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And The Clouds Above Moved Closer.

Having now listened to Minutes to Midnight from beginning to end: yep, favourite Linkin Park album. (Even if it contains 'Leave Out All the Rest' and 'Bleed It Out' and 'Shadow of the Day' in immediate succession, which is such a high concentration of agonising lyrics that it's almost hilarious.) 'Wake', 'Given Up' and 'In Between' are the only songs I didn't love enough to bookmark, and I still like them (and I have to respect Chester for holding that scream in 'Given Up' for an entire sixteen seconds). I'd never heard 'Valentine's Day' before; it's so pretty! (And heartbreaking. LIKE EVERYTHING.)

(EDIT: Wait, I had 'Given Up' bookmarked all along! I hadn't realised because it was in the wrong folder. The best album.)

No more Linkin Park in this entry, I promise. (I wish this band could stop being my primary fandom. I'd sort of hoped my mind would go 'yikes, suppose I'd better latch onto something else' when they went from causing me joy to causing me intense sadness, but instead it's going 'NOPE, I'VE TAKEN OUT A SUBSCRIPTION AND THIS IS STILL THE ONLY THING YOU'RE ALLOWED TO CARE ABOUT.' I can't even distract myself by throwing myself into writing, because I can only write for whatever I'm currently fannish about, and writing Linkin Park fanfiction would be far too weird and upsetting! I mean, no offence, guys, I love you, but this has not been one of my better fandom experiences.)

(EDIT: Wait, I forgot the rule that I'm not allowed to be sad about Chester without also posting something cute about him! Swanning around in a cape.)

I really love the friendships at the heart of Pretty Little Liars. I'd assumed this was just going to be a show about awful people being awful! But instead it's largely about good people being awful, and that gives it a lot of charm. I suppose it appeals to me in the same way Dangan Ronpa and Higurashi do, although Pretty Little Liars doesn't contain quite as much murder. Here are some teenagers! They're largely good-hearted and they care about each other. Let's watch them make horrible, horrible mistakes.

My other favourite thing from Pretty Little Liars is A's increasingly stupid methods of sending messages. The best so far: sneaking a message into a fortune cookie. 'Writing a message on one of a fortune teller's tarot cards, apparently in the knowledge that that card will be deployed when one of the people you're blackmailing is having her fortune read' was also top-quality.

Although I tend to get more invested in good-hearted characters, I can appreciate the occasional awful person in fiction. Our household has been watching Gypsy on Netflix, or, as we've taken to calling it, Bad Decisions Therapist. It's very slow-paced and I might not have stuck with it if I hadn't been watching with my housemates, but I'm enjoying what a terrible person the main character (the titular bad decisions therapist) is. My favourite scene so far is her trying to drag details of her patient's sex life out of him because it's turning her on. She's not the worst fictional therapist you could go to, but only because Hannibal Lecter exists.

( a character. I don't think Hannibal Lecter actually exists.)

My housemate challenged me to write fanfiction about the protagonist playing 'fuck, marry, kill' with Hannibal (specifically of the television series Hannibal). Here is the terrible result:

"Okay," Jean says, trying to keep her smile under control. "It's unprofessional, I know, but... your patients. Fuck, marry, kill?"

Hannibal nods thoughtfully. He seems to be taking the question a little more seriously than she'd anticipated. "Will."

There's a pause.

"Wait, which one?" she asks.

"Will," Hannibal says.
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Well that was 100% in-character Hannibal in the space of two lines. :D
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I am surprisingly squeamish about the cooking scenes on that show. (Same thing with Dexter - I could watch all the murders, but the opening intro had me covering my eyes every time.)
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Everyone has a limit; I can't stand looking at skin that's bloated/swollen whether with infection or things moving underneath it or even just pregnancy, you know?

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Here is a cute Linkin Park thing you may or may not have seen! (It's Mike rather than Chester, but it's the thought that counts, right?)

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It sounds hard having your brain stuck in fandom mode after something like this happens and the associations have become so tragic. (I'm a fan of Soundgarden, but not with the same level of intensity as you are with Linkin Park.)

...that is amazingly perfect Hannibal fic, actually.
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Thank you. It didn't hit me as hard as you, but damn, I thought he'd made it. (Like I grew up in the grunge years, during which many musicians died of either drugs or suicide, and I thought it was at the point where it stopped happening nearly as much, and then it stopped happening nearly as much, and I there'd be a point of "Everyone who made it this far has learned how to survive their own brains and Chris Cornell was one of the ones who'd made it through", but no.)
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Yeah. (Also, a whole bunch of Chris Cornell interview quotes became retroactively much darker.)
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You have written the best Hannibal fanfic. It's so true and perfect.