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Here is an entry of bullet points, because today I have nothing to say that exceeds a paragraph.

- I'm a little further in Tales of the Abyss, and GUY CECIL IS SUCH A GOOD FRIEND. I want to be friends with Guy Cecil. Sadly, his phobia of being touched by women presents an obstacle to hugging, but other than that I think we could get along pretty well. (I'd have to accept that Luke would always be his priority, of course, but it would be unreasonable of me to grumble when his fondness for Luke is the reason I want to be friends with him in the first place.)

- Verdict on the fourth instalment of Higurashi, 'Himatsubushi': NO KEIICHI, TERRIBLE INSTALMENT. I'm here to fondly watch Keiichi suffer, Higurashi! I signed up for psychological horror and teenagers internally collapsing, not cop drama!

- There's also a sad lack of Keiichi in instalment five ('Meakashi') so far, but at least it's got the 'teenagers internally collapsing' aspect (and Keiichi's name appeared in the puzzling opening credits that only actually credited fictional characters, rather than any real people, so I suspect he'll show up later on). 'Meakashi' also contains a version of a song I listened to a lot nine years ago, and it was incredibly disconcerting to hear it in context and go 'wait, I recognise that tune'; I'd forgotten Higurashi was the original source! It was like seeing Troy bring pizza into the burning room in Community and going WAIT, I'VE SEEN THIS GIF.

- Recently, I watched the first episode of a Ukrainian crime drama entitled THE SNIFFER, about a man who solves crime with his superhuman sense of smell. It contains, you'll be pleased to hear, intense CGI sequences where he draws in a deep breath at the crime scene and all the smells swirl and scurry around, forming a picture of what happened there. The killer was trying to quit smoking. He was wearing a nicotine patch; it was on his right arm. A whirlwind of scent surrounds you. There's so much blood in the air. If a cat enters the room, you will have an allergic reaction so strong you won't be able to leave your flat for three days. Your wife left you long ago; your son is involved in drug dealing. Why were you cursed with this incredible nose?

- (I said I wasn't playing Higurashi for cop drama, but I'd definitely play an instalment in which THE SNIFFER tried to get to the bottom of the mysterious happenings in the village.)

- A recent dream I somehow failed to record here: I dreamt I met Sherlock Holmes as played by Benedict Cumberbatch and he declared with ferocious pride that he had ‘all the penises’, and he stripped off his trousers and pants in one motion to reveal he had a cluster of one big penis surrounded by lots of tiny penises, and I woke up feeling incredibly troubled.
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On Saturday I went to the British Museum with [personal profile] wolfy_writing! We'd known each other for almost a decade online, so it was strange and delightful to meet in person at last and realise she wasn't actually a 100x100-pixel LJ icon.

[personal profile] wolfy_writing has swum with sharks and sat on an elephant and stroked a cheetah and been startled by a Komodo dragon and ridden a lion (one of these things may not, strictly speaking, be true). She is fascinating company, and also understandably unimpressed by the UK's lack of deadly animals for her to hang out with. Still, we do have the seagulls of Brighton.

My favourite exhibit in the British Museum is an enormous detached arm from an ancient Egyptian pharaoh statue, its hand in a fist (someone's posted a photo on Flickr here). It is my favourite because you can watch all the visitors internally struggling with the urge to give it a fistbump. Some linger for a moment and then tear themselves away and move on. Some almost give it a fistbump, leaving a little space between their fist and the stone to avoid breaking the 'no touching' rule. Some quickly give it a fistbump and then turn away and try to look innocent. At one point two guys walked past, looked at it, and then gave each other a fistbump to dispel the tension.

I'm also fond of the Tring tiles, a set of cartoonish fourteenth-century English tiles that depict the young Jesus killing his classmates in various situations and then bringing them back to life. One tile has the description 'Parents shut their children in an oven to prevent them from playing with Jesus'.

Important conversations whilst hanging out the washing:

Rei: I haven't washed all of my socks. Why not, you ask?
Riona: Er, because some of your socks are clean? Because two of your socks are on your feet?
Rei: Both of those things are true. Excellently deduced.
Riona: Thanks.
Rei: Thank you, Shersock Holmes.
Riona: REI, GO AWAY.
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I don't care; you're getting them anyway. In this edition you'll find out what Man-Spider gets up to when he feels like a swim (hint: it involves swimming), but first we're going to pay a visit to his Victorian ancestor. Man-Spider's manlike powers aren't hereditary, of course; he was bitten by a radioactive man. It is perhaps curious that his ancestor has similar powers. I suppose that family just has really bad luck around radioactive humans.

The Victorian and Swimming Adventures of Man-Spider. )

I'm sort of astonished by my own inability to draw this character in a consistent way. He's just an oval with dot-eyes and stick-legs! It's hard to envision anything less difficult to draw! I'll never be an artist.
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(The title is supposed to be 'Merlin' sung to the tune of the Merlin theme, in case that was not clear. [ profile] reipan and I have developed the terrible habit of singing along to wordless themes with the name of the series, to the alarm and annoyance of anyone we happen to be watching with. This is entirely the fault of my brothers, who like to duet to the Sherlock theme ('Sherlock Hoooolmes, Sherlock Holmes...'). It also works with Waterloo Road.)

You know it's Merlin when two muscular knights lose their shirts in the first six minutes and remain shirtless for the rest of the episode. And also at one point lie next to each other, shirtless and exhausted and looking vaguely postcoital. Oh, Merlin, I've missed you.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode of series five! A bit thin on plot, perhaps, but nobody really watches Merlin for the plot, let's be honest. Merlin and Arthur were adorable; I'd forgotten how charmed I was by their abrasive-but-affectionate relationship. An involuntary 'awww!' escaped me when I realised they were sleeping back-to-back for warmth. And their little serious talks amongst the mockery! And Merlin's determination to save Arthur above all else! They are too in love and I can't cope.

I feel that Arthur respects Merlin more now, even if he doesn't like to show it, which is nice.

(I watched this episode with [ profile] th_esaurus. She isn't actually a Merlin fan but still ended up hissing 'now make out!' at Arthur and Merlin. I had to agree. They just really need to kiss sometimes.)

I also watched the first episode of Elementary yesterday evening. I quite enjoyed it! I'm intrigued enough by the Holmes-Watson dynamic to want to see more of their interaction, which is good; it would have failed as a Sherlock Holmes adaptation in my eyes if the relationship between Holmes and Watson hadn't interested me. (Holmes seeking her out at the opera delighted me, even though it also made me cringe. OH NO, WATSON, HE'S ATTACHED HIMSELF TO YOU AND NOW YOU'LL NEVER BE FREE.) I did find myself thinking 'do I really need to watch this when I have The Mentalist?' on occasion, though. I may watch more; I may not. We'll see!
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Hello, everyone! Here is a pretty great My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-style pony creator. I propose that we all create pony versions of our favourite fictional characters and then post them in the comments here.

(There is an option for importing a cutie mark image on the creator, but it resizes images oddly, so you may find it easier to add the mark yourself in an image editing program.)

To kick things off:

Now greatly alarmed, I cast about in search of Holmes, for I felt certain that my friend would be better able to explain this strange transformation than I.

I found him standing upon a precipice and looking down upon the town below, or I thought it must be him, for never had a beast been so alike in stance and mien to Sherlock Holmes. "Holmes!" I exclaimed, "what an extraordinary occurrence! what an impossibility! Have you any idea what has happened to us?"

"I have," said Holmes (for of course it was he). I was most relieved to hear it, although I had little doubted that he would know. If he knew what had brought about this change, I hoped he would also have some idea of what steps we could take to reverse it.

"Yes," said Holmes, gazing pensively upon the town. "It is highly probable, I have concluded, that we have been turned into ponies."

I liked Lightning when I first played Final Fantasy XIII, and I'm liking her more and more on this replay. Here is a brief plot summary of Final Fantasy XIII:

Anima: You get to be either a monster or a crystal! What'll it be?
Lightning: Actually, I'm just going to punch the world in the face.
Anima: That wasn't one of the options.
Lightning: I don't care.

She's pretty amazing.

Yes! Ponies! You are all invited to create ponies and pony up the comments. Have fun!
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[ profile] pinkfinity has created a Sherlock-verse Moriarty/Sherlock fanvid set to 'Girlfriend' by Avril Lavigne. As you have probably already guessed from that frankly beautiful combination of song and subject matter, it is the greatest fanvid ever made. Moriarty is definitely the motherfucking princess.

For Christmas, my brother got me the Undead Nightmare add-on for Red Dead Redemption, in which the Old West is overrun by zombies. I love that it doesn't take itself even remotely seriously; it actually opens with a dramatic voiceover and an evil laugh. The Bonnie mission still broke my heart, though.

Sometimes, when you're wandering around in the original Red Dead Redemption, you'll come across someone sobbing over a body. When I found a man crying over a dead friend in Undead Nightmare, I stopped to watch for a moment. Suddenly, the friend leapt up with a bloodthirsty roar and the man, startled, shot him in the head. So many little details!

Something about John Marston that the add-on reinforces, and which has always intrigued me, is how very credulous he is. He'll shoot a man, sure, but he ain't gonna lie to his face, and he expects the same courtesy from everyone he meets. He'll firmly believe the first version of a story he hears, no matter how dodgy the circumstances seem; tell him you were attacked by the unarmed terrified man running away from you, and he will tie up that man, bring him to your feet and remain convinced that this was the correct decision right up until you pull out a knife and fork. I imagine he would have far more respect for a murderer than for a conman.

Whilst I'm talking about Red Dead Redemption (the original game, not Undead Nightmare): my brother Joseph hates Jack. In a late-game mission, when Jack was injured and riding with John on his horse, Joseph spurred the horse until it threw them both off, then remounted and rode slightly ahead of Jack for the rest of the way, forcing Jack to limp behind the horse all the way back to the farm. Everything John said to Jack after that felt like thinly-disguised loathing.

Also, Joseph once encountered two marshals at the entrance to Tall Trees and followed them to see where they would go. They must be programmed to enter the nearest settlement when followed, because they walked into his farm and started cleaning the windows and looking through the drawers. They were still there the next in-game day. It was really creepy.

(I once took a stagecoach to the farm and whistled for my horse as the stagecoach was driving away. The stagecoach stopped, evidently thinking I had whistled for it. I didn't have any way of saying 'no, stagecoach, it's fine, you can leave now', so I just went to my in-game bed.

When I walked out of the front door the next morning, the coach was still there. The stagecoach horses had disappeared, the stagecoach driver was running away screaming, and as I watched, completely bewildered, the empty stagecoach trundled down the slope until it crashed into my fence.

What on Earth happened? I suppose I'll never know.)
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Everyone on the planet has already posted their Sherlock reaction post, as far as I can tell, and you're probably all thoroughly sick of reading them by now. TOO BAD; HERE'S MINE.

Thoughts on 'The Reichenbach Fall', the second-series Sherlock finale. )

Television-wise, it's been an excellent start to 2012! Let's hope the year keeps it up.
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I have now watched Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension, and I absolutely love it to pieces. Characters meeting their alternate-universe counterparts is a concept I've always been fond of, and Dr Doofenshmirtz takes it a step further by meeting his alternate-universe counterpart and then singing a duet with himself entitled 'I've Found a Brand New Best Friend (And It's Me)'.

Dr Doofenshmirtz is one of my favourite characters in the whole world. The affable, bumbling villain is nothing new, but Doofenshmirtz is the best example of the trope I've ever seen. And I love his weird friendly-nemesis relationship with Perry.

(Speaking of Doofenshmirtz, two of my favourite Phineas and Ferb clips: a delightful visual gag and the first ten seconds of 'Back in Gimmelshtump', the latter primarily for poor Perry's reaction.)

...okay, so my curiosity just got the better of me and I tried plugging 'Perry', 'Dr Doofenshmirtz' and 'Romance' into the story filter on I already regret it. NOOOOOO ONE OF THEM HAS A DUCKBILL WHAT DO YOU MEAN THEY KISSED NO THEIR LIPS DID NOT MEET PERRY DOESN'T HAVE LIPS

Ahem! Scarring man/platypus love aside: Across the 2nd Dimension contained multiple things I have wanted to see in Phineas and Ferb for ages. Possibly the most significant: the boys met Dr Doofenshmirtz! ♥! Thirty seconds into their encounter with him, I realised that I couldn't stop grinning. The rare moments when Dr Doofenshmirtz directly interacts with the non-platypoidal (this may not be the accepted scientific term) members of the Flynn-Fletcher family are some of my very favourite moments in Phineas and Ferb. I wish it could happen more often.

(And they're so friendly with each other! And Doofenshmirtz was appalled when the Doofenshmirtz from the alternate universe had the boys attacked! I was actually really sad when Phineas realised he was evil. PLEASE BE FRIENDS, GUYS. Dr Doofenshmirtz needs friends!)

Also: oh, the ending. So cute. Bless your little platypus heart, Perry.

For people who don't care about Phineas and Ferb: you're wrong, but have a link to an excellent His Dark Materials AU for Sherlock, written by [ profile] etothepii. It's got a few distracting Americanisms, but don't let that deter you; it does such clever things with the concept of daemons.
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It's been a while, but I watched some more Final Fantasy XIII today! ('Watched' isn't meant to be a snide comment on the gameplay-to-cutscene ratio; I am literally watching a playthrough on YouTube, as I don't have the right console to play the game myself.) Here are my reactions from Palumpolum to the aftermath of the Byrnhildr fight.

Final Fantasy XIII thoughts; spoilers up to the end of Chapter Eight. )

If you're not a Final Fantasy person, you may wish to read or contribute facts in yesterday's Entry of Interesting Things. [ profile] chamekke has taught me that a golden poo is a popular Japanese good-luck charm (linking me to a website containing the greatest GIF I have ever seen); [ profile] luna_manar taught me that fire ants lock together and make rafts out of themselves to avoid drowning, what the hell, the world is incredible. This is only a fraction of the unnecessary but fascinating knowledge that awaits you!

Possibly my favourite, though: [ profile] culf taught me that J.M. Barrie once wrote ridiculous self-insert Sherlock Holmes fanfiction as a gift for Arthur Conan Doyle, in which he and Doyle visited Holmes to find out why their opera had failed. [ profile] fialleril has actually posted it over here. It is amazing. I particularly enjoy the fact that Watson describes Barrie as 'the handsomer of our visitors'. ALSO:

'The other is obviously a Scotch author.'

'How can you tell that?'

'He is carrying in his pocket a book called (I clearly see) "Auld Licht Something". Would anyone but the author be likely to carry about a book with such a title?'

I had to confess that this was improbable.

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I'm a young woman on Livejournal. I see my friend's posted a series of adverts, so I check them out, and I'm laughing so hard I wreck your car.


Despite being in my room.

Why is your car in my room, anyway? That's just asking for trouble.

Here's a meme I haven't done in a while!

- Write a list of characters and number them.
- Input the number of characters into this random number generator as the maximum and generate two numbers.
- Ramble about how the corresponding pairing/partnership/general interaction would (or, indeed, wouldn't) work. Perhaps write a snippet/one-sentence fic for it if you're feeling brave.
- Repeat to your heart's content.

(Although I haven't actually done this meme in over a year, I've kept my numbered list and continued to add characters to it as new ones enter my awareness and my affection, hence frankly ridiculous numbers like 143 cropping up in here.)

Represented below the cut: Peep Show, Pokémon, Just William, Glee, Silent Hill, Sherlock Holmes, Disney's Mulan, Supernatural, Kingdom Hearts, High School Musical, Waterloo Road, Fullmetal Alchemist and, erm, Arnold Schwarzenegger. )

Finally: have you always wanted to see strangely adorable zombie ultraviolence set to an upbeat Japanese pop song? [ profile] zarla knows you have, and she has provided. (She's made an entry about it here, if you'd like to learn about some of the detail that went into it or leave her a comment.)
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Okay, I officially have far too many half-finished fics lying around. I'm going to go through my 'Unfinished Fanfiction' folder and list what I have in there, so I can see at a glance what's on the to-write pile. If anything catches your fancy, feel free to ask about it or just verbally kick me until it's finished. Listed in descending order of present wordcount.

The present contents of my 'Unfinished Fanfiction' folder. )

It seems I have fiction on the go for about twenty different fandoms. I think this is a sign that I officially have too many fandoms.

(Regarding the Peep Show/Harry Potter AU: I know I once said it was impossible to write Peep Show fanfiction with a pre-adulthood Mark Corrigan, but I have since changed my stance. Writing Peep Show fanfiction in which the principal characters are eleven really makes no difference to their personalities whatsoever, in the case of one because he was essentially born thirty and in the case of the other because he retains the mentality of an eleven-year-old for the next twenty-five years.)

What I've realised about my writing habits recently - and this is the reason behind a couple of the 'unlikely to be finished' notes - is that I find it easiest to motivate myself to write if I feel I'm writing something nobody will have done before. It's why I'm able to write canon-compliant stories for Peep Show, whilst my Kurt/Blaine fics for Glee are always bizarre AUs: there's barely any fanfiction for the former, so anything I write will be new, whereas with Kurt/Blaine, a popular pairing in a popular fandom, it's difficult to find a concept that hasn't already been written.

...also, er, this isn't in my Unfinished Fanfiction folder, but I just came across it in my notebook:

"Gotter Rattata," William said, proudly. "An' Henry's got a Weedle an' Douglas's got a Spearow an' Ginger's not got anythin' yet, so we're catchin' somethin' for him now."

Why - why did I start writing a Just William/Pokémon crossover?
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Last night, [ profile] inappropriately, [ profile] totaldrwhofreak and I went to an improv comedy show featuring Josie Long, Sara Pascoe, Humphrey Reallytallperson, Some Other Guy and Some Other Girl! (EDIT: [ profile] inappropriately has informed me that the last three of these were Humphrey Kerr, David Reed and Bridget Christie.)

At the beginning, Pascoe asked whether anyone in the audience had something they'd particularly like to see open the show.

Audience Member: I'd like to see the little one leapfrog over the big one.

The 'little one' (Some Other Girl) turned out to be pregnant, and the next smallest (Long) didn't know how to leapfrog, so in the end Some Other Guy leapfrogged (leaptfrog?) over Reallytallperson. It was a pretty great opening.

ALSO, I FORCED JOSIE LONG AND SOME OTHER GUY TO SING ABOUT SOFAS. (They asked the audience for a different genre in which to redo a scene. I suggested 'Musical'. Some Other Guy was so unimpressed.) And there was a mini-sketch about Holmes and Moriarty that ended, completely out of the blue, as follows:

Moriarty: Kiss me.
Holmes: No.

It was a great deal of fun!

Tales of Riona's Family: for his birthday last week, my dad bought himself a new phone. Yesterday, he was showing it off to a colleague when he noticed an alert on the screen.

'Ooh, someone's left me a memo!' he said, opening it.

hello my name is fred and I like to sleep with your wife very much bye, the memo informed my father and his rather startled colleague.

I learnt this last night, when he accosted my brother. 'Fred, why did you leave a message on my phone saying "hello my name is fred and I like sleeping with your wife"? I think that makes you a motherfucker.'
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Here is the second half of the alphabet ficsnippet meme! A reminder of the concept: the first snippet contains one character whose name (first name, surname or nickname) begins with A and one whose name begins with B, the second a B and a C, the third a C and a D and so on until Z and A. In this half I've cheated a bit by reusing characters.

Fandoms represented beneath the cut are Doctor Who, The Odyssey, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Phineas and Ferb, Silent Hill 2, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Supernatural, Sherlock (BBC), Sherlock Holmes (Conan Doyle), Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Little Mermaid, The Mentalist, Harry Potter, Kingdom Hearts II, Pokémon and, of all things, the Just William books by Richmal Crompton.

Alphabet ficsnippets, M to Z )
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Here's an attempt at a self-imposed writing challenge: alphabet ficsnippets! The first snippet contains one character whose name (first name, surname or nickname) begins with A and one whose name begins with B, the second a B and a C, the third a C and a D and so on until Z and A. (You're welcome to try it yourself, although this will obviously be easier for people who have eight million fandoms.)

Below the cut is the first half of my crack at this challenge: A/B to M/N. Fandoms represented are Pokémon, Supernatural, Blackadder, The Mentalist, Phineas and Ferb, Doctor Who, High School Musical, Fullmetal Alchemist, Final Fantasy V, Final Fantasy VIII, Merlin, Life on Mars, Katawa Shoujo, Sherlock Holmes (Conan Doyle version), Avatar: The Last Airbender, Top Gear, Jak and Daxter, Death Note, Harry Potter, Peep Show, Shakespeare's Othello and [ profile] zarla and [ profile] jazaaboo's Left 4 Dead OC survivorverse.

There is a possibility that I have too many fandoms.

Alphabet ficlets, A to M )

It's only been a couple of months since I last wrote something, but I still feel oddly rusty. I hope you enjoy these, anyway!
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If I read something immediately after watching something unrelated, I tend to have trouble getting the images of the characters I've just watched out of my head. This means that I have caught myself picturing Benedict Cumberbatch in the role of Charlie Brooker and Martin Freeman in the role of David Mitchell whilst reading fanfiction. It is bizarre.

I mention this because, having just been watching Phineas and Ferb on [ profile] hippyjolteon's recommendation, I began catching up on a fabulous work of Brooker/Mitchell UST and realised that I was envisioning Brooker as Phineas.

Charlie Brooker is not an animated triangle-headed ten-year-old. He's really not.

So, yes, Phineas and Ferb! Thoughts!

- Phineas and Ferb has possibly the most repetitive structure of anything I've ever watched. I worried at first that this might mean it would quickly become boring, but six episodes (twelve half-episode stories) in I'm still having fun. I do occasionally feel as if it's trying a bit too hard to be cool, but that's not a terribly meaningful complaint; what is 'too hard'?

- It is quite frustrating to watch, though, because my favourite characters appear to be Candace and Dr Doofenshmirtz, both of whom are constantly thwarted. I really wanted something good to happen for Doofenshmirtz on his birthday. You could at least have given him a present, Perry!

- I'm fascinated by Doofenshmirtz's relationship with Perry, actually. I always love it when villains and heroes have a hint of something a little warmer than enmity in their relationship; we see it between Sherlock and Moriarty, between Red John and Jane, and here we see it between Perry and Doofenshmirtz. Apparently I am no less fascinated by such a dynamic when the hero a) cannot speak, on account of the fact that he b) is a platypus. (Here is a charmingly daft song about their complicated enmity.)

...would it be wrong to 'ship them? (Yes. Yes, it would.)

- I would rather like to see Holmes and Watson (any incarnation, but the Sherlock version could be particularly fun) investigating Dr Doofenshmirtz. I can't imagine such an investigation would take very long, though.

- I suppose part of the reason I've warmed to Candace (besides the fact that she is voiced by Ashley Tisdale (Sharpay of High School Musical), which is just hilarious) is because she isn't exaggeratedly, invariably malicious in the way in which Vicky of The Fairly OddParents is. She's more of a Squidward figure; she's an antagonist, but she's also a victim, and she definitely has a softer side. I do enjoy The Fairly OddParents, but I was never particularly interested in Vicky, whereas I like Squidward of SpongeBob SquarePants and Candace of Phineas and Ferb enormously. Don't judge! I may watch quite a bit of children's television, but it is good children's television, I swear.

- Perry the Platypus is sort of, erm, hot. You're allowed to judge me for this one.

Speaking of Phineas and Ferb and David Mitchell: would you like to hear David Mitchell voicing a villain in a children's cartoon? If so, here you go! (His character appears at around the 2.30 mark; that link should take you directly there.)
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Lee Mack is more attractive with every episode of Would I Lie To You? I watch. This is worrying. He's brilliantly funny, but I was not expecting this. (Also, I am totally 'shipping Lee Mack/Kate Silverton after the most recent episode. He leapt in to challenge the opposing team's questioning of her! Brydon observed that they were like a couple! I had to suppress an 'awww!' because I was watching with my family and it would have seemed ridiculous!)

Anyway, hello! Sorry for vanishing without notice for the past week; I've been on holiday in the Midlands with my family, which was lovely. I'll probably make an entry about that sooner or later, but first I wanted to talk about the BBC's Sherlock.

Spoilers for the entire first series of Sherlock. )

On a non-spoilery note, I dreamt a couple of nights ago that I was Clank, a tiny robot from a videogame series called Ratchet and Clank, and I was giving the BBC's Watson advice on relationships.

Clank: What you want is to be alone.
Watson: (unimpressed look) That's exactly the opposite of what I want.
Clank: I meant alone together.

The gist was 'you have too many people in your life; it's preventing you from forming really meaningful relationships; cut all your ties and run away to live with me and Sherlock for ever'.

It was, in retrospect, really bad advice.

Since then, I appear to have scribbled down a few snippets of a Sherlock/Ratchet and Clank crossover, in which Watson is trapped on an alien planet and teams up with Clank to find Holmes. THERE IS NO MARKET FOR THIS. NONE. NOBODY READS RATCHET AND CLANK FANFICTION, LET ALONE CROSSOVERS BETWEEN RATCHET AND CLANK AND SOMETHING COMPLETELY ILLOGICAL, BASED ON A DREAM. Why do I never write things people might actually want to read?

Finally: I am adoring Watson's blog. His writeups of cases may not be great, but the comments! Comments from Holmes and Sarah and Mrs Hudson (regarding the Study in Pink case: 'This is exciting. I am writing this on Mrs Turner's computer. One of her lodgers is trying to get me to join Facebook but I have told him I don't want to poke people. I am writing this to you from next door.' She is sort of adorable!) and Harry and Molly and 'theimprobableone', who leaves amusingly dramatic comments and whom I thought at first to be Moriarty before realising he was just a massive Sherlock Holmes fanboy. Holmes criticises Watson's writeups and Watson tells him to buy milk in return! I love it.

The blog is breaking my heart for Harry, though. She so clearly desperately wants to have a good relationship with her brother. She's immature and a bit annoying, but there's a real need to be closer to John that comes through in her comments; look at the way she comments on almost everything he posts, for one thing, and her frequent requests for contact:

Who's Ella?? You got yourself a woman at last? What's she like?xx x Send a pic!!!
Are we meeting up soon?!
What!? Answer your phone!!!
Seriously, John! What's going on?? Are you alright?!!
You can't just leave it at that!!! Tell me what happened!
Ooh! A new case!! So when do I get to come and visit?!?!
I'm going to have to meet Sarah one day!
Will you please answer your phone! Where are you?

In summary: my heart. She loves him. He's ashamed of her. I really hope further episodes of Sherlock address the relationship between them.
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Everyone on your flist has posted about this already, but it's my turn now and I'm going to take it: earlier this week, I watched A Study in Pink (iPlayer link, valid until the fifteenth of August), the first of the BBC's three-part Sherlock series, a modern adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes stories.

I absolutely loved it.

Notes on 'A Study in Pink'. )

If you're a Sherlock Holmes fan and haven't yet watched this, I would highly recommend that you give it a try.
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Well, that's university over and done with.

...bit anticlimactic, really, isn't it? Hang on:

You defeated UNIVERSITY!

Thank you so much for your support, both in the comments to my previous entry and over the past four months of stress. I am so lucky to know all of you. (I suppose it's conceivable that You, The Reader might be someone I do not, in fact, know, but I'm sure you're excellent anyway.)

I feel a bit odd now. I don't quite know what to do when I don't have a massive deadline looming over me, it seems. What do people do when they're not panicking over dissertations?

Ooh, I can start writing again! Well, yes, I was writing before, but now I can write without guilt. The drive to write may well have scarpered now that the allure of procrastination no longer hovers about it, but let's give this a go anyway:

Give me a prompt (or several), and I'll write you a one-sentence fic.

(I should become slightly less terrible at responding to things now. Let's hope.)
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All right: the fic in which Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell find themselves thrown together in the midst of a zombie invasion definitely needs to exist. I say this largely because [ profile] petrol has introduced me to the mental image of Brooker fighting zombies with a baseball bat, bloodied and sweat-soaked and exhausted, and, for reasons I'd prefer not to examine too closely, it is incredibly hot.

Anyway, more character-number questions! The first instalment is here. Represented are Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who (and Torchwood), Peep Show, Supernatural, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Merlin, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Derren Brown, David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker.

Possibly rambled for slightly too long on a couple of these. )

Yet more to come!