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Riona ([personal profile] rionaleonhart) wrote2017-07-28 12:07 pm

The Hardest Part Of Ending Is Starting Again.

This entry keeps accumulating sad bits. Let's cut out the sad bits. I'm tired of being sad.

[personal profile] magistrate has reminded me of this 'does music make food taste better?' experiment with Chester and Mike, which can still make me smile even after this loss. They sing a screaming rock song about cup noodles about two minutes in. It's incredible. Gladiolus would be proud.

I'm also enjoying 'Things in My Jeep', a Lonely Island song on which Linkin Park feature. I don't know why Chester screaming about trivial things makes me so happy.

It's been hard to focus on much, but I've started watching Pretty Little Liars, and it's the most effective distraction I've found so far because everything is SO STUPID. It's just wall-to-wall teenagers making the worst decisions possible, and it's incredible. Nothing's ever boring! There's always a new ridiculous plot development around the corner! I almost crowed in delight at the inevitable 'surprise, the guy you slept with is YOUR NEW TEACHER.'

'We're only on episode six!' I found myself yelling at the screen at one point. 'How can so much possibly have happened?'

I really like Hanna. She's not at all the character I thought she would be. She's shoplifting a pair of sunglasses when we first meet her, which isn't the best of first impressions, and I thought she was going to be the stereotypical shallow 'queen bee' character - a bit of a Regina George. But she's got a good heart. When she learnt about the relationship between Emily and Maya, I wasn't sure what her reaction would be; I was really touched when she started subtly, awkwardly trying to let Emily know that she'd have support if she came out.

I really like everyone's complicated feelings about Alison as well. She's the worst! They're all extremely aware that she's the worst! But that doesn't mean they don't miss her, and the way she made them feel part of something special.

(I just looked up Pretty Little Liars on IMDB to check the spelling of Alison's name, and apparently Alison's actress appears in every single episode. That's pretty impressive. She's constantly, constantly, constantly present in their lives, even if she's not physically there.

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[personal profile] jekesta 2017-07-28 08:30 pm (UTC)(link)
I haven't said but I am really sorry about your fannish loss. It's such an awkward sort of thing, especially when it's a recent love, but then kind of even sadder for that too.

I love that you're watching PLL and I'm kind of jealous you have all of it to watch at once. It has little dips and I nearly gave up on it a couple of times, but I think shows like that work even better all at once. And mostly it does really well at keeping ticking along and finding new ways to be ridiculous in loveable ways. I love Hanna, I am glad that you love her. All my PLL friends love Spencer, and Spencer is great, but Hanna is better. I hate Aria, do you hate Aria? I don't hate her in a way that spoils my enjoyment of the show, I just hate her vaguely and because boring Ezra is the only really boring bit of the show for me and Aria keeps pretending like he's not the most boring thing in the world so I disagree with her face.
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I haven't watched the show, but I read some of the books and the first four are legitimately GREAT. They are really good at being what they are (TERRIBLE in a hugely entertaining and well-crafted way.)

I think Hannah and Spencer were my favourites -- I loved Hannah's complex layers of self-loathing and Spencer's being an uncontrollable overachiever about everything, including her self-sabotage. And yes! The fact that they all knew Alison was terrible but missed being part of something.
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Those are both amazing songs.

Every stupid plot development possible? Secret twins? Amnesia? Sudden inheritance? It was all a dream?