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A Lecherous Young King, Who Shall Remain Nameless.

I'm unsettled by the thought that some people read or watch DN Angel and come away thinking, 'Ah, yes, Satoshi, there's a young man who's definitely not in unrequited love with Daisuke.' I'm usually open to people having their own interpretations of characters and their relationships, particularly on points that aren't made explicit in canon! But Satoshi is just so painfully, tragically in love.

It will astonish you to learn that I'm rereading DN Angel. I must have first watched the anime thirteen years ago, and I've never really thrown off my emotional attachment to this ridiculous tale of rampant crushes and magical art theft. My feelings about Satoshi will lie dormant for years, and then I remember his tragic existence and those feelings BURN A HOLE IN MY CHEST.

I sort of want to write fanfiction where Daisuke finally realises how Satoshi feels about him (Riku probably tells him, because Daisuke is absolutely hopeless with feelings and there's no way he's ever going to work it out on his own), but I'm not sure where it could go. Daisuke approaches Satoshi to say 'I'm really sorry, I don't feel that way about you,' Satoshi goes 'well, I knew that,' uncomfortable silence, the end? It's not much of a concept.

It could theoretically be possible to make a 'sorry, I don't feel that way' conversation interesting, but it'd be tough with Satoshi. It's generally hard to make Satoshi have conversations. He's very quiet and intense.

Final Fantasy VI was on sale on the Playstation Store recently, and I lost my copy some years ago, so I bought it! Maybe I'll actually be able to finish it this time.

Here's an odd thing about Final Fantasy VI: at one point, a man tells Locke to give his son 'the password', but he can't remember what the password is. When you (as Locke) speak to the son, you're given three possible passwords to say, one of which is correct. So you have a one-in-three chance of getting it right. If you get it wrong, you'll be able to try again, after finding a fresh disguise.

But the three choices are presented to you, the player. They aren't presented to Locke.

Perhaps we're meant to think the son gave Locke the three choices (although that doesn't seem like a great password system), but I prefer to believe that Locke was told 'give him the password, I can't remember what it is' and then got the password, by randomly guessing from all the words in the world, within three tries.
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That proves exactly how gangster Locke is-- I mean OG to the maximum.

I think that my favorite crack theory is Setzer's ex-girlfriend Daryll being Gogo.

And then the delightful irony that she is in the travelling party with him and none the wiser (though much like every other FF/JRPG game-- AMNESIA SOLVES EVERYTHING)
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Random gave me Setzer again! That must mean something! LOL

The basis for the theory that was posted on all the email groups at the time (because this theory makes it's basis right around 98/99..) is that Daryll was supposed to have crashed right around Triangle Island-- and a body was never recovered-- n

My favorites are: Setzer, Relm and Ultros (Okay, I also like Kefka) But really it's hard to hate any characters in this game-- it's one of those games that make me super nostalgic!
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DN Angel is one of those things I keep hearing of, but never got around to. What's it about? Aside from unrequited love?
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Okay, that does sound hilarious. Art theft and unrequited love!
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So Dark the Art Thief has an evil counterpart?

Do Satoshi is desperately trying to suppress all feelings, but Daisuke inspires them? Yep, some definite implications there.
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...yeah, the totally straight guy who definitely doesn't have feelings for that other guy isn't going to respond with "Hmm...maybe" like that. That's the response of a guy who's fallen for at least one guy, and is trying to categorize his feelings.
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Also, have you seen the show Legion? I've watched the first three episodes, and it seems like something that might appeal to you.
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The no-spoiler explanation, the main character is David Haller, who's been in a mental hospital for a long time due to a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and then a lot of weird and complicated things happen, including things you would probably enjoy and find interesting.

Also, it has Aubrey Plaza. (I don't know if you ever watched Parks and Recreation, or Life after Beth, but she's really good.)
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Locke's just that good. :D How's the port, btw? Is it the same as the PS version? I gave up on that one because of the horrific load times, but I'd be willing to try again...
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FF6! Fandom of my heart! Locke, you are a hot mess and I love you for it.
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Hilariously I just wrote a fic for the kiss battle that hinges on that cape for a case of mistaken identity. XD

Locke is...complicated. I love him, and mostly I love him because he's pretty messed up, but Lord that boy is a mess of everything!