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You Sound Like Chapters From A Self-Help Booklet.

The final boss of Final Fantasy VI was a nightmare. He kept killing people in one hit! He kept muting my entire party, and I was quickly running out of items to cure it! (It's possible I didn't prepare very well.) I was convinced for a while that I was going to lose, and I'd have to fight through that entire sequence of pre-final-boss bosses again. But I made it! If the fight had gone on for a couple more minutes, I'd have been doomed.

So, yes, I finished Final Fantasy VI! I'm fairly certain I snapped this game up when it first became available in the UK, back in early 2002, so it took me, er, fifteen years and two copies. But I got there! And I wrote a fic, so revisiting this game was a highly successful endeavour. Even if it landed me with a new rarepair.

(At the ending, on the airship, there's a bit where Edgar tries to flirt with Celes, and she walks off to stand next to Sabin instead. I'M JUST SAYING.)

I'm starting to spot a pattern in some of my pairings: two people are part of the same group of friends. They're not close friends - they don't necessarily spend time alone together - but they move in the same circles. The group goes through some major, traumatic experiences. These two find themselves isolated, with only each other, having lost contact with the rest of their friends. I start 'shipping it immediately. It happened with Celes/Sabin, and with Mike/Sam in Until Dawn. I think my fondness for Hope/Serah in Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes from the same place; they're not alone, but they've lost touch with everyone who really knows what they've been through.

Even if Celes/Sabin is what really caught my attention on this playthrough, I also have a slight fondness for Celes/Locke, and Celes/Terra, and Leo/Terra, and everyone just cuddling in a big pile, including the yeti.

I've criticised some aspects of this game, but it has a huge amount of charm. The cast is delightful, and the tiny sprites are surprisingly expressive, and the battle system is one of the best from the ATB era; all the different battle abilities do mean that characters have wildly varying levels of usefulness, but they also make things varied and fun!

My preferred team was Celes, Locke, Edgar and Sabin, although I'd have swapped Edgar out for Terra if I wanted it to be a team of my four favourite characters. The Tools function was too useful to give up! Plus I liked the idea of the brothers fighting side by side.

Celes is the best. I wouldn't have stood a chance without her in the final battle.
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XD many years ago, I shipped that ship, though I haven't in almost two dcades.

My usual team is Celes, Terra, Edgar, Sabin - I love Locke but I love Terra's "fuck you all die" spellcasting more. XD AND YES MY GIRL IS THE BEST FOREVER AND ALWAYS.

(hi sorry I have zillions of feelings about this game yep that's me.)
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The key to Fanatics' Tower is reflect rings and Osmose/Rasp. (Better done after Phoenix Cave, when you have Reraise.)
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I think my two favorite characters in FFVI was Setzer and Relm, though I do have a fondness for Sabin too! It was just a really great cast of characters and each character had a story which sort of brought them together with the group!

Hurrah for that game, definitely one of my favorites, along with Chrono Trigger and Xenogears
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Celes is wonderful. I love and ship basically everything, tho I have special love for Terra/Celes. Yes. (Not to mention you can totally destroy the game with a party of just those two, if you're careful. Hah. Badass women of gaming UNITE)