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strangely adorable Linkin Park GIF from linkinparkftw on Tumblr. Some of you may already have seen this, as I put it in the comments of my last post, but too bad; it's cute and I want it in an entry.

Linkin Park is still happening to me. I'm very sorry.

A couple of my favourite short clips from my apparent quest to watch every Linkin Park video on YouTube: I very much enjoyed Chester talking about his most embarrassing experience on stage while Mike cracks up (from this interview, about forty seconds in), and this extremely silly acoustic version of Numb (I'm so sad that the full version is nowhere to be found, but Chester's stupid dancing is brightening my day).

I'm finding it a little difficult to pin Chester down as a 'character', which I suppose makes sense, as he's not a character; he's a person. A few things do stand out. He's very openly affectionate; he talks a lot about how much he loves the band and his bandmates and his family. For all the anger in his singing, I've only seen him express anger in an interview once, talking about fans who call the band 'sell-outs' for experimenting with new styles, and he reflected on his comments and apologised a couple of weeks later.

Chester Bennington is intense and ridiculous and apparently possessed of boundless energy, he's built his career on screaming, and yet one of the first words that came to mind when I tried to list out his characteristics was 'quiet'. Is he quiet? Is that right? It seems unlikely. One of the first non-music videos of him I watched was an interview where the interviewer focused much more on Mike, which started me off with the probable misconception that Chester was shy, when in fact he just wasn't having much directed at him to respond to. Maybe the 'quiet' in my head is a holdover from that?

I'm still not going to write fanfiction. I'm not going to do it. My RPF days are behind me. I'm just trying to pin down the band members' characteristics as an innocent mental exercise. Don't give me that look.

A couple of specific fics I'm not going to write:

- Pokémon AU. Chester has a Loudred and every Pokémon in his team knows Roar.
- Supernatural AU where Dean is secretly a huge Linkin Park fan, he uses a haunting as an excuse to go to a gig, and he is very confused when Linkin Park take care of the haunting themselves. Turns out they're actually a team of hunters, fighting ghosts using the power of song somehow. This is an atrocious concept.
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I have no idea why Dreamwidth apparently has an 'anonymously buy two months of paid time for a random stranger' function, but I'm certainly not complaining! Thank you so much, unknown donor! I wonder whether you know who received the time. (If you do, I'm sorry that I took a few days to post an entry of thanks! I hope you see this.)

My immediate reaction was 'oh, man, I've got so much icon space! This time I'm definitely going to address my shortage of cheerful and friendly icons, rather than just filling up all the space with smug icons I'll never have cause to use.' And then I immediately uploaded some smug icons. I just can't stop myself.

I'm five hours into the second Higurashi instalment, Watanagashi; I've just played through the night before the festival. My main thought on this instalment so far: Higurashi, you can't take my weakness for psychological meltdowns and combine it with my weakness for weird romance! That's just unsporting!

Spoilery notes on the first half of Higurashi Ch. 2: Watanagashi. )

I'm not feeling the spark of writing inspiration for Higurashi, but I sort of hope I do at some point, because I increasingly want to write some weird, complicated Keiichi/Mion. To be honest, though, it's probably more likely that I'll end up writing Higurashi AUs for all my other fandoms, rather than fanfiction for Higurashi itself. Prompto becomes convinced that all his friends want him dead! He still loves them, but he's increasingly terrified of them! It's great! (By 'great', I mean 'horrible'.)
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Another My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film came out when I wasn't looking! I came across it when scrolling through Netflix, crowed with laughter, and then (inevitably) watched it.

Legend of Everfree pretty decisively sank Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry, which I'm sad about, because I'm the only person on the planet who genuinely enjoyed that romance subplot. Their interactions were really cute!

Also, I'm fascinated by the potential dynamic between Flash Sentry and always-a-human Twilight Sparkle.

For those who haven't seen the Equestria Girls films, i.e. most sensible people: there's 'our' Twilight Sparkle, the pony, who takes human form when she crosses to the Equestria Girls parallel universe, but there's also human Twilight Sparkle, Twilight's counterpart in that parallel universe. So there are two Twilight Sparkles, and the one Flash Sentry first met was the pony one (although he didn't know she was usually a pony at the time). Pony Twilight Sparkle, the one Flash knew (and had an oddly cute semi-romantic dynamic with, bearing in mind that he is a teenage boy and SHE IS A PONY) has now returned to her dimension; Human Twilight Sparkle has recently appeared on the scene.

Early in Legend of Everfree, we get this scene between Flash Sentry and Human Twilight Sparkle:

Flash Sentry: (hands Twilight her backpack) Here you go, Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: Thanks. It's... Flash, right?
Flash Sentry: Yup, that's me! (remembers that this... isn't actually the Twilight Sparkle he knows, crap) And you're you. And... we don't know each other very well. (turns away and mutters to himself) Cool story, bro.
Twilight Sparkle: Right. I guess I'll... see you around.
(Flash leaves. Twilight looks helplessly at Sunset for an explanation.)
Sunset Shimmer: You know how there's that girl who looks just like you when she's here, but lives in another dimension, and she's a pony princess?
Twilight Sparkle: Uh-huh.
Sunset Shimmer: Flash kind of had a thing for her.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh.

The stranger the relationship dynamic, the more a pairing tends to appeal to me, and I already thought Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry was pretty cute. How could I resist the added weirdness of pairing Flash Sentry up with a different version of Twilight Sparkle when he still had feelings for the first version?

But then Human Twilight Sparkle went off and got a crush on SOME ARSEHOLE (I really didn't get along with Timber Spruce), and Flash Sentry was advised to get over the girl who is separated from him by dimensional barriers and also a pony, and I was deeply disappointed. I wanted weird, slightly unhealthy romance built on a foundation of 'I have a crush on an alternate-universe version of you'! Yes, all right, perhaps it wouldn't be terribly appropriate for a colourful children's film, but it would be interesting!

There's a part of me that actually wants to write 'I'm pining after your pony counterpart, we should definitely get together, this is a fantastic basis for a relationship' Flash Sentry/Human Twilight Sparkle fanfiction. It would be incredibly regrettable. I will try not to write this, but I can make no promises.

This is the worst entry I've ever made. I'm so sorry.
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The Danganronpa 3 anime continues! Beneath the cut: very spoilery thoughts on the second and third episodes of both arcs. I wrote these thoughts down after each episode, so some of my notes on the second episodes were later nullified by the third episodes.

Danganronpa 3: second and third episodes of both arcs. )

Why did I ever get into Dangan Ronpa? It's nothing but stress and pain. My nails are in a terrible state and it's all the Future Arc's fault.
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At first I was disappointed that the present-day protagonist of Assassin's Creed IV was a faceless, voiceless player stand-in rather than a character I already cared about (or a new character I could get attached to), but the possibilities are just starting to occur to me. Shaun appears to be manning the coffee stand at Abstergo. You know what that means? Shaun is canonically in the same building as me. I could write fanfiction about me hanging out with him (and suffering the Bleeding Effect?), and it would be entirely canonically plausible.

I mean, I won't. Obviously. But it's nice to know it's an option.

I say interaction between us is 'entirely canonically plausible', but the problem is the characters involved. Shaun isn't exactly the most warm and personable of people. I'm shy and I don't drink coffee, so why would I end up in conversation with the git who runs the coffee stand?

Unless I recognise him as Shaun? In some sort of... weird reality where I've played the previous Assassin's Creed games and yet am also inside the Assassin's Creed universe and made the obviously terrible decision to accept an employment offer from Abstergo?

And, presumably, the even more terrible decision to recognise someone at Abstergo as an undercover assassin and approach him about it?

"Look, I'm not actually the biggest fan of killing people," Shaun says irritably, tightening the bonds, "but it is sort of in my job description, which obviously you'll know already if you know who I am, so why you didn't just keep your mouth shut..."

He takes a step back, folding his arms.

"I mean, yes, ultimately it's probably better for us if Abstergo employees make it clear when they know more than we'd like," he says. "But this does make things very unpleasant for me personally."

Wait, what am I doing? Forget everything you saw here. As you were.

(EDIT: Played a bit further, and Shaun and Rebecca totally canonically (albeit very briefly) talked to me. (Shaun called me 'incredibly rude', which frankly is a bit rich.) How did this game know it was my birthday?)
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Here are a few thousand words of obnoxiously meta Community fanfiction. I suppose it's technically a finished fic, but I'm not going to give it a proper title and header because that will make it An Official Fic I Wrote, and it is so obnoxiously meta that I am frankly ashamed of myself.

Seriously, it's so bad that the answer to the question 'when is this set?' is 'between Community's cancellation and Yahoo! Screen picking it up'. It has footnotes. I'm sorely tempted to delete this entry-in-progress and run off without posting it at all. But I suppose someone might find at least a little amusement in it, and so I'm going to take a deep breath and hit the 'post' button.

(You may suspect, correctly, that this started out as idle musing on a Community/Silent Hill crossover. I don't know how it turned into this.)

Obnoxiously meta Community fic. )
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[ profile] th_esaurus and I have been watching Rebuild of Evangelion, a series of films retelling the story of Neon Genesis Evangelion. [ profile] th_esaurus has seen Neon Genesis already; I have not. We've now seen all three of the films released so far, and it's been great to watch her descent from 'wow, this is exactly like the anime, shot-for-shot' to 'wait, I don't recognise that character; what's she doing there?' to 'EVERYTHING IS WRONG AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S HAPPENING'.

My conclusion is this: Evangelion is surprisingly similar to Kingdom Hearts. It's a story about fourteen-year-olds who achieve remarkable things using the POWER OF FRIENDSHIP and are then horribly torn apart, and everything is incomprehensible, and then a catchy Hikaru Utada song plays over the credits. If Kingdom Hearts III concludes with an exact recreation of the second film's ending, with Sora as Shinji and Kairi as Rei, I won't be surprised.

Well, I might be slightly surprised by the nudity and the corpse tornado. But everything else would fit right in.

If I were a horrible person, I would be considering a Kingdom Hearts/Evangelion fusion in which Sora, Riku and Kairi pilot EVAs. Or possibly Terra, Ventus and Aqua? Axel, Roxas and Xion? I feel that putting Xion in something approximating Rei's role would make a lot of sense, and I find Roxas easier than Sora to picture in Shinji's role; Sora is too psychologically resilient to fit in the world of Evangelion.

But obviously I would never dream of writing such a thing.

(Honestly, although the horrible fusion is tempting, I don't think I'll ever actually be able to write Evangelion fanfiction; I am far too confused by everything. (This is also, I suspect, why I've never written much for Kingdom Hearts.) Possibly for the best?)

For some reason, I'd gleaned from Internet osmosis that Shinji was an incredibly difficult character to like, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that I actually like him a fair bit. Although I sort of wish I didn't, because my heart is breaking for him constantly. I was so pleased when the second film let him go to an aquarium and have a nice day for once. He actually got to smile! It wasn't to last, of course, but I was glad to see him have a moment of happiness, however fleeting.
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There are some things you just can't explain or excuse. Here is my deeply unfortunate second foray into Community fanfiction. I'm very sorry.

Title: Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking
Fandom: Community
Rating: PG-13 (possibly borderline R?)
Pairing: Jeff Winger/Evil Jeff Winger
Wordcount: 2,600
Summary: If you're going to have an affair with your evil alternate-universe self, Jeff realises too late, it's probably a good idea to be discreet about it.
Notes: Set after Season 4. I haven't yet seen the fifth season, so I apologise if this conflicts with it!

Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking )
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I've fallen back into my terrible addiction to watching What Would You Do? clips on YouTube, alas. For those unaware of it, What Would You Do? is an American hidden camera show in which actors play out scenarios (e.g. 'Some arsehole's hitting on a woman who clearly wants him to leave her alone! What would you do?') and see whether bystanders step in. It is utterly, shamelessly emotionally manipulative. I can't resist.

There's one particular actor called Jeremy who appears in many of these scenarios, almost exclusively as some sort of terrible scumbag (he's the unwelcome flirter in the clip I linked to above). Troublingly, I've started to find him very attractive. Why does this happen to me? I hope I'm never asked to describe my perfect man, because I think my answer might have to be 'deeply unpleasant and covered in blood'.

(Here's a fanfiction idea I'm ashamed to admit I've considered: Jeremy the actor is creepily seduced by 'Jeremy', the awful character he plays. The only reason I'm not writing this is because I haven't seen nearly enough of the actor out-of-character to be able to characterise him, which is probably just as well; I'm not sure that What Would You Do? fanfiction is really something the world needs.)

I've been thinking 'hmm, perhaps I've been posting too much about videogames lately'; if the alternative is talking about What Would You Do?, though, I suppose that might be for the best. Back to videogames!

I finished Lightning Returns a few days ago! Final verdict: there's not nearly enough of the original cast - the reason I love XIII so much is because of all the relationships between the characters, so it saddens me that we see so little of those relationships here - but you can make Lightning wear a mask of her own face and therefore this game is amazing.

I forgot to mention in my last entry, but Chocolina is the best character in Lightning Returns. When I first saw her, I exclaimed 'OH MY GOD, IT'S CHOCOLINA' aloud. My very favourite of all the silly things she says: 'Here's your reward. You know, for that "job". This conversation never happened, capisce? I'm just kidding! I don't ever want to forget any of our exciting conversations!'

Being a fan of the Troy Baker Forms an Intense Relationship with a Teenage Girl videogame genre, I thought I'd give BioShock Infinite a try next, despite having been spoiled for more or less everything. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of first-person camera angles. I've had to slow the camera movement down to a crawl to avoid motion sickness, and I don't ever want to touch a skyline again. I'm intrigued by the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth, though, so I'll probably persevere!
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TERRIBLE FIC IDEA: The Last of Us/Pokémon crossover, in which the Paras line are the cause of the outbreak. Runners have little Paras mushrooms on top of their heads; Clickers have the large Parasect mushroom. Possibly there is some sort of glowy Runner-to-Clicker evolution sequence, rather than a gradual transformation. Ellie has a Rattata. NOBODY WRITE THIS.

Adventures in playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII:

(I am playing as Lightning, also known as 'the saviour'. It is my task to... save people's souls so they can be reborn in a new world, I think? This game is pretty confusing.)
Riona: Ooh, what are these shiny things on the ground?
(The things on the ground are leaflets.)
Leaflets: The evil saviour will die at the hands of the Shadow Hunter.
Riona: Well, that's not very nice.
RD: Can you even have an 'evil saviour'?
Riona: Why don't these people want their souls to be saved?
Riona: Oh, my God, this is how Jehovah's Witnesses feel.

Lightning Returns is a surprisingly addictive Jehovah's Witness simulator, it turns out! The plot is absolute gibberish and most of the gameplay boils down to doing a million fetch quests for weird NPCs, but somehow it manages to be a lot of fun. Possibly because you're playing as Lightning, who has little patience for all the stupid things she's being asked to do.

My favourite Lightning lines so far: 'I'm not one to judge, but the love you have for your cat is more than a little frightening' and, when she asks whether someone's a firework seller and gets a condensed history of his business in return, 'Well, that was a lot more information than I needed to know.'

My other thoughts on this game so far are under the cut. They're not really spoilery, but they do indicate which characters from previous games in the trilogy show up in this one. I've completed the Luxerion, Yusnaan and Dead Dunes main quests.

Thoughts on Lightning Returns. )

I'm entirely too amused by the dressing-up system in Lightning Returns. You can give Lightning a fake moustache! You can put a Chocobo figurine on top of her head! Why is this not an option in every game?
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Why did I have to discover Atlantis just after the first episode? I don't have the patience for this! I can't write fanfiction, because there's not enough canon to establish the characters' voices firmly in my head; I can't read fanfiction before those voices are established, because it might interfere with their establishment. I can't pass the time until the next episode by rewatching previous episodes, because there are only two episodes and I've seen both of them within the past week. Something about Atlantis, for all its flaws, has instantly found the key to my reserves of fannish energy, and it's unlocked my heart and set all that energy loose and then gone 'AHAHAHA, YOU CAN DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WITH THIS.' It is intensely frustrating!

(I suspect that Atlantis was created specifically to appeal to fanfiction writers. As it's existed for ten days and there are already twenty-six fics in its AO3 tag (which is, incidentally, twenty-six times the number of stories in the last fandom I wrote for), it seems to have succeeded.)

Even if I manage to grasp the characters, writing fanfiction set in Ancient Greece is probably going to be tricky. Jason's from the modern day, of course, which makes things a bit easier, but writing from the perspective of Pythagoras would throw up all sorts of restrictions. I ran into similar problems when I was writing for Merlin; obviously Merlin's dialogue is 'translated' into Modern English, so you don't have to go 'oh no, can't use that word, that wasn't around until the Norman invasion', but there are other things you have to be aware of. I unthinkingly used the phrase 'when Merlin is out of the picture' in my Merlin-Gwen bodyswap fic and realised hours after posting it that that's almost certainly a photography metaphor. Nobody used photography metaphors in the Dark Ages.

Here's a terrible Merlin fic idea I noted down a while ago, incidentally (spoilers for the finale; highlight to read): Merlin fanfiction, set in the modern day, after the finale. Merlin is a thousand and something years old. Arthur is resurrected as a twenty-something-year-old. (They still have sexual tension.) The plot concerns their efforts to overthrow Queen Elizabeth II and install Arthur on the throne again.

Actually, while I'm talking about terrible fanfiction ideas: during an e-mail exchange with [ profile] th_esaurus about Atlantis and The Great British Bake Off, I ended up ill-advisedly combining the two:

My first Atlantis fic is going to be about Pythagoras being suddenly flung into the modern day and appearing in the middle of the Bake Off tent, during an incredibly tense showstopper challenge.

It was a joke, but the more I think about this, the more I want to see it. The poor contestants only have four hours to make about six hundred elaborate pastries; they can't afford to be distracted by a confused mathematician from Ancient Greece! Mel and Sue, however, are amused and delighted and refuse to evict Pythagoras from the tent.

(Alternatively, Pythagoras turns up during the technical challenge, glances at the baking instructions and mutters, 'I can't read this; none of it's Greek to me.')

This is probably not something I should actually write.
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I spent today with [ profile] reipan and Yuffie, two of my closest friends. We rewatched the first and third High School Musical films.

Oh, a making-fun-of-ridiculous-films session! I thought, when the idea of a High School Musical rewatch was proposed. This should be fun!

I had evidently forgotten that there is not a shred of irony in my love of High School Musical. I love those films in an absolutely sincere, wholehearted way. I love the characters. I love the songs. I love TROY AND GABRIELLA, HOW ARE THEY SO CUTE, IT'S OUTRAGEOUS. I started crying towards the end of the third film. I'm not even ashamed.

(Well, perhaps I'm slightly ashamed.)

We had a bit of a singalong when we knew the words (we knew the words, it turned out, to possibly too many of the songs), and I noticed that I always gravitated towards singing Troy's part when he featured in a song. I think I feel a sort of kinship with him because we both have enormous eyebrows.

Because evidently a High School Musical singalong wasn't ridiculous enough, we also accidentally watched (or rewatched, in my case) all six episodes of Free! to date. Afterwards:

Riona: I'm still trying to work out how I can write about Haru losing his virginity to a swimming pool.
Rei: I think he'd just lose his virginity in a swimming pool, but be thinking about the water the whole time.
Riona: Maybe that's the real reason Rin's so annoyed with him.

This is going into the 'UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WRITE THIS' file, right next to 'the cast of High School Musical are locked down and instructed to kill each other in a Dangan Ronpa situation'. Even though I'm having ideas about the High School Musical/Dangan Ronpa crossover, no matter how hard I try not to. If you're not Sharpay, there's an obvious advantage to committing the first murder: everyone will assume that the murderer is Sharpay, so you've got a good chance of getting away with it. But I'm not going to write this, I swear.

Speaking of Free!: somehow I seem to end up 'shipping a new Haru pairing with every episode. This is an exaggeration, but not a large one. I think I'm now 'shipping Haru/Rin, Haru/Makoto, Haru/Kou and Haru/water. Haru/water beats all the others senseless, of course, but I still seem to be well on my way to 'shipping Haruka Nanase with everyone in the world, possibly including you.

I didn't think Haru/Makoto would ever really catch my interest - it just seemed too nice and functional - but the depth of Haru's concern for Makoto in episode six really touched me. And I'm fairly certain by this point that Makoto is at least slightly in love with Haru. Sorry, Makoto; you're going to have to compete with every body of water in Japan.
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Haru is probably my favourite character in Free!. At first glance he appears to be the typical serious, emotionless protagonist, but a viewer will quickly come to realise that in fact he is driven by a powerful emotion.

'Ah, yes,' you might say, nodding sagely. 'He's driven by his deep-seated love for his friends. I've seen this before.'

You would be incorrect. Haruka is driven by his uncontrollable desire to be immersed in water at all times.

Here are some notes I scribbled down on the train yesterday, illustrating why I should probably not write Free! fanfiction:

I sort of want to write a Haru/water fic, but I've got no idea how to make it work. Possibly for the best. Makoto keeps walking in on Haru and... water... in compromising situations? THIS IS DIFFICULT TO ENVISION.

Haru wouldn't be remotely abashed, either; he'd just stare at Makoto with his perfectly serious expression.


Haru wears his swimsuit in the bath. Is it more intimate, in his eyes, to be in his swimming gear in the water than it is to be nude in the water?

Am I seriously thinking about this question?

This makes a compromising Haru/water situation even more difficult to depict, particularly if Makoto is to recognise it as such. Blast!


How do you write about a guy losing his virginity to a swimming pool???

Part of the problem, I think, is that I'd want to take the Haru/water pairing seriously if I ever wrote fanfiction for it, because my Haru/water 'shipping is entirely sincere; it's easily the truest pairing in Free! and possibly the truest pairing in any work of fiction ever created. But it's inherently absurd! If I try to write about it in a serious style, the mere fact that I'm working in a serious style will make it seem silly! So I think this will probably have to remain unwritten. Sorry, Haru; I've failed you. You'll have to assuage your disappointment by sitting in a fountain and staring unsettlingly at passers-by.


Apr. 21st, 2013 07:32 pm
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Finished watching Full Moon wo Sagashite! And sobbed throughout more or less the entire final episode. MITSUKI. TAKUTO. MEROKO. EVERYONE.

(I actually started crying at the penultimate episode's ending credits, of all things, because they end with that lovely shot of Meroko calling to Mitsuki with Takuto smiling fondly beside her and Mitsuki running to them. It's such a lovely illustration of their three-way friendship, and the episode itself had just dealt that friendship a heartwrenching blow.)

Full Moon probably isn't objectively great, but I don't care; it's really managed to capture my heart. I love Mitsuki and Takuto and Meroko. I love how much they all come to care about each other. I love the ending; it made me a little sad, but it's moving and open and hopeful.

I really like it when endings feel as if they have a whole new story stretching in front of them. Maybe it comes of writing fanfiction. I think that's why I didn't really get along with the epilogue to the Harry Potter books. You can't just tell us what's happening seventeen years later! Seventeen years later belongs to us!

I don't think I'm actually going to write Full Moon wo Sagashite fanfiction. I don't feel confident enough with any of the characters' voices. If I did write fanfiction for it, though... well.

My first thought, when Negi Ramen showed up in the first episode, was how much they reminded me of Team Rocket. They even did a little motto (the video quality's not great, I'm afraid, but it certainly gives you an impression of how Team Rockety it is).

I don't know about you, but I'd quite like to see Takuto and Meroko as a branch of Team Rocket. They pursue Mitsuki initially, trying to steal her Pokémon, but end up accidentally befriending her.


Oh no, I'm actually thinking in depth about this now. One day, Mitsuki is singing when a strange Pokémon approaches and begins to duet with her. It stays with her afterwards; she names it Full Moon. Unable to find out what species her new friend is, she sets out to visit Professor Wakaouji, in the hope that he might know something. Little does she know that Team Rocket have spotted her Pokémon and identified it as the legendary Meloetta!

I - I really shouldn't write this.
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Having read eleven volumes of DN Angel, I can say with absolute confidence that it is my favourite manga. I love the art and the characters and the humour and everything about it. It really makes me smile. You know, when Satoshi's not breaking my heart.

Daisuke: Satoshi! Stay the night! You can borrow my pyjamas!
Satoshi: One day I will destroy you because I destroy everything I love.

Oh, Satoshi. I'd like to write fanfiction in which he's happy, but I'm fairly certain that's impossible.

I've got a stupid idea for a DN Angel/Princess Tutu crossover floating around in my head, purely because two character have similar-sounding names. Daisuke, rather than transforming into Dark, transforms into Duck. I have no idea what this accomplishes; Duck is probably not much of an art thief. BUT ANYWAY, WHENEVER DAISUKE EXPERIENCES ROMANTIC FEELINGS, HE TURNS INTO DUCK. (Duck in her human form, I'm going to say, but maybe Duck can still turn into an actual duck, just to complicate things further.) When he's not transformed, of course, he still has Duck in his head. Daisuke and Duck would get along really well, I think.

Duck probably develops a doomed crush on Satoshi. MAYBE DAISUKE AND DUCK DEVELOP EVEN MORE DOOMED CRUSHES ON EACH OTHER.

Actually, this would be amazing. Somebody write it immediately. (I don't think I have anyone on my flist who's familiar with both DN Angel and Princess Tutu, but it's worth a shot, right?)

This, er, actually isn't the first ill-advised DN Angel/Princess Tutu crossover I've considered. I have a couple of snippets scribbled down in which Duck and Daisuke are attending Hope's Peak Academy, as a Super High-school Level Ballerina and Super High-school Level Art Thief respectively. Because obviously you want to invite people who are really good at stealing things to your exclusive school. Perhaps fortunately, that particular fic doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I'm not sure I really wanted to write a massive crossover in which I threw all my favourite teenage characters into Hope's Peak and made them kill each other.

(I'm about halfway through Princess Tutu and still loving it enormously. [ profile] th_esaurus has seen none of it but has decided that it is far too silly, which I suppose is a fair enough conclusion, given that she's been exposed to it solely via my exclamations at the screen ('THAT ALLIGATOR HAS ATTENDED NONE OF THE PREVIOUS BALLET LESSONS, SHE IS A TERRIBLE STUDENT').)

For any Dangan Ronpa fans who don't know of this yet: someone has translated Dangan Ronpa IF, an official what-if story set parallel to the first Dangan Ronpa game! It's pretty great. I think I actually punched the air at one point whilst reading. It also goes into detail on a character whom I always wanted to know more about, as we never really had a chance to get to know them in the original game, and gave me a staggeringly doomed pairing to 'ship (yes, even more doomed than the average Dangan Ronpa pairing). If you were wondering why my massive Dangan Ronpa fic (relatively massive, at least; it's actually the longest thing I've ever completed) so heavily featured said character we barely met, this is half of the reason. (The other half of the reason is this excellent fic.)
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I wasn't sure whether I'd ever give the fourth series of Glee a try. I couldn't muster up any enthusiasm for watching it; I just felt apathetic towards Glee as a whole. All my emotional investment had drained away.

Or so I thought, because today I watched 'The New Rachel' and realised I'd forgotten about the one Glee relationship that I'm still ridiculously invested in: Kurt and Rachel are my eternal platonic OTP. I just want them to be friends for ever. Ruining relationships is, of course, the favourite hobby of Glee writers, so I don't know how realistic this hope is, but as long as Kurt and Rachel have the most charming friendship ever I don't think I'll be able to break away from Glee.

Princess Tutu continues to be incredibly delightful and also surprisingly sad sometimes! I've seen up to episode 7. I love the hell out of Duck (I'm pleased to report I've got over the strangeness of actually calling her 'Duck' now, although I'm still convinced that her 'real' name, in the sense of the name by which she'd introduce herself if you met her in real life, must be Ente), and I'm deeply intrigued by the Fakir/Mytho/Rue relationship.

Episode 6, when Fakir was comforting Mytho on the bridge, made me begin to suspect that Fakir cared for Mytho as more than just a possession. Their dynamic is so interesting! (And also so unhealthy!)

Seriously, what is the nature of the relationship between Fakir and Mytho? Does Fakir genuinely believe he's doing what's best for Mytho? Does he care for Mytho as a person or does he have some other agenda? Is their relationship actually sexual or does it just feel that way? (Sometimes they're just hanging out and talking in their room and Mytho is naked on the bed for some reason???) Er, don't answer any of these questions; I'm just wondering aloud.

I was convinced from... more or less the moment we first saw Fakir that he was the mythical evil raven, but I'm starting to wonder whether perhaps I was wrong. Sorry if I misjudged you just because your hair looks a bit like a bird's tail, Fakir. You're still not a terrifically nice person, though.

Here is an odd thing I scribbled down in my notebook late last night:

If you asked Mytho to have sex with you he'd just say 'okay' because he'd have no reason to say no. Don't write fanfiction about this.

Me-from-last-night, if you don't want me to write terrible fanfiction you shouldn't write down your terrible ideas.
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I recently bought the complete Puella Magi Madoka Magica DVD and rewatched it with [ profile] th_esaurus! Here are my thoughts.

Gigantic spoilers for the entirety of Puella Magi Madoka Magica. )

In conclusion, Madoka Magica is pretty great and you should all watch it.

(TERRIBLE IDEA: a Madoka Magica/My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic crossover. Equa Magi Twilight Sparkle Magica? Rainbow Dash in the role of Sayaka?

Actually, thinking of Rainbow Dash in the role of Sayaka makes me wonder about trying to match up the colours. That would make Madoka either Pinkie Pie or Fluttershy. It's got to be Fluttershy, really; Pinkie Pie would be terrible in the role of Madoka. Homura is either Rarity or Twilight Sparkle; Rarity has the 'seemingly aloof' thing, but Twilight Sparkle appeals to me more for Homura. Mami is Applejack; I suppose I can see that. No idea what to do for Kyoko. I suppose the Madoka Magica characters don't need to be paralleled exactly.

But magic already exists in the world of Friendship is Magic, so would it really work? Maybe ponies need to make contracts in order to become unicorns or pegasi? It's - it's probably not a good idea to think about this for too long.)
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I sort of want to write Dangan Ronpa fanfiction, set during chapter two, in which everyone takes [name redacted]'s very sensible suggestion of sharing their biggest secrets right then and there, and they all bond and it's heartwarming and extremely unconducive to murder. The trouble is that there are a few characters I just can't see ever agreeing to it. Stupid people with their stupid understandable reluctance to bare their souls.

You may be wondering why the character's name was redacted up there. Here is the problem with Dangan Ronpa: almost anything I could say about it would be a spoiler. It's a problem particular to fandoms with very high bodycounts. If I say 'I really like the friendship between A and B', for example, you'll know that neither A nor B will die before they've developed a friendship. I don't even know whether any of you intend to check Dangan Ronpa out, but I don't want to risk spoiling anyone because it's so worth going into unspoiled.

(And generally worth going into. The character designs are so great! Look at those character designs! And I have a particular liking for or interest in at least ten of the fifteen inmates (maybe eleven; I waver on Maizono), which is quite impressive for a cast of that size. Although my interest in Leon is mainly based in the fact that his facial expressions are hilarious.)

Naegi reminds me oddly of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts in the trial scenes. I suppose it's the build and the fact that his hoodie/school uniform combination looks vaguely like an Organization XIII coat at a glance.


And now a few notes on Glee!

You know, I may not be as invested in Glee as I used to be, but I do really like that the theme of the third series was essentially 'Rachel Berry Makes Friends With Everyone'. I care so much more about Rachel's friendships than I do about her romances.

Worst thing about 'Goodbye', the third-series finale: nobody sang 'Goodbye' by the Spice Girls. I was so disappointed. COME ON, GUYS.

I actually spent most of 'Goodbye' freaking out because I had convinced myself, based on no evidence whatsoever, that Burt was going to die. I was incredibly relieved to be wrong. (I don't think 'this character whose death you have no reason to anticipate doesn't die' is a spoiler, is it? Unless, of course, you're talking about Dangan Ronpa.)

...oh, dear, this was an unfortunate combination of fandoms for an entry. I am now, inevitably, wondering how the Glee kids would cope with a Dangan Ronpa scenario. Sue Sylvester locks the New Directions in the school; the only way to escape is to kill a fellow captive without getting caught. It's a fairly ruthless lot in that choir room; I thought 'who would be prepared to commit murder in that situation?' and five names immediately popped into my head. Probably best to end this entry before it goes any further down this line of thought. (Even though I sort of want to read this.)
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It is time for a game! Here is the premise:

- Come up with a good, or at least workable, concept for a work of fanfiction.
- Make it into a terrible idea by changing one word.

For example:

Jane wakes in unfamiliar surroundings. Red John is tired of the games. Extremely dark.

Jane wakes in unfamiliar surroundings. Red John is tired of the games. Extremely fluffy.

One of the l'Cie has been captured. Lightning mounts a rescue.

One of the l'Cie has been captured. Lightning awaits a rescue.

A love story about two souls displaced in time. Serah/Noel. Contains explicit scenes.

A love story about two souls displaced in time. Serah/Mog. Contains explicit scenes.

A series of ficlets in which various Waterloo Road pupils, struggling with personal issues, confide in the head.

A series of ficlets in which various Waterloo Road pupils, struggling with personal issues, confide in Pyramid Head.

YOUR TURN. Any fandom is welcome. I suppose you can try to write a snippet if you're really brave.
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TERRIBLE CONCEPT TIME: Waterloo Road Hunger Games. One boy and one girl are taken from each year and thrown into the arena. I bet it's Max Tyler's idea. I bet they did it every year at John Foster's. Max considers it a brilliant incentive for the pupils to work harder; low academic achievers have their names entered into the draw more often. (This also, of course, means that the Games generally propel the school up the league tables by killing off low achievers. Excellent idea all round, really.)

Tom is in a relationship with Rose Kelly when the Games begin, and they're torn apart horribly when both Josh and Sam are chosen. Possibly Finn tries to volunteer as a replacement for Josh, more because he's attention-seeking and self-destructive than for Josh's sake, but Josh, despite being terrified, won't let him. (In canon, of course, Finn only joins Waterloo Road after Max leaves; I'm playing with the timeline a bit to make this work.)

I can't imagine Josh survives for very long. Sorry, Josh. Sam I wouldn't count out.

Lindsay James could be an interesting pick for the arena. Ooh! Maybe both Lindsay and Emily are picked! Because I'm horrible! Lindsay would on the whole be very prepared to kill, I feel, but I can't see her ever harming her sister.

Of course, this means that three of the four pupils I've sent into the Games so far are former John Foster's pupils and therefore likely to be relatively high achievers at Waterloo Road. I'm also inclined to throw in Vicki, who's one of the school's best pupils, as she might be capable of some cunning play. Sorry, Max; the odds should have been in your favour, but there are no guarantees. But I'm not actually sorry, Max, because you are a despicable human being.

Maybe Aiden Scotcher and his phenomenally potent sperm get thrown into the arena and everyone ends up pregnant, including the boys. On second thoughts, perhaps not.

(I'm not going to write this, incidentally, or at least I hope I'm not.)