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strangely adorable Linkin Park GIF from linkinparkftw on Tumblr. Some of you may already have seen this, as I put it in the comments of my last post, but too bad; it's cute and I want it in an entry.

Linkin Park is still happening to me. I'm very sorry.

A couple of my favourite short clips from my apparent quest to watch every Linkin Park video on YouTube: I very much enjoyed Chester talking about his most embarrassing experience on stage while Mike cracks up (from this interview, about forty seconds in), and this extremely silly acoustic version of Numb (I'm so sad that the full version is nowhere to be found, but Chester's stupid dancing is brightening my day).

I'm finding it a little difficult to pin Chester down as a 'character', which I suppose makes sense, as he's not a character; he's a person. A few things do stand out. He's very openly affectionate; he talks a lot about how much he loves the band and his bandmates and his family. For all the anger in his singing, I've only seen him express anger in an interview once, talking about fans who call the band 'sell-outs' for experimenting with new styles, and he reflected on his comments and apologised a couple of weeks later.

Chester Bennington is intense and ridiculous and apparently possessed of boundless energy, he's built his career on screaming, and yet one of the first words that came to mind when I tried to list out his characteristics was 'quiet'. Is he quiet? Is that right? It seems unlikely. One of the first non-music videos of him I watched was an interview where the interviewer focused much more on Mike, which started me off with the probable misconception that Chester was shy, when in fact he just wasn't having much directed at him to respond to. Maybe the 'quiet' in my head is a holdover from that?

I'm still not going to write fanfiction. I'm not going to do it. My RPF days are behind me. I'm just trying to pin down the band members' characteristics as an innocent mental exercise. Don't give me that look.

A couple of specific fics I'm not going to write:

- Pokémon AU. Chester has a Loudred and every Pokémon in his team knows Roar.
- Supernatural AU where Dean is secretly a huge Linkin Park fan, he uses a haunting as an excuse to go to a gig, and he is very confused when Linkin Park take care of the haunting themselves. Turns out they're actually a team of hunters, fighting ghosts using the power of song somehow. This is an atrocious concept.
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At one point in Bravely Second, you fight an evil baker. Most of his moves involve quickly whipping up a poisoned cake and throwing it into your face.

Prior to the fight, Tiz ate a tart that Evil Baker had made. Tiz rhapsodised about how delicious the tart was and then turned into a ghost. He didn't die, note. He just turned into a ghost. We cured him of his ghosthood by throwing a bucket of hot water over him.


Last night, I dreamt that the Frye twins of Assassin's Creed: Syndicate were the protagonists of Supernatural, rather than the Winchester brothers. I sort of feel this crossover needs to exist. One night, Evie hears someone moving around in the home she shares with Henry. She goes to accost the intruder; it's Jacob; she goes 'what on Earth are you doing in India?'; he goes 'EVIE COME AND FIGHT GHOSTS WITH ME :D'.

Frederick Abberline plays the role of the well-meaning police officer who’s pursuing the Frye twins, having concluded, entirely reasonably, that they’re responsible for the mysterious killings that crop up wherever they go. (Possibly having concluded entirely correctly. I'm not sure whether the Fryes are still assassins in this universe.) Jacob likes to tease him by leaving little notes and clues behind. Possibly the notes end up becoming oddly flirty.

Poor Abberline. He’s anxious enough as it is without a serial killer developing a weird fondness for him.

On an entirely different note, here is an extraordinary WikiHow article: How to Pretend to Have Ice Powers. Some of my favourite lines:

This article will help you convince others that you have ice powers.

Have some winter jewelry like snowflake charms or other wintry patterns. You can wear necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, bows, or anything else that strikes your fancy - but take it easy; don't wear all these things at the same time or you'll look like you're trying too hard and people will be suspicious.

If you don't have blue eyes, get blue eye contacts. Every person with ice powers has blue eyes. They should be bright blue or ice blue, and if possible, they should have a snowflake pattern in the iris to be even more believable.

Wear summer clothes in the winter. If you do, it'll look like the snow or cold doesn't affect you, which is true of people with ice powers. Just make sure you're not shivering all the time - then, people will notice.

Pay attention to wintry topics in others' conversations. Act aware whenever you hear someone say "winter" or "snow" or something like that.

Whenever you watch a movie where someone has ice powers, take a small glance at your hands for a second.

So now you know! Use your new ice powers responsibly, guys.
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I don't often post audience participation entries these days, simply because there's not much of an audience left to participate; Livejournal and Dreamwidth are very quiet places! But I'm fretting about various things at the moment (nothing insurmountable, things are probably going to be fine), and I could do with a distraction, so it's worth a try:

Ask any fictional character you think I might be able to manage a question, and I'll reply in-character as them with an answer (or possibly reply as myself going 'WHAT THE HELL, I CAN'T DO THIS'). Feel free to ask either as yourself or as another character.

You may, if you wish, ask multiple questions (perhaps of multiple characters) or attempt to engage the characters in extended conversation. I've attempted to answer as real people in the past, but I'm specifying fictional characters this time, I'm afraid!

(Alternatively, or in addition: name a canon you know I have at some point enjoyed, and I'll dig up and post an extract from the unfinished fanfiction I've almost certainly got lying around.)

Feel free to comment even if we haven't talked in six years! If you're not sure of my fandoms (I have approximately a billion fandoms), my tag list should give you an idea. Although for some reason I have a 'buffy' tag? Don't ask for Buffy; I've seen about four episodes and you'll be disappointed.

To avoid duplicates on the 'unfinished fanfiction' question, below are links to the different versions of this entry (and the list of fandoms I've thus far posted snippets for in each one):

Livejournal: The Mentalist, My Little Pony, Harry Potter
Dreamwidth: The Last of Us, Uncharted, Top Gear, Assassin's Creed, The World Ends With You, Dangan Ronpa, Ghost Trick, Supernatural, Doctor Who, Prison Break
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[personal profile] ruuger is currently hosting the annual Multifandom Friendship Fic Fest; it's over here, if you're interested in participating!

Speaking of fanfiction: it's that time again, by which I mean 'the time when I post another instalment of alphabet ficsnippets' (a ficlet for each letter of the alphabet, each concerning two characters whose names begin with that letter). I've been writing these things since 2012 and I still haven't completed the alphabet. I am hopeless.

Previous instalments are here, here and here. Fandoms represented in this instalment are Final Fantasy VII (and Crisis Core), Final Fantasy XIII, Dangan Ronpa, Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Homestuck, Supernatural, The Wolf Among Us, The World Ends With You and Death Note.

Same-letter alphabet ficsnippets: C, N, V, W and Y. )

Only five more letters to go! Maybe I'll actually finish this one day.

While I'm here, I'm also going to post a couple more ficlets I wrote for Project Komaeda Makes Everyone Uncomfortable and Possibly Sleeps With Them All. Spoilers for the first two chapters of Dangan Ronpa.

Komaeda/Fujisaki and Komaeda/Maizono within. )

That's all for now! I hope you find something to enjoy amongst these many little snippets.
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The eighth season of Supernatural may have had a wobbly start, but it brought back Charlie Bradbury and, to my great surprise and delight, teenage hunter Krissy Chambers, so I think I might have to forgive it.

(Krissy! I was so sure I'd never see her again!)

In fact, while the first half of the eighth season really didn't work for me, much of the second half is excellent. I'm particularly fond of 'Pac-Man Fever', because there is so much hugging and because the relationship between Dean and Charlie is the cutest thing in the world.

(He kisses her hair. I apparently have a terrible weakness for hair-kissing.)

I'm glad that Dean hasn't lost his concern for other people, as I thought he might have at the beginning of the season. The line 'If you ask me, we got off cheap' in 'What's Up, Tiger Mommy?' wasn't, it turned out, an indicator of a fundamental change in Dean's character; it was just a flagrantly, ridiculously out-of-character moment. I am still very unhappy about it and I am going to rule right now that I do not accept that line as canon. I am writing it out of Supernatural in my personal perception of the universe. Dean never said that line, because Dean would never have said that line.

Who wrote that episode? I'm going to check. Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin. I don't know which of you is responsible, but ONE OF YOU IS DEAD TO ME.

And now, as the ninth season is not yet out on DVD here, I've entirely run out of Supernatural to watch! It feels a bit odd. I've spent the last quarter of a year catching up on this ridiculous show. What do I do now?

What I do now is speculate on what types the Hogwarts houses would specialise in if they were Pokémon gyms. Obviously.

I think that Gryffindor would specialise in Fire and Fighting types, Ravenclaw in Flying and Psychic, Hufflepuff in Ground and Normal, and Slytherin in Poison and Dark. Perhaps Poison and Dark seem slightly stereotypical types to assign to Slytherin, but I think it makes sense. 'Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends', as the Sorting Hat says. Poison and Dark types tend to reward strategic play and slightly underhanded tactics.

(The one thing I'm sad about is that I can't think of a good house mascot for Gryffindor in this universe. Slytherin's snake could be an Ekans, Arbok or Seviper; Linoone is a Normal-type that looks slightly badgery, so it could work for Hufflepuff (although in my heart Hufflepuff's Pokémascot will always be a Sandslash); there are a fair few Flying-types that could replace Ravenclaw's eagle. But there's no leonine Fire- or Fighting-type Pokémon. Alas!

NO, WAIT, I'M COMPLETELY WRONG. Apparently the sixth generation has introduced a Fire-type lion called Pyroar! Splendid.)

The general view of the Hogwarts houses is that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff favour training as a means of winning Pokémon battles (if you lose a match, come back when your Pokémon are stronger), whereas Ravenclaw and Slytherin favour strategy (if you lose a match, rethink your approach and try again). Minerva McGonagall, as head of the Gryffindor gym, tends to take opponents by surprise with her highly strategic fighting style.
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Finished the seventh season of Supernatural; just starting on the eighth!

Oh, I like Charlie a lot. She feels carefully crafted to appeal to the fandom, which - because I'm contrary - is something that will usually push me away from a character, but somehow she really works for me. I hope we see her again!

It's interesting to discover the misconceptions I had about later Supernatural developments. I knew that a character called Kevin Tran existed, but somehow I got him confused with Benny. I was very confused when Kevin actually showed up and seemed decidedly unvampiric. Maybe he'll be turned later? I thought, puzzled, until Benny appeared and I realised they were two completely different characters.

And some notes on the first two episodes of season eight. Fairly negative, I'm afraid. )

Look, Supernatural, I enjoyed Sera Gamble's divisive run as showrunner, and I'm prepared to give Jeremy Carver's a chance. I don't mind too much that the plot has lost focus a bit, after the careful structure of seasons one to five. So long as the characters I love are there, I'm happy. But don't you dare try to turn Dean Winchester into someone I can't recognise. Don't you dare.

(Also, let's have more Charlie.)
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Back in 2011, I made an entry on The Mentalist in which I said the following about Lisbon's niece, Annie:

She's so sneaky and manipulative and mischievous and confident; she has the sort of cocky charm that you often see in male characters but rarely in female. I think she should leap from The Mentalist over to Supernatural and become a hunter; she'd love it.

How did nobody tell me that there is a Supernatural episode ('Adventures in Babysitting') in which Annie's actress plays a fourteen-year-old hunter? (Not that I am actually complaining about not having been told, because it was such a great surprise.) Thank you, reality; this was not a dream I expected to have fulfilled!

(She reminded me at times of Ellie from The Last of Us, which is no bad thing. Has anyone written fanfiction about Ellie as a hunter? Perhaps someone should. A rare instance in which a hunter AU would be slightly less depressing than canon.)

And some more notes on the first half of the seventh season of Supernatural. Spoilers up to 'Death's Door'. )

I'm really enjoying the seventh season so far! I didn't think I'd ever really get back into Supernatural; I'm very glad I was wrong.
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Watching Free! Eternal Summer is very weird after vast amounts of Supernatural. Supernatural is a deeply depressing show about two brothers desperately trying to hold onto each other as everything falls apart around them. Free!, meanwhile, doesn't get much more emotionally devastating than 'OH NO, RIN AND NITORI AREN'T LIVING IN THE SAME DORM ROOM ANY MORE'.

(Although that was pretty devastating.)

In Supernatural-land, I've now finished the sixth season, meaning I'm well into uncharted territory. I've been spoiled for most of the major plot developments, I think, but I haven't actually seen any of these episodes before.

I was a little worried about the sixth season, because the vague impression I'd got was that most people viewed it fairly negatively. In terms of the relationship between Sam and Dean, though, it's probably one of my favourite seasons (my other favourites in that regard are two and three), and the relationship between Sam and Dean is very important.

Spoilers for specific sixth-season episodes beneath the cut. )

'Frontierland' slightly made me 'ship Castiel/Bobby. I'm not sure that was supposed to happen. (I thought I was joking when I typed this, but in episodes since then I've found myself rewinding and rewatching every glance and touch between Castiel and Bobby, so I suppose I was serious. Oh, dear.)
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Somehow my entire weekend disappeared into some sort of fanfiction-writing wormhole. Hello again, Supernatural! I haven't written for you in years!

Title: Family Business
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 4,800
Summary: The demon has taken everyone Mary cared about, but apparently there's still someone who cares about her. Why is this Dean guy so invested in her life?
Notes: AU of 4.03, 'In the Beginning'; spoilers up to 5.13, 'The Song Remains the Same'.

Family Business )
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I'd completely forgotten everything that happened in 'The Song Remains the Same'. On rewatch, I have no idea how I managed to forget, because that episode is everything I ever wanted. I'm so glad there's a time-travel episode in which Sam gets to come along! His awed, heartbroken 'you're so beautiful' absolutely tears me to pieces.

I think I was drifting away from Supernatural when I first watched the fifth season, which may explain why I don't remember it very well. But I'm still not sure how I forgot an episode that contained TIME TRAVEL and MARY WINCHESTER and SAM ON THE VERGE OF TEARS, all of which are firmly amongst my favourite things.

The fifth season is really very good. I didn't realise that the first time I saw it, due to the aforementioned drifting away, but I can definitely see now why so many people count it amongst their favourites.

Much of the season is deeply depressing, unsurprisingly, but 'Point of No Return' is one of the very few Supernatural episodes with a genuinely uplifting ending. The entire episode is pretty great (Zachariah has so many amazing lines! Like Chuck, he's a character I really didn't appreciate enough on my first watch-through), but the ending in particular makes me smile. Sam's faith in Dean is so lovely, and it's wonderful to see Dean find a little faith in himself through Sam.

(I'm really curious about whether Castiel's puzzled expression in response to Dean's 'blow me, Cas' means he took it as a literal request. It wouldn't be the first time Castiel interpreted something too literally. There are undoubtedly five hundred works of fanfiction about this.)

Lucifer's conversations with Sam in 'Swan Song' are fascinating. He really does seem to have a genuine fondness for Sam, however twisted.

I had to laugh at a comment I stumbled across somewhere online recently, where someone said that they 'shipped Sam/Lucifer... but only in AUs, because canonical Sam/Lucifer had all sorts of power imbalance issues. If you don't want unhealthy pairing dynamics, don't 'ship people with Lucifer!

(On the subject of 'Internet discoveries that amuse me', my favourite response to the question 'Can you juice bananas?' on WikiAnswers: Yes absoulutly ive done it so dont believe anyone who says u cant juice bananas because they are wrong as usual.)
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I've discovered a new appreciation for Chuck on this Supernatural rewatch. He never really struck me before, but he's delightful in 'The Real Ghostbusters'. His awkward interactions with Becky, in particular, really make me smile.

I love that Supernatural introduced a ridiculous, exaggerated character representing its creator and a ridiculous, exaggerated character representing its fandom, and then paired them up. Supernatural 'ships itself with us. I think that's sort of wonderful, if unsettling.

(If you want some ridiculous, meta-filled Chuck/Becky fanfiction, incidentally, I laughed all the way through If on a winter's night a fangirl by [ profile] trinityofone.)

Of course, the ridiculous 'Sam and Dean attend a Supernatural convention' episode is immediately followed by 'Abandon All Hope', the most emotionally devastating episode in the entirety of Supernatural. When I'd finished the episode, I turned off the television and then stared unhappily at the blank screen for a while. Quite a weird comedown from all the 'Real Ghostbusters' giggling.

I don't have the nerve or the video equipment to compete myself, but sign-ups are currently open for GISHWHES, Misha Collins's huge ridiculous scavenger hunt, if you fancy spending a week at the mercy of Collins's twisted imagination. Past items to scavenge have included 'an orchestra playing Carry On Wayward Son' and 'a photograph of a fireman dressed entirely in kale'.

Oh, Misha Collins. I have to admire anyone who, upon gaining a devoted fanbase, has the following thought process:

You know, I actually have a lot of power over these people.

Power I could potentially abuse.

I'm going to make them build dinosaurs out of sanitary towels.

(He's also made people design romance novel covers depicting him and the Queen. At the risk of being arrested for treason, here are a couple of my favourites: one, two.)

Here, because it amused me, is Jensen Ackles telling the tale of how he found out about GISHWHES (it involves a portrait made out of Skittles) and the accompanying photograph.

Incidentally, whilst looking for GISHWHES item examples, I stumbled across this tweet from Collins:

Breaking News... Season 8 is official! Fun fact: If Jensen got Jared pregnant when they first met, they would have a 7 year-old.

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Videos I didn't realise were essential to my life until I discovered they existed: Jensen Ackles holding a tiny pig. I love that you can see him steadily becoming more and more fond of it.

I'd forgotten how much I 'shipped Dean Winchester with both of his parents in 'In the Beginning'. That's, er, that's unfortunate. (To my mild surprise, the only Supernatural fic idea that's really struck me since I started this rewatch is one about Dean teaming up with his mother to hunt in 1973. JUST TEAMING UP, I PROMISE; IT'S NOT ANYTHING CREEPY. I was expecting something about the brothers, but I'll take whatever inspiration I can get. I'm also half-tempted to write something about Dean and Bela meeting again in the space between the third and fourth seasons; they infuriate each other, but in a weird way they also help each other cope.)

Dean twitching on the hotel bed during his nightmare in 'Wishful Thinking' really got to me. He looked so young and vulnerable and I really, really wanted to give him a hug. To be honest, I want to hug Dean fairly frequently whilst watching Supernatural.

'Heaven and Hell' is an interesting episode; it contains a fair few things that don't quite work for me (lengthy awkward sex scene with very little chemistry, too much focus on Hell as a place of physical rather than psychological torture, Dean's awestruck and improbable 'It's beautiful' upon seeing a tree), but it also contains a lot of things I adore. In particular, I love that Sam, Dean and Ruby spend the entire episode working together. They make an amazing, amazing trio and I wish we could have so many more episodes of them working as a team. And Dean comes to respect and trust Ruby!

'Heaven and Hell' is also the episode that convinced me Castiel had a great big crush on Dean, incidentally, and the episode in which I wholly embraced Genevieve Cortese as Ruby. And, if I recall correctly, it's the first episode in which Sam refers to the Impala as 'she', which makes me smile so much. It's an imperfect episode, but in many ways it's a good one.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was Annie Edison of Community, and I teamed up with Dean Winchester and Jeremy Clarkson to fight our evil doppelgangers. Dean ended up kissing my double, for some reason. Much affronted, I demanded that he kiss me as well. He did. I woke confused but intrigued.
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There are points on this rewatch where Supernatural has really surprised me. I wasn't particularly looking forward to 'Dream a Little Dream of Me', so I was startled and delighted to realise that it's actually an extremely strong episode. The scene in which Dean beats his dream-self up while screaming about his father is so powerful that I barely hissed 'make out' at all.

I couldn't stop smiling at Sam's awkwardness around Bela after his dream about her. Bless him. (Bela! She's such a fun character. I love that she doesn't actually bear the Winchesters any ill will; she's just ridiculously self-serving at all times.)

I'm quite sad that I can't find any fanfiction in which Sam actually has sex with Bela and Dean finds out about it, because Dean's reaction would be hilarious. I'd assumed that Supernatural was one of those fandoms in which every possible story had already been written, but perhaps not?

That's actually sort of reassuring; when I write fanfiction, I generally try to write things that haven't been done before. It's good to know that that may not be impossible in this fandom. (This is part of the reason I've never really written anything for Harry Potter. There are well over half a million works of Harry Potter fanfiction out there; how do you write something new?) Still finding it hard to get the boys' voices re-established in my head, though. Maybe it's general writer's block.

Rewatching 'Malleus Maleficarum' (which is unnecessarily revolting), I found myself oddly fascinated by the idea of Dean/Ruby. It's really interesting to see Dean torn between his hatred of demons and a sort of wary respect for this particular demon who saved their lives. Hmm.

(Of course the most popular Bela and Ruby pairings are Dean/Bela and Sam/Ruby. So of course Sam/Bela and Dean/Ruby would catch my interest instead. It was inevitable, really.

I can't 'ship Sam or Dean with anyone as a long-term thing, though; they're too attached to each other to pursue healthy romantic relationships. Not that Bela and Ruby are great 'healthy romantic relationship' candidates themselves.)

A few days ago, I came across some Supernatural discussion online and immediately backed out in horror. I'd forgotten how terrifying this fandom could be. I'm fairly certain the network's PR department didn't force the actors to father children in order to cover up their torrid affair with each other!

I have to admire Jared and Jensen for still going to conventions and engaging with their fans. I know the vast majority of Supernatural fans are perfectly nice, but the scary sections are really scary. If I were Jensen Ackles, I'd lock myself in a cupboard and never come out.
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The end of 'Everybody Loves a Clown' is a bullet to the heart. My stomach twists just thinking about Dean's expression. It's so, so painful.

Dean lashes out at both of the things he loves in that episode, actually: he beats up the Impala (most heartwrenching scene ever), and he tells Sam that it's too late to make things right. Dean, your coping mechanism really hurts.

That devastating final scene and the scene in which Jo takes her gun back from Dean are two of my favourite scenes in the entirety of Supernatural, so I suppose I have to count 'Everybody Loves a Clown' amongst my favourite episodes. Even though the title is a terrible lie. Is it too much to ask that you don't wrap some of your best character moments in murderous clowns, Supernatural?

There's also Dean's desperate need to kill something over the next couple of episodes, and his breakdown at the end of 'Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things'. I remember becoming a little frustrated somewhere around the fourth season because it felt like Dean was having an emotional confession session every episode, but at this stage in Supernatural his emotions are dealt with perfectly: he cages them up for as long as possible, tries to cope through murder, and eventually snaps and talks about it.

I didn't say 'healthily'. I said 'perfectly'.

([personal profile] magistrate has created a fic prompt bingo card generator. One of the preset lists of prompts is 'Negative Coping Techniques'. I'm half-tempted to generate a Negative Coping Techniques card and fill the entire thing out with stories about Dean Winchester, because almost every possible prompt makes me think of him, but I can only write so much angst before I get restless and start putting Pokémon everywhere. Plus I'm finding it strangely hard to get the Winchester boys' voices back, much though I'd like to write for them. They're both very guarded people, so I suppose it makes sense that I can't get inside their heads, but it's still a shame.)

'Simon Said' is so great. THE WHOLE OF THE SECOND SEASON IS SO GREAT. There's such a strong sense of continuity compared to the first, and the Winchesters are constantly breaking my heart in the best possible way. Probably my favourite season of Supernatural.

I'm so happy to be loving this show again! I haven't watched it in a good few years, and I was afraid my tastes would have changed too much for me to fall back into it, but I think there's always going to be a place in my heart for intense familial relationships between incredibly damaged people. Supernatural might as well have been made for me.
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Nobody has ever loved anyone as much as Dean Winchester loves his brother. He's heartbroken when Sam, in 'Shadow', makes it clear that he's planning on going back to college rather than spending his life desecrating graves by Dean's side, and coincidentally so am I.

There are so many tiny moments between the Winchesters that make me press my hand over my heart: the telephone conversation in 'Scarecrow', Dean's desperation to find Sam in 'The Benders'. At the end of 'Something Wicked', Sam wishes his childhood hadn't been so screwed up. Dean wishes the same thing: not that his own childhood hadn't been so screwed up, but that Sam's hadn't. Their relationship is such a mess, but it's a mess I adore.

Dean's love for the Impala, of course, is also intense and beautiful. When Dean loves, he loves so fiercely.

Even though I really like most of the recurring characters we'll meet later in this rewatch (Bobby! Ellen and Jo! Ruby! Bela! Castiel! Crowley!), I think there's a part of me that'll be quite sad when the cast expands and the overarching plot becomes more complicated and it's no longer just about these brothers and their damaged-but-unbreakable bond. There's something rather lovely about the small, very personal scale of early Supernatural.

On a non-Winchester-related note, Supernatural is rather good at creating interesting, memorable one-off characters. I love The Mentalist, but its single-episode characters almost never make an impression on me. In Supernatural, though, characters like Layla in 'Faith', the policewoman in 'The Benders', the kid in 'Something Wicked': these are characters I remember. Even if, you know, I don't necessarily remember them by name.

I suppose perhaps it's unfair to compare The Mentalist to Supernatural on this front. The Mentalist has to introduce an entire little cast for each episode, because the episodes are mostly self-contained murder mysteries; you need more than one or two suspects. Supernatural doesn't have that requirement, so it can have fewer one-off characters and give them more time to develop on the screen. It generally works very well.

Finally: Sam's teeth are really unsettlingly radiantly white. Something supernatural is clearly going on there.
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I've been rewatching Supernatural! Currently up to 'Home', the ninth episode of the first series.

I'd forgotten how depressing this show could be. Which is odd, because it doesn't really seem an easy aspect to forget. Supernatural is not a happy work of fiction! It begins to take itself less and less seriously as time goes on, though, so maybe the early episodes feel darker because the 'depressing' to 'completely ridiculous' ratio is so different.

I never really cared for 'Bloody Mary', so I was surprised when I rewatched it and realised it is actually a fantastic episode. Maybe I was distracted from all the great Winchester stuff going on by my distress at all the bleeding eyes.

'Bugs' is not a fantastic episode - the climax depends on the sun somehow rising four minutes after midnight - but the first half is still quite fun, if you ignore the KILLER SPIDERS COMING OUT OF THE SHOWER. I like that Dean doesn't have a big manly I'M THE STRAIGHTEST, HOW DARE YOU freakout when he and Sam are mistaken for a couple; he just points out that they're brothers the first time, naturally, and the second time he doesn't even bother to correct it. He's been very much portrayed as the ladiesest ladies' man up to this point, so his 'well, fine, guess it doesn't really matter' reaction to being perceived as gay is a surprising and pleasant one. I suppose you probably wouldn't feel terribly threatened by a case of mistaken sexual identity if you fought monsters on a daily basis.

Sam doesn't react badly either - he's just amused - but he isn't characterised in a way that would make me expect him to react badly, so it's Dean's response that stands out to me.

The first series feels very much from Sam's point of view, which is interesting; in later series (I've seen up to the end of the fifth), the perspective shifts over to Dean. I suppose it's to do with how much we as an audience are allowed to know. Sam gradually starts keeping more and more secrets, not only from his brother but from us.

I remember I eventually sort of lost interest in the Winchesters, so I was worried I wouldn't love them on this rewatch. I'm delighted to find myself slowly falling back in love with these boys and the dynamic between them. (It's a dynamic that almost verges on healthy in the first series, which is bizarre. I look forward to watching as it becomes steadily more screwed-up and codependent.)

Maybe I'll actually be able to catch up on all the billions of episodes there are now? We'll see.
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The Full Moon wo Sagashite manga is so delightful. It's sad as well - it's certainly darker in tone than the anime, which rather took me by surprise; it seemed sillier at the beginning - but it's delightful. I love that all of Mitsuki's enemies inevitably end up becoming her best friends. Mitsuki is an irresistible force and she is going to befriend everyone.

(Speaking of Full Moon's dark side: I'm deeply perplexed by some of the decisions made in translation. The manga depicts several suicides, and yet when Takuto wants to swear he's restricted to the absurdly family-friendly 'Darn it!'

I am incapable of taking an exclamation of 'Darn it!' seriously. I'm sorry. I just can't do it.)

I also love that the manga contains a 'shut up' kiss that is genuinely just to shut someone up. It's not because of long-suppressed attraction that has bubbled over uncontrollably during an argument, no; it's just to shut someone up. And possibly for the kisser's amusement.

On a related note, manga Izumi is the best. I really, really love the bond he forms with Mitsuki; it's a shame that didn't make it into the anime. His backstory absolutely shattered my heart, too, which I wasn't expecting at all.

My animeverse OTP and I got off to a bit of a shaky start in the manga, but by halfway through I'd fallen for it again. Mitsuki/Takuto, my heart still belongs to you. I think I'm always going to love animeverse Mitsuki/Takuto a tiny bit more, though.

It's really difficult to decide whether I prefer the manga or the anime. They're very different. The art and pacing are better in the manga. I prefer manga Mitsuki, Izumi and possibly Jonathan* to their anime counterparts, but I prefer Takuto (and the Takuto/Mitsuki relationship), Meroko and Oshige in the anime. I adore the relationship between Mitsuki and Izumi in the manga, which is sadly something we don't really get in the anime, but the anime puts more emphasis on the Mitsuki-Takuto-Meroko connection, which I also adore. I like that Oshige and Wakaouji come to know about and communicate with the shinigami in the anime; I like what the manga does with Eichi. The anime made me sob wildly in a way the manga didn't; I certainly ended up more emotionally invested.

The manga is better overall, I'd say, but my love for fiction isn't determined by trifling things like quality. I own maybe four films on DVD and three of them are High School Musical.

I suppose I just love them both in different ways.

Even though Mitsuki/Takuto is where all my loyalties lie, my heart did sort of break for Eichi at the end of the manga. And I'm not a Takuto/Meroko person at all, but the 'Kokoro Liner Notes' extra at the very end of the final volume - the story of the first time Meroko told Takuto she loved him - was really cute and sad.

And now I've consumed the entire canon of Full Moon wo Sagashite! I feel slightly bereft. Still, I suppose this is good news for anyone still reading this; maybe I'll start talking about fandoms you're into! ahahaha, like that's going to happen, what's the next stupidly obscure thing I can post about non-stop for a month?

* JONATHAN. Jonathan is hilarious. I love that all the other shinigami look like attractive winged humans, and then Jonathan is just a cartoon ghost in a top hat. He looks ridiculously incongruous. It sort of makes me want to manip him into other places where he clearly doesn't belong. Alas, it's tricky to find good images of Jonathan, so you're spared my attempt to depict him as the third and best Winchester brother.
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Just over a week ago, [ profile] culf posted an entry speculating on how some of her favourite characters would fare in the Hunger Games. I found this idea interesting, and so I used a random number generator and a numbered list of characters from various fandoms to generate a set of tributes. The results:

Madeleine Hightower (The Mentalist)
Rin Tezuka (Katawa Shoujo)
Candace Flynn (Phineas and Ferb)
Teresa Lisbon (The Mentalist)
Rainbow Dash (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Grace Van Pelt (The Mentalist)
Oerba Yun Fang (Final Fantasy XIII)
Applejack (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
Donna Noble (Doctor Who)
Mulan (Disney's Mulan)
Samantha Carter (Stargate SG-1)
Allison Cameron (House)

Tidus (Final Fantasy X)
Jeremy Usborne (Peep Show)
Squall Leonhart (Final Fantasy VIII)
Sam Tyler (Life on Mars)
Professor Layton (Professor Layton)
Finn Sharkey (Waterloo Road)
The Master (Doctor Who, John Simm incarnation)
Brett Aspinall (Waterloo Road)
Dr Perry Cox (Scrubs)
Bobby Singer (Supernatural)
Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
Josh Stevenson (Waterloo Road)

(One of the characters the random number generator fell on was actually the Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube from Portal. I didn't include it. Those things are hardy; nobody else would have stood a chance!)

I'm going to envision the arena here as the actual arena in The Hunger Games. Characters are stripped of any special abilities they might have (the Final Fantasy characters can't use magic, for example, and Iroh can't Firebend). Below the cut are some thoughts on what might transpire. [ profile] culf detailed how and in what order everyone would die. I haven't done that here; there are some vague thoughts on who would kill whom, but these are really just scattered ideas about how each character would cope.

The 74th Fandom Hunger Games. )

I've just realised that I haven't mentioned Applejack or Rainbow Dash at all. I JUST CAN'T PUT THE BRIGHTLY-COLOURED TALKING PONIES INTO THE HUNGER GAMES ARENA. I CAN'T DO IT. I don't want them to be killed. I thought at first that perhaps they could kick the Master to death, but I don't want that either. It's just wrong. They do not belong in the Hunger Games world.
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Regarding the Livejournal situation:

- I may start crossposting from Dreamwidth in the nearish future, so my Dreamwidth will become more of an actual journal, rather than just an occasionally-imported-to backup.
- If I do start crossposting, you'd be more than welcome to continue commenting on Livejournal, so, really, if you're still on Livejournal, the only change will be the appearance of a crosspost link. I'll probably do this even if Livejournal alter the new release to something I find acceptable, in fact, because it makes things easier for people on DW without any real negative impact on people on LJ.
- I do not intend to delete or stop using this journal, or to disable comments. Even if I make the move to Dreamwidth, I'll still check my flist here as long as people still post.

What this essentially boils down to is 'in the future this journal will be available in two places, no other changes'. My Dreamwidth is also at rionaleonhart; please add me if there's any possibility you'll be moving over there, because I'd hate to lose contact with any of you guys.

If (like me) you're change-averse, or if (also like me) you don't like the way everything hovers in the middle of the screen on the Tropospherical Dreamwidth schemes, some amazing person has created a nice blue Firefox/Chrome skin for the Tropospherical Purple scheme that makes it all blue and white and old-Livejournally and gets rid of the massive margins. Thanks to [ profile] draegonhawke for the link!

Right, that's quite enough actual information for one post in this journal. FANDOM TIME.

The Mentalist episode 4.06, 'Where in the World Is Carmine O'Brien?':



I LOVE HIM. It breaks my heart whenever I see him interacting with kids, though. Oh, Jane.

I also love how uncomfortable Annie makes Rigsby. aaaah aaaah this fourteen-year-old girl is asking about whether I have a girlfriend and whether I love my girlfriend and whether my girlfriend is cute and what is the subtext of this conversation what do I do???

I generally like Annie quite a lot! She'd already managed to capture my attention about ten minutes into the episode, in fact. She's so sneaky and manipulative and mischievous and confident; she has the sort of cocky charm that you often see in male characters but rarely in female. I think she should leap from The Mentalist over to Supernatural and become a hunter; she'd love it. Someone create a completely nonsensical Supernatural spinoff in which Jo Harvelle and Annie Lisbon are a hunting duo, please. (I only realised in the process of typing that that that duo would consist of Annabeth and Joanna Beth. Also, I don't think I've ever written a grammatically correct sentence containing three 'that's in a row before.)

I enjoyed the little touch of Lisbon's inability to stop calling her Annabeth, because that's such a family thing. You know how I sometimes mention my brother Joseph here? Nobody else calls him Joseph. He's been Joe everywhere except my head for years.

Tears in my eyes at the Lisbon siblings' conversation at the end. Lisbon! ♥!
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Charles Malik Whitfield appears in an episode of The Mentalist ('Redacted')! Has anyone written fanfiction in which Agent Henriksen joins the CBI? Somebody should.

And then the same episode had the MOST AMAZING ENDING EVER. Paraphrased:

Jane: Yeah, I kind of hired someone to break into LaRoche's apartment, and now he's saying he'll tell everyone if I don't get the charges dropped.
Lisbon: You are an idiot. (gets the charges dropped by PUNCHING THE SUSPECT IN THE FACE BECAUSE SHE'S AWESOME)

I love Lisbon.

LaRoche unsettles me quite a bit. Something about his eyes. When he's trying to read someone, his eyes flick constantly back and forth as if they've got their thoughts written on their skin and he's literally trying to read them. It's bizarre.

And now for some thoughts on Pokémon White! I knew very little about the new generation of Pokémon when I went into this game; I'm having great fun discovering them all. I am currently at the Desert Resort, just past Castelia City.

Riona's Adventures in Unova. )