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Confusing What Is Real.

Hmm, I thought. As I love the music video for 'Heavy' so much, maybe I should check out some other Linkin Park videos and see whether they spark any writing inspiration.

(Did I forget for a moment that I'm supposed to be trying not to write Linkin Park fanfiction? Er, possibly. I maintain that music video fanfiction doesn't count.)

I'm now deeply conflicted over the video for 'Leave Out All the Rest', which depicts the band on a spaceship that ends up drifting into a star. On the one hand, hey, an interesting AU setting! On the other, it's an interesting AU setting that I never want to write about, because it sets off my fear of space very badly.

I'm also intrigued by the 'In the End' video, with its charmingly turn-of-the-millennium graphics and young Chester being an attractive little shit (his smirk in the bridge!), in which they sing a desiccated wasteland back to life and for some reason there are flying whales. It's a strangely hopeful video for a song with hopeless lyrics. You tried so hard and got so far, in the end it doesn't even matter, but the video is telling you that you can move past this. Your life still has the capacity for beauty and flying whales.

THE BOOKENING TITLE #14: The Girl on the Train, Paula Hawkins

A real book! An actual, proper book that non-fannish people have read!

This is not my usual reading fare, but I enjoyed it! I was interested, but not invested, if that makes sense. Most of the time, when I was actually reading it, I was gripped. When I wasn't reading it, though, I didn't think about it at all. So I'd tear through a hundred pages in a sitting, and then I wouldn't touch it for days; there was never any point where I thought 'wow, I can't wait to get back to that book' or found myself speculating on the solution to the central mystery. This was a book that only existed when it was in my hands.

The main character struggled with self-loathing, made terrible decisions and couldn't trust her own perception of reality, which are all qualities I enjoy in fictional characters (I repeat: the music video for 'Heavy' is so good). I also liked the way she made her own personal fandom out of the people she saw from the train, and then basically self-inserted. Everyone in this book is very difficult to like (poor Cathy is the only half-decent person in a sea of arseholes), but I did end up with a touch of fondness for Rachel, and I really liked the scenes between her and Anna towards the end.
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Fear of space? I feel like you've mentioned this before, but I'm trying to remember?

...I totally want fit bout the ability to sing the land back to life and generate flying whales. Maybe like they need to drain the despair from the land to bring back life, but if they don't successfully channel it into their song, it will backfire and kill them? And also there are flying whales for some reason?

I read that one! I know what you mean. Like I enjoyed reading it, but didn't feel fannish or anything.

The main character struggled with self-loathing, made terrible decisions and couldn't trust her own perception of reality, which are all qualities I enjoy in fictional characters

You and I have such similar tastes. (I'm trying to remember what show I watched recently where I spent the entire time enjoyably frustrated at the protagonist and his constant string of bad decisions. It was all "Ooh, I'm totally going to go along with the deeply untrustworthy person because she says people need me! And I will take on the entire burden of this deeply dangerous thing myself and not share it with my friends, because that might put them in danger! Oh no, keeping a dangerous situation secret from my friends got one of them hurt! Welp, I'm clearly bad for people and should deal with this by pushing people away and isolating myself. ")
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Right! I knew I'd read something! (I'm not afraid of space, but deserts worry me, even though space will kill you much faster.)

I object to the lack of hand-holding!

Literal always makes for a better story.

That is deeply intriguing

Yes! It was very "Stop making such stupid decisions! ...actually no, never stop!"
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True, although there aren't particularly high odds of either one happening to me.

They should hold hands! It's the natural thing!

So if you write fic where they hold hands and brace themselves for death, but then are rescued by a flying whale, you won't be doing fic just to make them hold hands before dying, will you?
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Ooh, I love that!
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I don't know if you've seen the news yet, but I'm sorry. :(
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:( I'm glad you you got to see them the once, at least. ❤❤
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So many hugs offered, as many and as long as you want

I'm so, so sorry.
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I saw the news and instantly thought of you. I'm really sorry.