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Another My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film came out when I wasn't looking! I came across it when scrolling through Netflix, crowed with laughter, and then (inevitably) watched it.

Legend of Everfree pretty decisively sank Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry, which I'm sad about, because I'm the only person on the planet who genuinely enjoyed that romance subplot. Their interactions were really cute!

Also, I'm fascinated by the potential dynamic between Flash Sentry and always-a-human Twilight Sparkle.

For those who haven't seen the Equestria Girls films, i.e. most sensible people: there's 'our' Twilight Sparkle, the pony, who takes human form when she crosses to the Equestria Girls parallel universe, but there's also human Twilight Sparkle, Twilight's counterpart in that parallel universe. So there are two Twilight Sparkles, and the one Flash Sentry first met was the pony one (although he didn't know she was usually a pony at the time). Pony Twilight Sparkle, the one Flash knew (and had an oddly cute semi-romantic dynamic with, bearing in mind that he is a teenage boy and SHE IS A PONY) has now returned to her dimension; Human Twilight Sparkle has recently appeared on the scene.

Early in Legend of Everfree, we get this scene between Flash Sentry and Human Twilight Sparkle:

Flash Sentry: (hands Twilight her backpack) Here you go, Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: Thanks. It's... Flash, right?
Flash Sentry: Yup, that's me! (remembers that this... isn't actually the Twilight Sparkle he knows, crap) And you're you. And... we don't know each other very well. (turns away and mutters to himself) Cool story, bro.
Twilight Sparkle: Right. I guess I'll... see you around.
(Flash leaves. Twilight looks helplessly at Sunset for an explanation.)
Sunset Shimmer: You know how there's that girl who looks just like you when she's here, but lives in another dimension, and she's a pony princess?
Twilight Sparkle: Uh-huh.
Sunset Shimmer: Flash kind of had a thing for her.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh.

The stranger the relationship dynamic, the more a pairing tends to appeal to me, and I already thought Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry was pretty cute. How could I resist the added weirdness of pairing Flash Sentry up with a different version of Twilight Sparkle when he still had feelings for the first version?

But then Human Twilight Sparkle went off and got a crush on SOME ARSEHOLE (I really didn't get along with Timber Spruce), and Flash Sentry was advised to get over the girl who is separated from him by dimensional barriers and also a pony, and I was deeply disappointed. I wanted weird, slightly unhealthy romance built on a foundation of 'I have a crush on an alternate-universe version of you'! Yes, all right, perhaps it wouldn't be terribly appropriate for a colourful children's film, but it would be interesting!

There's a part of me that actually wants to write 'I'm pining after your pony counterpart, we should definitely get together, this is a fantastic basis for a relationship' Flash Sentry/Human Twilight Sparkle fanfiction. It would be incredibly regrettable. I will try not to write this, but I can make no promises.

This is the worst entry I've ever made. I'm so sorry.
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Recently, I found myself thinking 'hmm, I've heard good things about How to Get Away with Murder. Maybe I should watch it? I should find out a bit more about what it is first.'

So I opened Google, and then I was struck by the terrible realisation that I was about to type 'how to get away with murder' into the search bar.

I ended up searching for 'how to get away with murder television', just in case the eyes of the government were on me.

I'm now about twelve episodes in!

Thoughts on the first twelve episodes of 'How to Get Away with Murder'. No spoilers for the main plot. )

An exchange with one of my Visitorverse co-writers:

VampireBadger: No! No, Altair and Desmond are not going to make out! Stop it, don't you dare write them together.

I think this is the best thing anyone's ever said to me. (I have not, incidentally, written Altaïr and Desmond making out. Although I did write a scene on which multiple people commented to say '...I'm pretty sure you were picturing those two making out when you wrote this,' and they were absolutely right.)

In other news, we are two episodes into the final series of Peep Show and I've realised once more how deeply invested I am in Mark/Jeremy. If Peep Show doesn't end with Mark and Jeremy falling into some sort of awful self-loathing mess of a sexual relationship, I will sob.
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I have now written over 28,000 words in the Visitorverse, taking into account both the original Visitors and the increasingly inappropriately-named 'gratuitous wish-fulfilment edition'. This means my work in this universe has now overtaken With These Signs Upon Our Souls, my previous longest work of fanfiction.

With These Signs Upon Our Souls took me two and a half years to write.

I started Visitors six weeks ago.

The format of Visitors is 'a billion little ficlets in a consistent universe' rather than 'one big fic', but this is still slightly ridiculous. I just... I just love this concept so much. And I'm having an absolute blast with posting it on AO3; I almost never post things chapter-by-chapter, so this 'gradually getting to know readers as they comment on each new part' thing is exciting and new!

I think most of the people tracking me on AO3 are hoping for Dangan Ronpa fanfiction, though, so I do feel slightly bad about suddenly posting things they don't care about every few days. SORRY FOR THE BILLIONS OF ASSASSIN'S CREED NOTIFICATIONS.

I don't think anyone still watching this journal is looking for Assassin's Creed fanfiction either (this isn't a dig; it's just that I don't think any of you have played the games, so this probably wouldn't make any sense to you!), but I like keeping all the things I write here, so I'm afraid I'm posting it anyway! Here's a second 'wish-fulfilment edition' collection, because I think the first one is probably nudging the LJ character limit by now. This one is occasionally not horrible to Desmond, because I'd been tormenting him so much that my reviewers started begging me to be nice.

(The easiest way to keep track of this universe, if you are reading it, is probably the newly created series page on AO3, which contains both my writing and all the amazing fanfiction that two(???) other people are writing in my AU(?????????). (It's great, don't get me wrong, but I'm still having trouble believing this is happening!))

Title: Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition), Part Two
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Shay Cormac/Aveline de Grandpré, occasionally
Wordcount: 7,500 (this part; 16,500 cumulative)
Summary: Visitors was a collection of scenes from a universe in which most of the Assassin's Creed protagonists kept meeting through involuntary time-travel. This is the same, only now they all cuddle and fall asleep on each other. Don't give me that look.
Notes: These side-stories may occasionally conflict with the established Visitors timeline. It's the gratuitous wish-fulfilment edition and everything is permitted.

Part One

Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition), Part Two )

Part Three
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SOMEONE IS WRITING FANFICTION FOR VISITORS. Someone is writing fanfiction for my Assassin's Creed fanfiction. This is so weird and I'm delighted.

Even better: someone is writing Visitors fanfiction with Shay/Aveline. Somehow I accidentally caught this 'ship (which there was literally no fanfiction for) while writing Visitors. They never canonically interact, but they could, theoretically; they were only born sixteen years apart. And there's definitely the potential for a really intriguing dynamic; they're kindred spirits in being pushed to doubt the Creed by their mentors, but they fight on different sides.

I'm glad someone else is carrying on the Visitors universe, because all my further ideas for it are unwritably ridiculous. I'm desperately trying to restrain myself from attempting Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition): exactly the same concept, only everyone is constantly cuddling and falling asleep on each other. It would be terrible and deeply implausible. You don't know how much effort it took to keep myself from ending the 'traumatised post-hanging Ezio meets Desmond for the first time' scene with the two of them platonically bed-sharing. I keep going 'BUT SHAY'S TIMELINE OFFERS SO MUCH SCOPE FOR HUDDLING FOR WARMTH' and then having to drag myself away.

(I really want Shay to be warm. It's very important to me. I accidentally fell into freezing water in Rogue and couldn't find a way out and he froze to death and it was horrible.)

I'm not even a fluff writer most of the time, but apparently all I want to see from Assassin's Creed is this collection of mass-murderers snuggling up to each other.

And also Shay/Aveline. Seriously, I couldn't have ended up 'shipping two characters from the same game?

...aaaaand now I've written the below. Wow. This is embarrassing. I'm sorry that this journal has turned into nothing but weird self-indulgent AU fanfiction for a fandom none of you are in.

Title: Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition)
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Shay Cormac/Aveline de Grandpré
Wordcount: 9,000
Summary: Visitors was a collection of scenes from a universe in which most of the Assassin's Creed protagonists kept meeting through involuntary time-travel. This is the same, only now they all cuddle and fall asleep on each other. Don't give me that look.
Notes: These side-stories may occasionally conflict with the established Visitors timeline. It's the gratuitous wish-fulfilment edition and everything is permitted.

Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition) )

Part Two
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The worst thing about Assassin's Creed II, compared to the first one: the murders are far less romantic. The target still dies in your arms, but there are no implausibly long conversations in which you and your victim share a strange moment of connection as you hold each other. It is a loss I mourn intensely.

However, the second game has replaced a theme I love (romantic murder) with another theme I love (family), so I suppose perhaps it's a fair trade. My interest in the relationship between Ezio and his sister Claudia grows every time I visit her to check my income. The exchange they have - 'Salute, Claudia.' 'You here to look at the book?' - is two lines long and I must have heard it eight times by now, and yet it makes me smile fondly every time. I have no idea why.

(I'm going to assume that 'Salute, Claudia' is not great Italian, because it caused our new Italian-speaking housemate to shout 'DID SHE SNEEZE?' furiously at the screen. Then again, the game explains away the random Italian phrases scattered throughout as 'problems with the Animus's translation software', so any dodgy usage can probably be similarly handwaved.)

I'm also delighted by the bit in which Desmond comes out of the Animus to stretch his legs and hallucinate vividly. Everything I wanted! (Well, almost everything. I'm still holding out hope for a direct encounter with one of his ancestors, no matter how implausible that might be.)

I really like that Assassin's Creed II hasn't forgotten about Altaïr; he's still very much a presence in the game, even if time and protagonists have moved on.

At some point I somehow reached the conclusion that Altaïr was completely uninterested in sex or romance - it just didn't factor into his life - and so I was slightly saddened when Assassin's Creed II contradicted my headcanon. And then I felt ridiculous. Because the entire concept of Assassin's Creed is that you're living through the memories of your direct ancestors. Desmond is Altaïr's direct descendant. There's a lot I don't know about twelfth-century Syria, but I don't imagine artificial insemination was hugely popular.

I'm, er, being deliberately vague about how I came by this headcanon. Confession: it came about because I was trying to imagine the circumstances in which Desmond and Altaïr might make out, an effort tragically thwarted by my inability to picture Altaïr making out with anyone.

Desmond and Ezio, on the other hand...
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I've just finished the third chapter of Bravely Default, and it's such a charming game; I love the way your party members are constantly bickering. It also has a rather beautiful soundtrack. The short piece that replaces the battle music when you use Tiz's special move is one of my favourites.

At one point, I changed Ringabel's job from Monk to Pirate, suffering a huge drop in HP and a substantial drop in agility, purely because the pirate costume was so cute. This is the danger of giving clothing an impact on combat; I will end up going for suboptimal combat clothing because I like the way it looks. This was also a problem in Lightning Returns.

(I think I should be applauded for my restraint in not making everyone into Red Mages. The Red Mage outfits are so pretty!)

I think I may sort of 'ship Edea/Tiz/Agnès/Ringabel as a big ridiculous OT4. Edea and Ringabel are entirely fine with this arrangement; Tiz and Agnès are a bit flustered.

(I'm quite amused that, when I searched for 'bravely default ot4' on Google, I found someone who started 'shipping them as a foursome at the exact point I did: the third-chapter cutscene where they all have to work together to rescue Egil in the volcano. Apparently there's something particularly polyamorous about that point.)

I have also recently played Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance, which I shall henceforth refer to by the no more ridiculous title of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Doodly Deedly Dum. It was a lot of fun! I really enjoyed the Flowmotion system, and it was great to play as Riku. And I thought the Nutcracker Suite background music worked really well for the Fantasia level, although I'm less certain about the weird drum and cymbal noises that replace the sound of your Keyblade.

I just checked my diary to see whether I'd made any notes on Doodly Deedly Dum, but all I could find was 'Riku always looks at Mickey Mouse like he's about to make out with him. It's disconcerting.' Thanks for recording that for posterity, me-from-a-month-ago.

One of the things I like about videogames is how completely you can know the world. I know the layout of Hope's Peak Academy in detail any other medium would lack. I could draw you a map of Balamb Garden if you asked me to. (The above-ground bits, at least. It gets a bit complicated below the surface.) I think that puts me at ease when I'm writing for videogame fandoms; it helps the story feel more grounded, because I know where the characters are and what's been happening 'off-screen'. If I'm writing for television, my mind goes 'okay, now they're in the library, wherever that is'; if I'm writing for a videogame, my mind goes 'okay, they leave the gym, go up the stairs, pass the swimming pool and the library's on their left'.
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About half a year ago, I reposted the ficlets I'd written for an overambitious communal project to pair Komaeda up with all the other students from Super Dangan Ronpa 2. (Ficlets in that link: Komaeda/Hanamura, Komaeda/Nidai, Komaeda/Sonia, Komaeda/Koizumi. And Yamada/Togami, for some reason.)

The overambitious project, to my great surprise, is now complete! Here it is: Project Komaeda Makes Everyone Uncomfortable and Possibly Sleeps With Them All. Some of the ficlets are by me; some are by others. The levels of pairitude (this is a word) vary from 'weird conversations' to 'kissing' to 'full-blown sex'. The Gundam one isn't technically finished, and I don't think the author's coming back, but I'm going to declare that it counts.

(Information for the spoiler-avoidant: if you've read the never-finished Let's Play, you should be safe. The ficlets in that link contain no plot spoilers beyond Chapter Three and no character-death spoilers beyond Chapter Two; the few ficlets that have spoilers beyond the Let's Play are posted elsewhere. However, there are spoilers for Komaeda's final Free Time event in the replies to the Pekoyama ficlet, so you might want to avoid reading those.)

I've written a few more ficlets myself, so I'm reposting them here. The Komaeda/Hinata one alludes to late-game spoilers; I'll put it under a spoiler cut in the LJ version of this entry, so it stays under a cut even when the post is opened, but unfortunately DW doesn't have spoiler cuts. The other two have no spoilers beyond the first chapter.

(EDIT: Hey, have a Komaeda/Fukawa ficlet as well!)

Komaeda/Togami )

Komaeda/Nanami )

Komaeda/Hinata - contains late-game spoilers )

Komaeda/Fukawa )

Oh, Komaeda. No matter who he interacts with, I'm always interested. I've had so much fun with this project. (And it might not be over; to my amusement and delight, people have started pairing him up with the characters from the first game as well!)
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Watching Free! Eternal Summer is very weird after vast amounts of Supernatural. Supernatural is a deeply depressing show about two brothers desperately trying to hold onto each other as everything falls apart around them. Free!, meanwhile, doesn't get much more emotionally devastating than 'OH NO, RIN AND NITORI AREN'T LIVING IN THE SAME DORM ROOM ANY MORE'.

(Although that was pretty devastating.)

In Supernatural-land, I've now finished the sixth season, meaning I'm well into uncharted territory. I've been spoiled for most of the major plot developments, I think, but I haven't actually seen any of these episodes before.

I was a little worried about the sixth season, because the vague impression I'd got was that most people viewed it fairly negatively. In terms of the relationship between Sam and Dean, though, it's probably one of my favourite seasons (my other favourites in that regard are two and three), and the relationship between Sam and Dean is very important.

Spoilers for specific sixth-season episodes beneath the cut. )

'Frontierland' slightly made me 'ship Castiel/Bobby. I'm not sure that was supposed to happen. (I thought I was joking when I typed this, but in episodes since then I've found myself rewinding and rewatching every glance and touch between Castiel and Bobby, so I suppose I was serious. Oh, dear.)
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There is a document on my computer entitled 'danganronpa terrible snippets.doc', filled with various ill-advised Dangan Ronpa ficlets I posted to [community profile] superhighschoollevelsmut last year. I feel it is now time to ill-advisedly put my name to these ill-advised ficlets. There's sex in some of them, but nothing very graphic.

Dangan Ronpa:

Written in response to this prompt: Please write me a Yamada/Togami epic. I actually don't particularly care for either character, but I think if someone could pull this off I would have a newfound affection for them both, and some serious admiration for the writer. No spoilers.

Yamada/Togami (no, really) )

Super Dangan Ronpa 2:

These were written as part of Project Komaeda Makes Everyone Uncomfortable and Possibly Sleeps With Them All, an overambitious project to pair Komaeda up with every other character in the cast. The prompt, which I posted myself, is over here. Someone posted an excellent Komaeda/Saionji fic in the thread, but sadly I had to write most of the pairings myself and, even more sadly, I never finished. There are no spoilers beyond the first chapter.

Komaeda/Hanamura )

Komaeda/Nidai )

Komaeda/Sonia )

Komaeda/Koizumi )

I hope you enjoy these, if you read them! And, you know, if you should happen to feel like pairing Komaeda up with all the remaining characters, I wouldn't complain.
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Community has been cancelled, and I am immensely distressed. This is the first time a cancellation has really hit me. The British shows I watch generally end on their own terms; the American shows I watch generally go on and on until I lose interest. Community's cancellation particularly stings because it was so close to ending on its own terms. They only wanted six seasons! Why would you cut them off after five?

Still, I suppose I'll always have the first season. I love the later seasons as well, but the first season of Community is as close to perfect as I think it's possible for a series of television to be. There are later episodes that stand out as better than anything in the first season ('Remedial Chaos Theory'!), but as a complete experience I can't think of any series of television that beats it. Which is an impressive achievement, especially considering my dislike of Pierce. If I want to feel closure for Community, I suppose I just have to rewatch the first season and pretend it ends at the finale.

(Subtext: everyone watch the first season of Community. And the rest, if you like, but definitely at least the first season. And then write Jeff/everyone fanfiction for me.)

While I'm talking about individual seasons: I was a bit nervous about getting up to the fourth season, because the Internet seems to unanimously loathe it, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. It does have some weak episodes ('Alternative History of the German Invasion' is the low point), and of course every weak episode is a particular shame when the season is much shorter than the ones preceding it, but I still enjoyed it a lot. In particular, I really like 'Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations' and 'Intro to Knots', and 'Basic Human Anatomy' is a ridiculous delight from start to finish.

Seriously, why would you cancel a show that is so great even in what's generally considered its weakest series? I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU, NBC. I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU AT ALL.

I haven't seen the fifth season yet, so I still have that to look forward to, at least. And maybe some other broadcaster will pick it up? Please pick it up, some other broadcaster.

In the meantime, I'd quite like to write more Community fanfiction, but sadly I seem to be out of ideas. I've written Jeff/everyone, I've written Jeff/himself, and apparently that's all my mind is going to allow. I will 'ship Jeff/Annie until the world ends, but I can't really motivate myself to write for pairings when scads of fanfiction exist for them already. I'd expect myself to be considering a Pokémon or Silent Hill crossover by now, but for some reason I'm not feeling the spark of inspiration for either. Hmm.

Right. I don't imagine an entry consisting solely of sobbing over Community is going to be terribly interesting, so let's see what else I can offer.

You know what's amazing? The hilariously dramatic Sonic Underground opening sequence. That's what's amazing. I think I saw it maybe once when I was a child, but it's always stayed with me. BIDE YOUR TIME, LIE IN WAIT.

Also amazing: someone on the Internet has made a deeply weird number of fanvids pairing Nathan Drake of Uncharted with Ratchet of Ratchet and Clank. Even one Nate/Ratchet video would be a weird number, but this person has made more than ten. Here is the playlist of videos, every one of which made me laugh until my throat hurt. If you're intimidated by the full playlist, here is just one of the videos, which is a mere fourteen seconds long but manages to pack in plenty of emotion. (The music's quite loud, so you might want to make sure your volume's not up too high before clicking.)
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There are some things you just can't explain or excuse. Here is my deeply unfortunate second foray into Community fanfiction. I'm very sorry.

Title: Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking
Fandom: Community
Rating: PG-13 (possibly borderline R?)
Pairing: Jeff Winger/Evil Jeff Winger
Wordcount: 2,600
Summary: If you're going to have an affair with your evil alternate-universe self, Jeff realises too late, it's probably a good idea to be discreet about it.
Notes: Set after Season 4. I haven't yet seen the fifth season, so I apologise if this conflicts with it!

Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking )
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I have now seen My Little Pony: Equestria Girls twice, which is probably two more times than any self-respecting adult should see it. For those unfamiliar with the premise of Equestria Girls: it is a film about Twilight Sparkle, the main character of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (who is, as you may have suspected, a pony), travelling through a portal to another world. In which she is a human. In high school. And meets human versions of all her pony friends. And there's a shoehorned-in light romance plotline, involving an alternate-world teenage boy and Twilight Sparkle. Who, I might remind you, is a pony.

It is astonishingly stupid.

Perhaps inevitably, I love it.

No, you don't understand how severe this is. I even find the romantic subplot genuinely cute. Developing a crush on a human when you are secretly a pony seems (a) a bit weird and (b) ill-advised, but apparently I don't care.

I've had this song from the film stuck in my head all day. I find cheerful, catchy songs about friendship impossible to resist, which is probably part of the reason Friendship is Magic has me so thoroughly in its clutches. Oh, dear.

I've had a rocky relationship with Doctor Who for... more or less the last seven years, but the fiftieth-anniversary special was a lot of fun! More than just being a fun hour or so, it reminded me of two things: firstly, that Doctor Who was once something I really enjoyed, and secondly, that I really miss Nine (I was pretty heartbroken that Ten and Eleven were hanging out and Nine was nowhere to be seen).

Therefore, in the ongoing bizarre nostalgia explosion that my adulthood is turning out to be, I've rewatched the first two episodes of the Ninth Doctor's series! And oh, I still love the Ninth Doctor. He's just fantastic. And also quite a bit scarier than I remember. That thing he did to Cassandra in 'The End of the World': wow. (That thing he did to Rose, too; it never really hit me before, but he comes back from the Time War and finds a companion and the first thing he does is show her the destruction of her planet.)

I also seem to be falling in love with Nine/Rose all over again, which I wasn't expecting! There had been pairings I'd enjoyed before I saw the 2005 Doctor Who series (Squall/Zell, Satoshi/Daisuke), but the Doctor/Rose was the first pairing I fell in love with in a MASSIVE EMOTIONAL INVESTMENT, READ ALL THE FANFICTION, WRITE ALL THE FANFICTION sort of way. No, hang on, I've just remembered all the slightly worrying James Sunderland/Mary Shepherd-Sunderland fanfiction I wrote. But I do think I 'shipped the Doctor/Rose quite a lot harder than anything preceding it.

(Sudden revelation: all the het I 'ship is really messed up. If they're the same species (see Doctor/Rose, Mitsuki/Takuto, TWILIGHT SPARKLE/FLASH SENTRY I HATE MYSELF) and there's no massive age gap (er, Doctor/Rose and Mitsuki/Takuto again, plus Jeff/Annie, Rogue/Logan and Katniss/Haymitch), I'm not interested, unless it's something like James/Mary or Naegi/Ikusaba, which have a whole host of alarming issues surrounding them. I'm surprised I love Nate/Elena so much; it's so much healthier than most of my 'ships!)

Anyway! Let's push my worrying taste aside for a moment. My interest in Doctor/Rose absolutely plummeted after the Ninth Doctor regenerated; I felt that the Tenth Doctor's dynamic with Rose was very different, and the new dynamic didn't really appeal to me. And I'd assumed that I wouldn't really care about Doctor/Rose on this rewatch, whether because I'd moved on or because my dislike of Ten/Rose would have somehow tainted Nine/Rose for me. I'm delighted to discover that I'm wrong!

When I think about it, maybe it's for the best that Eccleston didn't come back for the fiftieth anniversary. We may only have had thirteen episodes with the Ninth Doctor, but they were, for the most part, a pretty great thirteen episodes. I don't know if he'd ever be able to make a return that would match my expectations.
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Yesterday I saw Catching Fire, the second film in the Hunger Games series! I enjoyed it a great deal. It's not a short film, but it never felt padded.

It's odd; in the Hunger Games books I 'ship Katniss with nobody, but in the films I 'ship her with everyone. Peeta, Gale, Johanna, Cinna: bring it all on.


I cannot tell you how much I needed Haymitch and Katniss to make out in that film. What a horrible, perfect pairing. I love it.

(I had a revelation, a little while ago, that I find it hard to resist pairing cynics up with the idealists who make them a little less cynical. I might have to expand that to include pairing cynics up with the cynics who make them a little less cynical, because I don't think there's any universe in which Katniss Everdeen can be called an idealist.)

My replay of Final Fantasy VII continues! I think I'm nearing the end of Disc 2; my plot-related thoughts are behind the cut to avoid spoiling anyone.

Notes on the post-Mideel events of Final Fantasy VII. )

In addition to appreciating the plot at last, I'm having a lot more fun with the Materia system this time around. Cover and Counter Attack on back-row Yuffie is my favourite combination so far. I also enjoy the fact that sometimes my attacks will turn the enemy into a frog.

Once again, though, just when it seems that Final Fantasy VII and I are going to be friends, it comes up with a moment of absolutely ridiculous hope-you're-psychic game design. In this case, the offender is the search for the Key of the Ancients. All you're told is that this key is somewhere 'even sunlight can't reach'.

So it's in Midgar, right? It's obviously in Midgar. The plate prevents the people of the slums from seeing the sky; Barret was talking about this all the way back at the beginning of the game. Now, as our quest begins to draw to a conclusion, it's time to remember how it all started.

Nope! The Key of the Ancients is actually in a narrow, difficult-to-locate tunnel at the bottom of the ocean.


Despite my complaints, I've actually been enjoying this replay a lot. I'm glad I gave this game another chance! I think I've been unfair to Final Fantasy VII; it's not the perfect game some people make it out to be, but it definitely has many good points.
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Haru is probably my favourite character in Free!. At first glance he appears to be the typical serious, emotionless protagonist, but a viewer will quickly come to realise that in fact he is driven by a powerful emotion.

'Ah, yes,' you might say, nodding sagely. 'He's driven by his deep-seated love for his friends. I've seen this before.'

You would be incorrect. Haruka is driven by his uncontrollable desire to be immersed in water at all times.

Here are some notes I scribbled down on the train yesterday, illustrating why I should probably not write Free! fanfiction:

I sort of want to write a Haru/water fic, but I've got no idea how to make it work. Possibly for the best. Makoto keeps walking in on Haru and... water... in compromising situations? THIS IS DIFFICULT TO ENVISION.

Haru wouldn't be remotely abashed, either; he'd just stare at Makoto with his perfectly serious expression.


Haru wears his swimsuit in the bath. Is it more intimate, in his eyes, to be in his swimming gear in the water than it is to be nude in the water?

Am I seriously thinking about this question?

This makes a compromising Haru/water situation even more difficult to depict, particularly if Makoto is to recognise it as such. Blast!


How do you write about a guy losing his virginity to a swimming pool???

Part of the problem, I think, is that I'd want to take the Haru/water pairing seriously if I ever wrote fanfiction for it, because my Haru/water 'shipping is entirely sincere; it's easily the truest pairing in Free! and possibly the truest pairing in any work of fiction ever created. But it's inherently absurd! If I try to write about it in a serious style, the mere fact that I'm working in a serious style will make it seem silly! So I think this will probably have to remain unwritten. Sorry, Haru; I've failed you. You'll have to assuage your disappointment by sitting in a fountain and staring unsettlingly at passers-by.
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Spoilers up to episode 25, 'A Request to Wakaouji-sensei'. )

In less conflicted news: I haven't been posting much about Doctor Who lately, but I'm pleased with Clara Oswald so far. Coleman was very good in Waterloo Road (yes, people are sometimes good in Waterloo Road), so maybe I'm biased, but I feel there's something very likeable about Clara. I certainly identify with her more than I did with Amy already, perhaps because Amy was so fearless and I'm so very not. We're still getting to know Clara, though, so we'll see!
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Episode fifteen of Full Moon wo Sagashite (or Japannah Montana, if you prefer) was thoroughly delightful. 'Characters accidentally falling on top of each other, OH NO, and staring in shock into each other's eyes for aaaaages' is a cliché I usually roll my eyes at, but I loved the hell out of it here. Possibly because it happened with a couple I actually 'ship, for once. Even though I probably shouldn't.

([ profile] th_esaurus caught a bit of Full Moon wo Sagashite and objected on the grounds that it was far too cute for a series about a terminally ill child. I can't really argue with that. ('Why is there an... angel bunny lady? And a guy with cat ears?' 'Oh, they're gods of death.' 'NO THEY'RE NOT.'))

And then I watched episode seventeen (and later eighteen). I'm going to let my e-mail conversation with [ profile] th_esaurus express my thoughts on this:

Not-very-intellectual discussion of episodes seventeen and eighteen of Full Moon wo Sagashite. )

I've finally managed to pin down a pattern in my 'shipping habits: I've got a big weakness for cynics and the idealists who make them a little less cynical. It doesn't explain every pairing I love, but Rogue/Logan, Annie/Jeff, Naegi/Ikusaba (...maybe) and Mitsuki/Takuto (I'm not sure whether Takuto is exactly a cynic, but he certainly looks like one next to Mitsuki) all fall into this pattern. Come to think of it, Satoshi/Daisuke and the Ninth Doctor/Rose Tyler - two of my earliest 'ships - do as well.

I'm going to say it's a coincidence that most of these pairings I love have massive age differences; cynical characters tend to be written as older than idealistic ones, after all. I hope it's a coincidence that most of these pairings have massive age differences.
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Last night, I had a dream that I ran across spoilers for Super Dangan Ronpa 2. The dream-spoilers said that there would be a Hinata/Komaeda pseudo-sex scene at one point: a hallucination on Hinata's part. I was simultaneously glad to realise it was just a dream, because I don't want to be spoiled, and a little disappointed, because to be honest I was looking forward to that weird hallucinatory sex scene.

(Incidentally, have you been watching the videos for the first trial? Have you really listened to the last couple of lines in this video from yesterday's update (update 36), starting at 6.05? Someone's inappropriately turned on.)

A week or so ago, I came across a DVD of something called Full Moon wo Sagashite in a drawer; someone must have given it to me years ago, but I had no recollection of so much as hearing the name before. Curious, I decided to try out this mysterious anime I knew nothing about.

Full Moon wo Sagashite, it turns out, is basically Japanese Hannah Montana, except the main character has one year to live.

Said main character is twelve, and it feels a lot like wish-fulfilment fantasy written by an actual twelve-year-old, when I think about it (with the possible exception of the terminal illness). Her guardian is harsh and strict, but a kind man takes her under his wing and becomes her father figure. She has magical friends only she can see. One of them turns her into a sixteen-year-old so she can audition as a singer. The moment the judges hear her sing, they go CANCEL THE REST OF THE AUDITIONS, WE'VE FOUND OUR NEW ARTIST. There's even an episode in which one of the other auditionees goes 'pfft, they only chose you for your looks, I'm a much better singer,' and then, after being bowled over by Our Heroine's debut live performance, approaches her to ask for forgiveness. It's like the most endearing Mary Sue fic you've ever read.

I've now seen eleven episodes, and Full Moon wo Sagashite has made me realise how irrational I can be when it comes to pairings. If I take against a canonical couple, I'll try to justify my dislike to myself by pointing out all the problems with that couple, then turn around and happily start 'shipping something with much larger problems. This Mitsuki/Eichi thing doesn't really sit well with me, I thought. I mean, she's twelve and he's eighteen and she's been pining after him for two years and she's become a singer mainly to get his attention; it just doesn't feel right. Obviously she needs to forget about him and have a nice healthy relationship with... with, er, the god of death, age unknown, who's come to take her soul.

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Do you ever find yourself 'shipping a pairing that is clearly never, ever going to happen? A pairing that makes absolutely no sense? Do you ever think 'you know, the idea of these characters getting together is fun to entertain, but I'm not going to hold out any hope of it happening in canon because it's obviously impossible'?

Does that pairing ever happen anyway?

Let's talk about Glee.

Specifically, let's talk about the episode 'Diva'. )

I haven't seen any episodes past 'Diva', so please don't let me know what's going to happen in the future!

Oh, Glee. I'm never going to be able to stop watching you.

Speaking of shows I can't escape: I almost managed to give up Waterloo Road during the most recent run of episodes (8.11 to 8.20). I so, so nearly managed it. I went about four weeks without watching it, and then I cracked and caught up on everything I'd missed. I WILL NEVER BE FREE OF THIS TERRIBLE PROGRAMME.

I love that, if someone comes into the room when I'm watching Waterloo Road and asks what's going on in the episode, the answer will almost always be so silly that I can't keep a straight face. 'That teacher's in danger of being suspended because she hit a pupil.' 'Why'd she hit him?' 'Er, he stole a pair of her knickers and threw them at her during a lesson.'

[ profile] th_esaurus came in during episode 8.20, when Michael and Scout were discussing Scout's dreams and future. She started hissing 'Make oooout' at them, rather to my amusement. That would have been pretty unprofessional of Michael, considering that he's the headteacher and Scout is a pupil, but it's not as if any teacher in Waterloo Road is particularly professional. (One of the truest quotes ever written about this show, from this blog: When you go for a job as a teacher at Waterloo Road they sit you in front of the interview panel with a cup of tea and a custard cream and they ask, “What do you know about boundaries and the pupil/teacher relationship?” If you shrug your shoulders, look blank and fill the ensuing awkward silence by dunking your biscuit in your tea – you’ve got the job.)
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Has anyone been keeping up with the translation of Super Dangan Ronpa 2? (The paywall is currently down, so you can read it without an account!) It's pretty great; the start was slower than that of the original Dangan Ronpa (these are very image-heavy links), but then the first case hit and everything became amazing. I love all the changes to the trials; I particularly like how much more your fellow students are contributing this time around. In the first game, much though I love it, there were maybe two other students who were actually useful at the trials and everyone else was a blithering idiot.

I sort of want to write Hinata/Nagito. LET'S TALK ABOUT HINATA/NAGITO.

Talking about Hinata/Nagito! Spoilers for the first trial of Super Dangan Ronpa 2, but nothing past the Let's Play. )

Dangan Ronpa is just such a great concept. It's fundamentally a murder mystery game, much like the Ace Attorney games; the difference is that you get to know every single potential victim and murderer personally.

And also there's the evil teddy bear. The evil teddy bear is another difference.

I enjoy the Ace Attorney games (my entry draft, when I chose to restore it, read 'KLAVIER GAVIN WHY ARE YOU SO ATTRACTIVE, STOP IT'), but I don't get nearly as stupidly invested in them as I do in Dangan Ronpa. In Ace Attorney, there's a personal element to some of the murders, but most of them are just an interesting mystery to unravel. In Dangan Ronpa's cases, you find out that a character you know and like has been murdered and then you have to unveil their murderer, who is also a character you know and like. I tried so hard not to get attached to the characters in the sequel, but WHOOPS, IT'S ONLY THE FIRST CHAPTER AND I ALREADY LOVE MOST OF THEM.
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Having read eleven volumes of DN Angel, I can say with absolute confidence that it is my favourite manga. I love the art and the characters and the humour and everything about it. It really makes me smile. You know, when Satoshi's not breaking my heart.

Daisuke: Satoshi! Stay the night! You can borrow my pyjamas!
Satoshi: One day I will destroy you because I destroy everything I love.

Oh, Satoshi. I'd like to write fanfiction in which he's happy, but I'm fairly certain that's impossible.

I've got a stupid idea for a DN Angel/Princess Tutu crossover floating around in my head, purely because two character have similar-sounding names. Daisuke, rather than transforming into Dark, transforms into Duck. I have no idea what this accomplishes; Duck is probably not much of an art thief. BUT ANYWAY, WHENEVER DAISUKE EXPERIENCES ROMANTIC FEELINGS, HE TURNS INTO DUCK. (Duck in her human form, I'm going to say, but maybe Duck can still turn into an actual duck, just to complicate things further.) When he's not transformed, of course, he still has Duck in his head. Daisuke and Duck would get along really well, I think.

Duck probably develops a doomed crush on Satoshi. MAYBE DAISUKE AND DUCK DEVELOP EVEN MORE DOOMED CRUSHES ON EACH OTHER.

Actually, this would be amazing. Somebody write it immediately. (I don't think I have anyone on my flist who's familiar with both DN Angel and Princess Tutu, but it's worth a shot, right?)

This, er, actually isn't the first ill-advised DN Angel/Princess Tutu crossover I've considered. I have a couple of snippets scribbled down in which Duck and Daisuke are attending Hope's Peak Academy, as a Super High-school Level Ballerina and Super High-school Level Art Thief respectively. Because obviously you want to invite people who are really good at stealing things to your exclusive school. Perhaps fortunately, that particular fic doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I'm not sure I really wanted to write a massive crossover in which I threw all my favourite teenage characters into Hope's Peak and made them kill each other.

(I'm about halfway through Princess Tutu and still loving it enormously. [ profile] th_esaurus has seen none of it but has decided that it is far too silly, which I suppose is a fair enough conclusion, given that she's been exposed to it solely via my exclamations at the screen ('THAT ALLIGATOR HAS ATTENDED NONE OF THE PREVIOUS BALLET LESSONS, SHE IS A TERRIBLE STUDENT').)

For any Dangan Ronpa fans who don't know of this yet: someone has translated Dangan Ronpa IF, an official what-if story set parallel to the first Dangan Ronpa game! It's pretty great. I think I actually punched the air at one point whilst reading. It also goes into detail on a character whom I always wanted to know more about, as we never really had a chance to get to know them in the original game, and gave me a staggeringly doomed pairing to 'ship (yes, even more doomed than the average Dangan Ronpa pairing). If you were wondering why my massive Dangan Ronpa fic (relatively massive, at least; it's actually the longest thing I've ever completed) so heavily featured said character we barely met, this is half of the reason. (The other half of the reason is this excellent fic.)