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Riona ([personal profile] rionaleonhart) wrote2017-08-13 01:07 pm

Don't Want To Be Led Down The Same Old Road.

Why have I created an online quiz that helps you decide which Linkin Park song to listen to? Good question. I don't know. The latest in my increasingly laboured series of excuses to talk non-stop about Linkin Park's music, I suppose. But here it is, in any case.

I made this and then went, 'Wow, what a colossal waste of time, I can't believe I spent five hours on this,' and a few hours later I went, 'God, I've got Chester's acoustic "Let Down" stuck in my head and for some reason it's emotionally devastating me. I need to listen to something to drive it out, but I don't know what! If only I had some sort of guide to - HOLD ON.' (It took me to 'Forgotten'. Always a good choice.)

It's not a definitive guide; it's missing some absolute classics ('Somewhere I Belong' is the worst omission). But it's got a reasonable selection: about forty songs (not counting joke songs), at least five from each studio album. Very useful if you know enough about Linkin Park to go 'I want a Chester song' or 'I want a Mike song' but somehow not enough to go 'I want this song specifically'. I'll be honest: this is absolutely pointless. But it was fun to work on. My favourite question is 'How much do you want to feel Chester hates you? [a lot/incandescently]'

In other news, I played a bit of Transistor recently, although I don't know when or if I'll have the opportunity to continue. 'Why does my sword have an opinion on food?' I asked at one point, puzzled. I was happily 'shipping the main character with her sword, but I 'shipped them substantially less after I realised the sword was actually a person, rather than just being a talking sword. That's much less fun. I did appreciate the inclusion of a 'hum a tune' button, though (even if nothing will ever beat the 'tell a terrible joke' button in The Last of Us: Left Behind).

Finished the first series of Pretty Little Liars! It is still delightfully silly. At moments I've found myself slightly 'shipping Hanna and Emily. To be honest, at moments I've found myself slightly 'shipping all four of them. They should all make out. And then A should use that for blackmail purposes, obviously.

I'm so sad that this is never going to happen.

Ezra has transferred schools, so he's no longer Aria's teacher and their relationship is now legitimate. I really hope it comes out at some point that they were involved while he was teaching her. What's the point of including a teacher-and-student romance plotline if you never get the enormous scandal of it coming to light? 'OH NO, ARIA'S JEALOUS' seems to be the only Ezra/Aria plotline we ever get, and 'OH NO, YOU'RE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE NOW' would be much more fun.
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I love "Please tell me which non-Linkin Park song you inexplicably have in this Linkin Park quiz"!

Does the character in the game hum a tune, or does the sword hum a tune?
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I've seen a lot of evil sentient swords in fantasy stories, and occasionally a surprisingly sweet one, but I don't think I've ever seen a duet. (There was a singing sword in Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but even though the sword sang, and Eddie Valiant sang, they never actually sang together.)
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The local grocery had all of LP's albums on sale and I finally picked up The Hunting Party. I remember borrowing it from the library when it came out and not liking it, but listening to it on Friday, it was really good.

I still think A Thousand Suns is my favorite, though. I don't have Meteora or Hybrid Theory, but if they're still on sale next week that might change.
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I was happily 'shipping the main character with her sword, but I 'shipped them substantially less after I realised the sword was actually a person, rather than just being a talking sword.

This is pretty much how I would react, I have to admit! Talking sword would be way more interesting.
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... I never thought I would need this quiz, but I needed it.

Did you ever finish Transistor?