they are one of the few bands I've loved that I have still yet to see live.

That would be a pretty sweet prompt! Short stories with a theme around the title of a Linkin Park song could be really, really fun! Especially with the way you write, I'd love to see your spin on it.
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[(I don't think I'm going to write fanfiction about Linkin Park. Please don't let me write fanfiction about Linkin Park.)]

I am starting a timer. :P
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Awww. XD

I have to admit, I was rather charmed that the top comment on that Rolling in the Deep cover vid you posted was:

[Mike at the beggining is like O.o: "Chester, Hey buddy! stop! come here bro, dude you are singing it in the wrong key, listen to the piano ok, now go get them tiger! XD jajajajaja]

These being the only two pieces of interaction between them that I've ever seen, now I'm really wondering about their stage dynamic. Because based on those two pieces of input, it looks adorable.
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On the topic of mashups that work too well together, though, Isosine's entire vidding ethos seems to be, "Hey, these songs should never, under any circumstances, go together! ...let's put them together."

And now I cannot listen to Of Monsters And Men's Little Talks without expecting vocals from Disturbed.

(Though speaking of vocals from Disturbed, apparently this exists, and I would not have anticipated that.)

(And that is about as much band nerdery as I can reciprocate with, alas.)
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Well. For your reference and bewilderment, here is Disturbed's Down With The Sickness, and here is Of Monsters And Men's Little Talks.

How Isosine decided to combine these two songs is... I don't know, man. I don't even know.
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Bloody hell, that Ariana-Linkin Park maship is...freakishly good.
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I think you're at about an hour's worth of listening left before you break down and start writing Linkin Park RPF.
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I don't think I'm going to write fanfiction about Linkin Park. Please don't let me write fanfiction about Linkin Park.

This gives me so much joy. LMAO. BE THE FANNEST FAN YOU CAN <333