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Riona ([personal profile] rionaleonhart) wrote2017-06-21 09:50 pm

Gonna Be All Mature And Shit By Myself Over Here.

My housemate Ginger is now playing Until Dawn while Rei and I watch! I robbed myself of the opportunity to play this game unspoiled myself, so this is my vicarious first playthrough. We've only just finished the first chapter, so not much has actually happened yet.

It's been an absurdly warm day, or at least it's been absurdly warm for anyone who grew up in England, so there were a lot of envious noises at all the in-game snow. 'Lucky bastards. I mean, yes, they're probably about to die, but at least they'll die cold.'

The game really can't shut up about the butterfly effect in its first hour or so. We ended up cracking up at every mention of it, which slightly impaired the atmosphere.

Ginger commented that the butterfly shown in the opening ~ooh butterfly effect~ sequence has the same colouring as the butterfly representing Chloe in Life Is Strange. Chloe Price is behind the events of Until Dawn. It all makes sense now.

Ginger doesn't get along with the controls. 'It sort of makes me want to kill all of these characters, just as revenge on the game.' Please don't deliberately kill all the characters, Ginger.

Ginger finds the first totem (showing a glimpse of a possible future event in the game). I explain the concept:

Riona: So, if the totem shows you choking to death on a pie, you turn down the pie when it's offered to you later.
Rei: I'm not sure about that. I do really like pie.
Ginger: Are you willing to die for pie?
Rei: I am willing to chew very carefully.

Mike's intro screen: Intelligent. Driven. Persuasive.
Rei: Dick.

Ginger agrees. I'm not at all surprised that my housemates immediately decided Mike was a dick (I can't even say they're wrong), but I still hope in my heart that they'll warm up to him later on.

Stupid Mike. Of course the arsehole ended up being my favourite character. Not that this game is short of arseholes.
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Mike can be unlikable at the beginning of the game, but he grows on you so quickly. Well, he did for me. (, I suppose. Great minds think alike!)

I honestly think liking the characters really depends on how into the story you get. If you're just playing the game and thinking of the characters as stock horror movie tropes, you're less likely to realize the subversion and depth behind those themes.
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I think the wolf pets were when the people around me started liking Mike. It's contagious! (Only someone heartless would kick Wolfie. If they do that, then they most certainly aren't true friends!)

If anything, I think Emily is a harder sell. Butttttt, Joe, who has a notorious hate-on regarding arrogant characters, came to respect her after we played her in the caves. Those were his exact words: he didn't end up liking her, but he respected her determination and cunning, and he wanted her to live by the end (luckily for him, she and Sam were the only survivors of our first run). If something like that can happen then I believe anything is possible.