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Final Fantasy XV is, it turns out, a pretty good thing to play when you're feeling down or distracted. You can lose yourself in lengthy battles, watch your boys drive across the world, take up low-effort hunts or sidequests, fish, wander the landscape, collect ingredients in an attempt to help Ignis invent new recipes. There's so much aimless pottering around to be done. I finished the actual plot about fifty hours in, but by this point I've accumulated over eighty hours on my save file, and there are still sidequests I haven't finished.

There are also still lines I haven't heard and animations I haven't seen before. Prompto and Noctis teamed up to take down an enemy and then high-fived in the middle of battle. Ignis and Noctis did a flashy move together and then stood back-to-back like cool dudes. What a great game.

I also enjoyed this exchange, from the Balouve Mines:

Prompto: At least if we get lost, we can follow the rails back.
Noctis: Good point, Prompto.
Gladio: Even you can come in handy.
Prompto: And even you can be annoying!

Every so often, I find I've written down something I have absolutely no recollection of. In this case, 'I dreamt I tried watching Game of Thrones but couldn't take it seriously because Jaime was played by Julian Barrett in a bad blond wig. Also, Brienne was seduced by a woman and was then heartbroken when the woman turned out to be Grindelwald in disguise.'

The part in DN Angel vol. 9 where Daisuke brings Satoshi to his house is absolutely heartrending. Not because anything bad happens, but because it's just a nice, warm moment in the icy desert of self-loathing that is Satoshi's life, and you know it's fleeting. Satoshi says he ends up destroying everything he cares about. Am I something you care about, Satoshi? Because you're destroying me.

I don't know how this never occurred to me before, but Riku/Sora from Kingdom Hearts and Satoshi/Daisuke from DN Angel are very similar pairings: the reserved boy who believes he doesn't deserve happiness, the spiky-haired optimist he's quietly in love with. The difference is that, if Riku is in love with Sora, it may well be reciprocated. There's no 'if' in Satoshi's love, but there's also no reciprocation. Poor Satoshi.
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[personal profile] alwaysbeenasmiler asked this question, and I thought it was interesting, so I've stolen it to ask here: who was your first favourite fictional character? Who was the first character you really loved? Is there a story behind that love?

I won't go into too much detail because I've talked about this before, but Squall Leonhart of Final Fantasy VIII was the first character I really connected with. I was an insular, awkward, confused thirteen-year-old, bad at interaction, bad at reading people, and suddenly I found I wasn't alone in any of that; here was a guy who was just like me, only he had a cool gun-sword and fought dinosaurs. I was so excited.

It's a good thing I loved Squall so much, because I was terrible at playing Final Fantasy VIII, and he was the reason I happily persevered with it.

Unsurprisingly, I hate the popular theory that Squall died at the end of Disc 1 and the other three discs were ~just a dream~. It's not interesting; it just makes most of the game feel like a waste of time! Also, Squall is my favourite, so he's alive. Solid reasoning, I think you'll find.

My preferred answer to the question 'why does Squall wake up without a wound after being impaled?' is 'Seifer begs Edea to save him. NOT THAT SEIFER CARES OR ANYTHING. Obviously he just wants Squall to live so they can interrogate him. Obviously. Edea is so amused by this that she heals Squall.'

I'd forgotten how messed up the Second Hand of Time arc in DN Angel is. A young woman is reunited at last with her lost love! Her lost love is a sword that romantically impales her through the chest. DN Angel, you seemed to be a romantic comedy when you started out.

I always resented the fact that the Second Hand of Time arc went 'oh, it's a school play! Satoshi and Daisuke have been cast as the romantic leads! Oh, no, wait: we've set up this classic slashfic premise, but now Daisuke's out of action and Dark has to pretend to be him, so you don't actually get Satoshi and Daisuke acting out romantic scenes together.' But, on this reread, I will concede that Satoshi and Dark trying to get through a romantic scene when they loathe each other is pretty hilarious.

(Speaking of classic slashfic premises: the manga is better than the anime in many ways, but the anime does has an episode where Satoshi and Daisuke are locked in a freezer and have to huddle for warmth.)

It's only just occurred to me that we say dial to mean 'enter a person's number on a telephone' because of the dial on rotary phones. What an odd linguistic fossil.
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I feel really weird about this fic. I feel like, on some level, writing for something I last wrote for when I was fifteen has caused me to revert to the writing level I was at when I was fifteen. Maybe I'm imagining it. I hope I'm imagining it.

This fic also isn't screwed up at all, and that makes me uncomfortable. What's the point of fanfiction if nobody makes out with the wrong person or is trapped forever in a hallucinatory vortex of guilt?

Title: Clarity
Fandom: DN Angel
Rating: G
Pairing: unrequited Satoshi/Daisuke
Wordcount: 1,500
Summary: Daisuke finally realises that Satoshi is in love with him.

Clarity )
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I'm unsettled by the thought that some people read or watch DN Angel and come away thinking, 'Ah, yes, Satoshi, there's a young man who's definitely not in unrequited love with Daisuke.' I'm usually open to people having their own interpretations of characters and their relationships, particularly on points that aren't made explicit in canon! But Satoshi is just so painfully, tragically in love.

It will astonish you to learn that I'm rereading DN Angel. I must have first watched the anime thirteen years ago, and I've never really thrown off my emotional attachment to this ridiculous tale of rampant crushes and magical art theft. My feelings about Satoshi will lie dormant for years, and then I remember his tragic existence and those feelings BURN A HOLE IN MY CHEST.

I sort of want to write fanfiction where Daisuke finally realises how Satoshi feels about him (Riku probably tells him, because Daisuke is absolutely hopeless with feelings and there's no way he's ever going to work it out on his own), but I'm not sure where it could go. Daisuke approaches Satoshi to say 'I'm really sorry, I don't feel that way about you,' Satoshi goes 'well, I knew that,' uncomfortable silence, the end? It's not much of a concept.

It could theoretically be possible to make a 'sorry, I don't feel that way' conversation interesting, but it'd be tough with Satoshi. It's generally hard to make Satoshi have conversations. He's very quiet and intense.

Final Fantasy VI was on sale on the Playstation Store recently, and I lost my copy some years ago, so I bought it! Maybe I'll actually be able to finish it this time.

Here's an odd thing about Final Fantasy VI: at one point, a man tells Locke to give his son 'the password', but he can't remember what the password is. When you (as Locke) speak to the son, you're given three possible passwords to say, one of which is correct. So you have a one-in-three chance of getting it right. If you get it wrong, you'll be able to try again, after finding a fresh disguise.

But the three choices are presented to you, the player. They aren't presented to Locke.

Perhaps we're meant to think the son gave Locke the three choices (although that doesn't seem like a great password system), but I prefer to believe that Locke was told 'give him the password, I can't remember what it is' and then got the password, by randomly guessing from all the words in the world, within three tries.
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Back in June of 2012, I posted the first six ficlets for a self-imposed challenge: a ficlet for each letter of the alphabet, each concerning two characters whose names begin with that letter.

Now, eleven months later (I am the slowest person in the world), here are the second six ficlets! Fandoms represented are DN Angel, Princess Tutu, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Katawa Shoujo, Dangan Ronpa, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XIII, Once Upon a Time, Full Moon wo Sagashite, Revolutionary Girl Utena and Harry Potter.

Same-letter alphabet ficsnippets: D, I, K, R, T, U. )

At this rate, I suppose I'll be finished at some point in 2015.
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Having read eleven volumes of DN Angel, I can say with absolute confidence that it is my favourite manga. I love the art and the characters and the humour and everything about it. It really makes me smile. You know, when Satoshi's not breaking my heart.

Daisuke: Satoshi! Stay the night! You can borrow my pyjamas!
Satoshi: One day I will destroy you because I destroy everything I love.

Oh, Satoshi. I'd like to write fanfiction in which he's happy, but I'm fairly certain that's impossible.

I've got a stupid idea for a DN Angel/Princess Tutu crossover floating around in my head, purely because two character have similar-sounding names. Daisuke, rather than transforming into Dark, transforms into Duck. I have no idea what this accomplishes; Duck is probably not much of an art thief. BUT ANYWAY, WHENEVER DAISUKE EXPERIENCES ROMANTIC FEELINGS, HE TURNS INTO DUCK. (Duck in her human form, I'm going to say, but maybe Duck can still turn into an actual duck, just to complicate things further.) When he's not transformed, of course, he still has Duck in his head. Daisuke and Duck would get along really well, I think.

Duck probably develops a doomed crush on Satoshi. MAYBE DAISUKE AND DUCK DEVELOP EVEN MORE DOOMED CRUSHES ON EACH OTHER.

Actually, this would be amazing. Somebody write it immediately. (I don't think I have anyone on my flist who's familiar with both DN Angel and Princess Tutu, but it's worth a shot, right?)

This, er, actually isn't the first ill-advised DN Angel/Princess Tutu crossover I've considered. I have a couple of snippets scribbled down in which Duck and Daisuke are attending Hope's Peak Academy, as a Super High-school Level Ballerina and Super High-school Level Art Thief respectively. Because obviously you want to invite people who are really good at stealing things to your exclusive school. Perhaps fortunately, that particular fic doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I'm not sure I really wanted to write a massive crossover in which I threw all my favourite teenage characters into Hope's Peak and made them kill each other.

(I'm about halfway through Princess Tutu and still loving it enormously. [ profile] th_esaurus has seen none of it but has decided that it is far too silly, which I suppose is a fair enough conclusion, given that she's been exposed to it solely via my exclamations at the screen ('THAT ALLIGATOR HAS ATTENDED NONE OF THE PREVIOUS BALLET LESSONS, SHE IS A TERRIBLE STUDENT').)

For any Dangan Ronpa fans who don't know of this yet: someone has translated Dangan Ronpa IF, an official what-if story set parallel to the first Dangan Ronpa game! It's pretty great. I think I actually punched the air at one point whilst reading. It also goes into detail on a character whom I always wanted to know more about, as we never really had a chance to get to know them in the original game, and gave me a staggeringly doomed pairing to 'ship (yes, even more doomed than the average Dangan Ronpa pairing). If you were wondering why my massive Dangan Ronpa fic (relatively massive, at least; it's actually the longest thing I've ever completed) so heavily featured said character we barely met, this is half of the reason. (The other half of the reason is this excellent fic.)
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On a strange whim, I ordered a few volumes of DN Angel, as I loved the anime in my teenage years and used copies of the manga are available incredibly cheaply on Amazon.

What a great whim. I remember being frustrated when I tried to look up discussion of the anime and all I could find was people criticising it for not living up to the manga, but the manga really is a delight.

The third volume contains a little 'day in the life of Satoshi Hiwatari' feature, and it is just the saddest thing; it boils down to 'he wakes up at seven and goes to school without having breakfast and watches Daisuke and eats bread for lunch on the roof and goes home and eats dinner alone and does research until one in the morning'. His life is so monotonous and empty. No wonder he's so fixated on Daisuke and Dark; they're the only sources of spontaneity in his existence.

Satoshi is even more painfully in love with Daisuke than I remember from the anime. If you insist that Satoshi has no romantic feelings for Daisuke, and I've no doubt there are people who do (someone once commented on one of my Doctor Who fics to insist that Captain Jack Harkness was completely straight), you're wrong. You are factually wrong. It's as simple as that.

(I like that the mangaka seems determined to include them in a minimum of three homoerotic scenes per volume.)

The manga occasionally seems to hint at a future Satoshi/Risa pairing. I really hope it doesn't go in that direction; I'd be fine with them as friends, but the two of them sit somewhere below absolute zero on the metaphorical romantic chemistry thermometer. I'm generally quite relaxed when it comes to pairings; I'll happily accept most canonical couples, even if I don't 'ship them myself. Satoshi/Risa is one of the very few pairings I viscerally dislike.

I wonder why I have such an adverse reaction to the idea of Satoshi/Risa? It can't just be because of my fondness for Satoshi/Daisuke, because I like Daisuke/Riku. I think perhaps it's because some part of me is convinced that Satoshi needs to be alone forever. Giving him an attainable love interest uproots everything that makes Satoshi Satoshi. Sorry, kid. I do love you; I just... also happen to want you to remain trapped in your lonely, unhealthily obsessive life for ever.

I'd forgotten how ridiculously endearing Daisuke was. He's just so sweet! If the characters of DN Angel were ever locked down inside a school and instructed to kill each other to escape, à la Dangan Ronpa, he would be the Makoto Naegi of the group. (That scenario wouldn't really work, though; everyone in DN Angel is in love with everyone else, so it's hard to envision any murders actually taking place. It's almost a shame; Daisuke would make a great Naegi and Satoshi would make a great Kirigiri. On the other hand, it's probably best not to think about this crossover for too long. My money's on Risa offing Takeshi.)

Any DN Angel fans out there? Or people on the lookout for manga featuring endearing characters, magical transformations and massive ridiculous love polygons? (If you like massive ridiculous love polygons and you're not familiar with DN Angel, you need to rectify this right now.)
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[ profile] apiphile has had what I think is a rather lovely idea: write out a poem and leave it lying around for strangers to find. The poem, Poem For The Person Who Finds This Poem, is here, if you'd like to get involved yourself.

(Poetry and I haven't really got on for most of my life, and I always assumed that this was because I simply wasn't a poetry person, rather than a case of not yet having discovered the right poet.

As it turned out, [ profile] apiphile was the right poet, and I am heartily in favour of spreading her words around.)

I really haven't been able to write lately, which is distressing. I suspect this may be because I have developed an interest in too many things lately and cannot settle on one fandom.

In an attempt to remedy this, I am going to steal a prompt table from [ profile] 1sentence and write a little bit about everything that is clamouring for my attention, in the hope of clearing some space in my mind for a longer work.

And if it doesn't work, well, at least I'll have written something.

(As this isn't actually for the community, I reserve the right to exceed one sentence should I feel the need.)

I've filled twenty prompts below; I may or may not attempt the remaining thirty later. Organised by fandom, rather than prompt number. Fandoms represented are DN Angel (a tiny bit), Derren Brown, Silent Hill (in a crossover with Derren Brown), Kingdom Hearts, Merlin, Death Note, Top Gear, Iji (is there even an Iji fandom?) and Hetalia. Also, [ profile] sos_your_face appears in one of them.

DN Angel )

Derren Brown )

Kingdom Hearts )

Merlin )

Death Note )

Top Gear )

Iji )

Hetalia )
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Passing on a recommendation from [ profile] kadrin: Iji is an excellent little free action-platformer. What really tempted me to play it was the fact that, if you choose to go through it whilst killing as few enemies as possible, the game recognises that and responds: the notes you find from enemies say 'hmmm, not sure what's going on with that human, she doesn't seem to be killing anyone' rather than 'oh God oh God she's going to destroy us all'; the dialogue in cutscenes is different. My housemate thinks I'm mad for downloading a shooter-platformer and then going 'YAY NOT SHOOTING ANYONE', but I think it's a rather nice touch. Also, the music is great, and I love reading all the logbooks.

I have a strange urge to write Satoshi/Daisuke DN Angel fanfiction. Here is the difficulty with Satoshi/Daisuke: writing something cute and fluffy and requited (and also a bit creepy, because Satoshi is involved, but mostly cute) is tempting, but it is almost impossible when Satoshi could snog Daisuke until his tongue broke off and Daisuke would still probably think he was just being friendly.


The other difficulty is, of course, my complete inability to write anything lately. There are so many things I want to write! Why have you abandoned me, words?

Actually, here is a meme that may help! (Or not!)

Post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

Let's see what we have here.

Merlin/RPF: Bradley James wakes up in Camelot. )

Time-Travelling Sky Pirates of Ivalice: Balthier, Fran and Captain Jack Harkness. )

Prison Break: Michael Scofield is a real person, and everyone in his life is an actor. Spoilers up to the beginning of Season Three. )

Top Gear/Torchwood/Silent Hill: Jeremy and James encounter Owen Harper. )

Derren Brown/Kingdom Hearts: Derren is a Nobody. )

Derren Brown/Supernatural: the Winchesters investigate mysterious psychic guy. )

And three lines of Derren Brown working with Castiel. )

There is a very good chance that none of these will ever be finished, but I hope you enjoy the snippets, at least.
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As I seem to be rediscovering old fandoms and anime, I thought I would rewatch DN Angel, which I have not seen for at least five years.

I had forgotten how much I love Satoshi and his ridiculously creepy crush on Daisuke. The poor boy! (By 'the poor boy' I mean poor romantically-doomed Satoshi, rather than Daisuke, although Daisuke does have to suffer Satoshi's rather unnerving affections.)

After watching the fourth episode (dear Satoshi: please stop pretending that you lose your hold on Krad around Daisuke because Krad is somehow 'reacting to Dark's presence'; it is because you are madly in love with Daisuke and you know it), I scrolled down a bit and thus stumbled across what is possibly my new favourite quote from a YouTube comment:

homocidal does NOT mean gay, it means you like killing people.

Oh, YouTube, you never fail to amuse and depress.

Note to self: when you're back in London, start playing Metal Gear Solid 2. After all the things I've learnt about it from browsing TV Tropes and [ profile] firefly99's journal, it seems to be:

a) the most confusing game ever created, and
b) completely awesome.

From the Wikipedia article:

The storyline explores many philosophical and cyberpunk themes in great detail, including meme theory, social engineering, sociology, artificial intelligence, information control, conspiracy theories, political and military maneuvering, evolution, existentialism, censorship, the manipulation of free will and the nature of reality.

In a videogame! I can't miss this! I become terribly annoyed when people say that videogames are incapable of depth, or take an 'oh, it's a videogame, of course it's not going to have a real storyline' attitude; it'd be nice to be able to point and say, 'YEAH, WELL, THIS VIDEOGAME CHALLENGES THE NATURE OF REALITY.' (I can already say 'FINAL FANTASY X MADE ME CRY', of course, but it's always nice to have more cases for the argument.)

I am, I suspect, going to be completely rubbish at playing a stealth game, generally being more of an RPG/platformer/action-adventure person, but it wouldn't be the first time I've played a videogame purely for the themes it explores (see also: Silent Hill 2).

If you have any stories of times videogames have made you cry (er, storyline-wise, rather than out of frustration; the ending of Final Fantasy X certainly did it for me, and oh the prologue of Kingdom Hearts II, and I became a bit teary during the final boss fight in Ōkami), or times they've made you feel guilty for an action you took as a player (asdjfghfjdhsggh I'm sorry FFVI Cid I didn't know), or times you've picked up a game you wouldn't have played otherwise because things you'd heard about the plot interested you, please share! Because videogames are a legitimate storytelling medium, and it is very frustrating when non-gamers dismiss the emotional effect they can have.
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I'm normally very good at resisting memes. I have a personal rule: I will only post a meme if it's a writing meme, or a drawing-silly-things one - basically, ones where other people tell me what to do, and I do it.

That said, I'm going to totally break that rule right now.

1. Post a list of 15 fandoms.
2. Have your friends list
- PEOPLE IN GENERAL. I don't care if you've never heard of me in your life, you're still welcome to guess - guess your favourite character/pairing from each fandom.
3. When guessed, bold the line and write a sentence a disjointed, rambling paragraph about why you like that character/pairing.

You have no idea how hard it was to think of fifteen. )
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While I'm trying to get back into writing, it's time for The Most Masochistic Fic Meme Ever.

1. Name a fandom. Preferably one that I'm familiar with, but if you can think of a fandom you'd like me to do this for and you don't know whether I know it or not, try it anyway.
2. I will then have to take a pairing that I
cannot stand from that fandom... and write a fic containing it. Ignore any screaming coming from my general vicinity during this part.
3. If you so choose, put this in your journal.

(Also, I think that apologies are in order to the people I've metaquoted without telling them. So, uh... sorry to Patrick, Patrick and code_epic, Patrick and magi, heyblackdress and, uh, Patrick again. Apologies are also probably due to Thorne, but as approximately three hundred and seventeen people have found her journal through it she's probably aware of it.)
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Okay, so I've finally decided on a purpose for this journal. It's going to be the place in which I'll post random drabbles and suchlike... specifically, the ones which I've just started writing for [ profile] 15minuteficlets (is it the best community idea ever? I think it might just be).

So, my first attempt.

Denial (PG, DN Angel) )