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Another My Little Pony: Equestria Girls film came out when I wasn't looking! I came across it when scrolling through Netflix, crowed with laughter, and then (inevitably) watched it.

Legend of Everfree pretty decisively sank Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry, which I'm sad about, because I'm the only person on the planet who genuinely enjoyed that romance subplot. Their interactions were really cute!

Also, I'm fascinated by the potential dynamic between Flash Sentry and always-a-human Twilight Sparkle.

For those who haven't seen the Equestria Girls films, i.e. most sensible people: there's 'our' Twilight Sparkle, the pony, who takes human form when she crosses to the Equestria Girls parallel universe, but there's also human Twilight Sparkle, Twilight's counterpart in that parallel universe. So there are two Twilight Sparkles, and the one Flash Sentry first met was the pony one (although he didn't know she was usually a pony at the time). Pony Twilight Sparkle, the one Flash knew (and had an oddly cute semi-romantic dynamic with, bearing in mind that he is a teenage boy and SHE IS A PONY) has now returned to her dimension; Human Twilight Sparkle has recently appeared on the scene.

Early in Legend of Everfree, we get this scene between Flash Sentry and Human Twilight Sparkle:

Flash Sentry: (hands Twilight her backpack) Here you go, Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: Thanks. It's... Flash, right?
Flash Sentry: Yup, that's me! (remembers that this... isn't actually the Twilight Sparkle he knows, crap) And you're you. And... we don't know each other very well. (turns away and mutters to himself) Cool story, bro.
Twilight Sparkle: Right. I guess I'll... see you around.
(Flash leaves. Twilight looks helplessly at Sunset for an explanation.)
Sunset Shimmer: You know how there's that girl who looks just like you when she's here, but lives in another dimension, and she's a pony princess?
Twilight Sparkle: Uh-huh.
Sunset Shimmer: Flash kind of had a thing for her.
Twilight Sparkle: Oh.

The stranger the relationship dynamic, the more a pairing tends to appeal to me, and I already thought Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry was pretty cute. How could I resist the added weirdness of pairing Flash Sentry up with a different version of Twilight Sparkle when he still had feelings for the first version?

But then Human Twilight Sparkle went off and got a crush on SOME ARSEHOLE (I really didn't get along with Timber Spruce), and Flash Sentry was advised to get over the girl who is separated from him by dimensional barriers and also a pony, and I was deeply disappointed. I wanted weird, slightly unhealthy romance built on a foundation of 'I have a crush on an alternate-universe version of you'! Yes, all right, perhaps it wouldn't be terribly appropriate for a colourful children's film, but it would be interesting!

There's a part of me that actually wants to write 'I'm pining after your pony counterpart, we should definitely get together, this is a fantastic basis for a relationship' Flash Sentry/Human Twilight Sparkle fanfiction. It would be incredibly regrettable. I will try not to write this, but I can make no promises.

This is the worst entry I've ever made. I'm so sorry.
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SOMEONE IS WRITING FANFICTION FOR VISITORS. Someone is writing fanfiction for my Assassin's Creed fanfiction. This is so weird and I'm delighted.

Even better: someone is writing Visitors fanfiction with Shay/Aveline. Somehow I accidentally caught this 'ship (which there was literally no fanfiction for) while writing Visitors. They never canonically interact, but they could, theoretically; they were only born sixteen years apart. And there's definitely the potential for a really intriguing dynamic; they're kindred spirits in being pushed to doubt the Creed by their mentors, but they fight on different sides.

I'm glad someone else is carrying on the Visitors universe, because all my further ideas for it are unwritably ridiculous. I'm desperately trying to restrain myself from attempting Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition): exactly the same concept, only everyone is constantly cuddling and falling asleep on each other. It would be terrible and deeply implausible. You don't know how much effort it took to keep myself from ending the 'traumatised post-hanging Ezio meets Desmond for the first time' scene with the two of them platonically bed-sharing. I keep going 'BUT SHAY'S TIMELINE OFFERS SO MUCH SCOPE FOR HUDDLING FOR WARMTH' and then having to drag myself away.

(I really want Shay to be warm. It's very important to me. I accidentally fell into freezing water in Rogue and couldn't find a way out and he froze to death and it was horrible.)

I'm not even a fluff writer most of the time, but apparently all I want to see from Assassin's Creed is this collection of mass-murderers snuggling up to each other.

And also Shay/Aveline. Seriously, I couldn't have ended up 'shipping two characters from the same game?

...aaaaand now I've written the below. Wow. This is embarrassing. I'm sorry that this journal has turned into nothing but weird self-indulgent AU fanfiction for a fandom none of you are in.

Title: Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition)
Fandom: Assassin's Creed
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Shay Cormac/Aveline de Grandpré
Wordcount: 9,000
Summary: Visitors was a collection of scenes from a universe in which most of the Assassin's Creed protagonists kept meeting through involuntary time-travel. This is the same, only now they all cuddle and fall asleep on each other. Don't give me that look.
Notes: These side-stories may occasionally conflict with the established Visitors timeline. It's the gratuitous wish-fulfilment edition and everything is permitted.

Visitors (Gratuitous Wish-Fulfilment Edition) )

Part Two
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At first I was disappointed that the present-day protagonist of Assassin's Creed IV was a faceless, voiceless player stand-in rather than a character I already cared about (or a new character I could get attached to), but the possibilities are just starting to occur to me. Shaun appears to be manning the coffee stand at Abstergo. You know what that means? Shaun is canonically in the same building as me. I could write fanfiction about me hanging out with him (and suffering the Bleeding Effect?), and it would be entirely canonically plausible.

I mean, I won't. Obviously. But it's nice to know it's an option.

I say interaction between us is 'entirely canonically plausible', but the problem is the characters involved. Shaun isn't exactly the most warm and personable of people. I'm shy and I don't drink coffee, so why would I end up in conversation with the git who runs the coffee stand?

Unless I recognise him as Shaun? In some sort of... weird reality where I've played the previous Assassin's Creed games and yet am also inside the Assassin's Creed universe and made the obviously terrible decision to accept an employment offer from Abstergo?

And, presumably, the even more terrible decision to recognise someone at Abstergo as an undercover assassin and approach him about it?

"Look, I'm not actually the biggest fan of killing people," Shaun says irritably, tightening the bonds, "but it is sort of in my job description, which obviously you'll know already if you know who I am, so why you didn't just keep your mouth shut..."

He takes a step back, folding his arms.

"I mean, yes, ultimately it's probably better for us if Abstergo employees make it clear when they know more than we'd like," he says. "But this does make things very unpleasant for me personally."

Wait, what am I doing? Forget everything you saw here. As you were.

(EDIT: Played a bit further, and Shaun and Rebecca totally canonically (albeit very briefly) talked to me. (Shaun called me 'incredibly rude', which frankly is a bit rich.) How did this game know it was my birthday?)
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Here are a few thousand words of obnoxiously meta Community fanfiction. I suppose it's technically a finished fic, but I'm not going to give it a proper title and header because that will make it An Official Fic I Wrote, and it is so obnoxiously meta that I am frankly ashamed of myself.

Seriously, it's so bad that the answer to the question 'when is this set?' is 'between Community's cancellation and Yahoo! Screen picking it up'. It has footnotes. I'm sorely tempted to delete this entry-in-progress and run off without posting it at all. But I suppose someone might find at least a little amusement in it, and so I'm going to take a deep breath and hit the 'post' button.

(You may suspect, correctly, that this started out as idle musing on a Community/Silent Hill crossover. I don't know how it turned into this.)

Obnoxiously meta Community fic. )
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There are some things you just can't explain or excuse. Here is my deeply unfortunate second foray into Community fanfiction. I'm very sorry.

Title: Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking
Fandom: Community
Rating: PG-13 (possibly borderline R?)
Pairing: Jeff Winger/Evil Jeff Winger
Wordcount: 2,600
Summary: If you're going to have an affair with your evil alternate-universe self, Jeff realises too late, it's probably a good idea to be discreet about it.
Notes: Set after Season 4. I haven't yet seen the fifth season, so I apologise if this conflicts with it!

Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking )
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I can't excuse this. I really can't. I was visiting my parents, and I rediscovered my old copies of The Poltergoose and The Toilet of Doom from Michael Lawrence's Jiggy McCue series, which I'd loved as a kid. Out of idle curiosity, I decided to find out whether anyone in the world had written Jiggy McCue fanfiction, and of course nobody had.

Somehow it seemed like the logical next step to write a ridiculous Animorphs crossover.

The Jiggy McCue series is a series of rather silly books aimed at twelve-year-olds, and I've never met anyone else who has read them. They do rely on gross-out humour sometimes, and I sort of wish they wouldn't, but what appeals to me about them is Jiggy's very chatty, informal style, laced throughout with terrible jokes and unnecessary clarifications ('I opened a drawer in my chest (of drawers)' is a line I'm particularly fond of). It's a lot of fun to read, and even more fun, it turns out, to write.

Which is why I've written eight thousand words of fanfiction that has no market at all.


(I've written it to be understandable to people who aren't familiar with the Jiggy McCue series (or indeed Animorphs), so you should be able to follow it if you just happen to be in the mood for something in the style of a ridiculous book series aimed at twelve-year-olds. I really hope at least one person in the world reads and enjoys this.)

Title: Earplugs Would Have Been Better
Fandom: Jiggy McCue series/Animorphs
Rating: PG
Wordcount: 8,300
Summary: I can't tell you who I am, or where I live. Or maybe I can? Jiggy McCue, Brook Farm Estate. That was actually pretty easy. Anyway, this is the story of the day I got possessed by an alien, which was probably only about the third-worst day of my life.

Earplugs Would Have Been Better )
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It's the last ever episode of Merlin tonight! I'm simultaneously excited and a bit concerned; I'm worried that the writers haven't left themselves enough time to tie everything up in a satisfying way. Still, I'm prepared to give it a chance. If there isn't a good magic reveal, I may cry.

Everyone in Princess Tutu needs to make out. I'm just saying.

The main character of Princess Tutu is giving me a bit of trouble; I have no idea what to call her. Here is my dilemma:

- In the original Japanese she's called Ahiru, which is Japanese for 'duck'.
- One could call her 'Duck' in translation, but I find 'Duck' impossible to accept as a name. It's just ridiculous. YES, I FIND CALLING THIS GIRL 'DUCK' MORE BIZARRE THAN THE FACT THAT SHE IS ACTUALLY A MAGICAL BALLERINA DUCK.
- I jokingly said to [ profile] futuresoon that I was going to bypass the Ahiru/Duck debate by calling her 'Ente', the German for 'duck'. The more I think about this, though, the more sense it makes. Princess Tutu seems to be set in a German-speaking country; when characters are seen reading or writing, it's in German. It's clear that Ahiru's name is the same as the word for 'duck' in whatever language is being spoken, because when people address her by her name she sometimes thinks they're calling her a duck. So presumably her name really is Ente. But it seems strange to refer to her by a name that's never actually used in any form of canon.

I think I'm going to stick to calling her Ahiru for now, with the occasional longing glance over at Ente. Ente makes so much sense!

Anyway! Name-related conflict aside: it's Christmas Eve, and tradition demands a stupid manip.

(The Mrs Claus outfit is an actual equippable item in The World Ends With You, incidentally.)

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, and an excellent Tuesday to all those who don't!
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I did manage to find a good picture of smug Joshua in the end, so I've now created two manips of Joshua Kiryu wearing a tiny skirt. I'm not proud. If my previous entry failed to meet your Joshua-in-a-tiny-skirt needs, though (or even if it succeeded; sorry!), here you go:

Here he is posing flirtatiously and looking immensely pleased with himself. As well he should, because not many people could wear that tiny skirt as well as he does.

One reaper in The World Ends With You tells you he'll only let you pass if 'pretty boy' ('You're speaking to me?' asks Joshua) comes back in head-to-toe Natural Puppy, a girls' clothing brand. If you do dress Joshua in Natural Puppy, the reaper will say, 'Wow... you actually kinda work that.' I can readily believe it. (And then he doesn't let you pass after all, because he doesn't have the authority to remove the wall. The game just wanted an excuse to make you dress Joshua in girls' clothes.)

The clothing system in The World Ends With You does create some odd mental images sometimes. In my game, Joshua ended up wearing a patchy biker jacket over a girl's school uniform and work boots. Shiki is wearing a full-body cat suit and a pirate hat. Beat is carrying a rubber duck.

I'm going back over the chapters at the moment, trying to get all the Secret Reports, and there are so many things I missed the first time around! All this optional dialogue! The main thing I've gathered from my further exploration is that Joshua flirts with Neku even more than I'd originally realised.

There was a wonderful moment when I was trying to work out the location of one of the hidden items: I stared and stared at the clue 'SHOWN A DREAM', becoming increasingly frustrated as I had no idea what it meant, and then gave up and exited the menu and realised I was standing directly in front of the gigantic SHADOW RAMEN sign.

Ahahaha, awww, if you buy enough at le Grand the shop assistant develops a massive crush on you. I was already fond of the le Grand assistant because he was one of the few shopkeepers who didn't obviously resent me when I hung around for a while and then left without making a purchase; I suppose that was because just seeing Neku was enough for him. The proprietor of Shadow Ramen, meanwhile, assumes that you have a crush on him and gets really nervous whenever you're around. I'm tempted to max out friendship with all the shop assistants now, just to see how what they say changes (and to stop them getting annoyed when I leave without buying anything; stop making me feel bad, fictional shop assistants! It's starting to make me feel awkward when I leave shops without buying anything in real life!), but that would cost me an awful lot of yen.

I sort of want to write The World Ends With You fanfiction, but I don't have any ideas! Where are you, inspiration?
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What am I doing with my life?

I was going to say 'it's a shame the only Joshua picture I could find in high enough quality was one of the very few in which he isn't looking smug', but frankly it's a shame that I managed to find a picture for this at all.

I'm going to blame this on [ profile] tabimendou for saying she wished the costume changes in The World Ends With You were represented in the sprites. It's your fault. You're the reason I made this. I mean, you would have been the reason I made this if I had made this, but obviously I had nothing to do with making it. It just appeared on my journal. I don't know where it came from. I've never even heard of photomanipping. What's a Joshua?
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Waterloo Road is back on television with episode 7.21, and you know what time that makes it? IT'S RIONA RAMBLES ABOUT HILARIOUSLY TERRIBLE DRAMA VERY FEW OF YOU WATCH TIME.

(Note that by 'hilariously terrible' I am not trying to claim that my enjoyment of Waterloo Road is ironic. I cannot deny that my love of Waterloo Road is absolutely sincere and equally indefensible.)

I hate that it looks like they're giving Josh a drug-addiction plotline, because Josh has already learnt his lesson about drugs! In an extremely dramatic, distressing fashion! With your vast array of characters, Waterloo Road, surely the Wheel of Plotline Assignation could have fallen on a student who hadn't had a previous traumatic drug-related incident? Presumably he has forgotten about that occasion because of the drugs.

I'm not complaining about Josh actually getting a plotline, though, because he's been practically invisible for far too long. Maybe we'll get some Josh and Tom interaction! I have missed Josh and Tom interaction. Maybe that interaction will contain the line, 'What the hell were you thinking? Did you completely forget what happened in series five?'

(Josh's hair has grown back! I am so pleased.)

In other news, Tariq appears to have unexpectedly become one of my favourite characters. Under all the posturing and anger and terrible, terrible decision-making, he's a good guy, or at least not a bad one. I realised I sort of loved him when he... framed himself for something he had actually done, I suppose (what do you call it when you use false evidence to implicate yourself in something you did in fact do?), in the hope that detention would keep him from having to do something terrible.

Plus he loves his sisters, and you know about my weakness for sibling relationships in fiction. He's also incredibly controlling towards his sisters, but my weakness certainly isn't confined to healthy sibling relationships. (He relies on Trudi to keep him on track! Awww.)

I shouted at the screen in appalled disbelief more or less every time Linda Radleigh said or did anything. THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH YOU.

Just now, searching for something non-Waterloo Road related to include so this entry would be of potential interest to more than three people, I found this floating around in my 'stupid manips' folder:

I think it speaks for itself, really.
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Hello, everyone! Here is a pretty great My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic-style pony creator. I propose that we all create pony versions of our favourite fictional characters and then post them in the comments here.

(There is an option for importing a cutie mark image on the creator, but it resizes images oddly, so you may find it easier to add the mark yourself in an image editing program.)

To kick things off:

Now greatly alarmed, I cast about in search of Holmes, for I felt certain that my friend would be better able to explain this strange transformation than I.

I found him standing upon a precipice and looking down upon the town below, or I thought it must be him, for never had a beast been so alike in stance and mien to Sherlock Holmes. "Holmes!" I exclaimed, "what an extraordinary occurrence! what an impossibility! Have you any idea what has happened to us?"

"I have," said Holmes (for of course it was he). I was most relieved to hear it, although I had little doubted that he would know. If he knew what had brought about this change, I hoped he would also have some idea of what steps we could take to reverse it.

"Yes," said Holmes, gazing pensively upon the town. "It is highly probable, I have concluded, that we have been turned into ponies."

I liked Lightning when I first played Final Fantasy XIII, and I'm liking her more and more on this replay. Here is a brief plot summary of Final Fantasy XIII:

Anima: You get to be either a monster or a crystal! What'll it be?
Lightning: Actually, I'm just going to punch the world in the face.
Anima: That wasn't one of the options.
Lightning: I don't care.

She's pretty amazing.

Yes! Ponies! You are all invited to create ponies and pony up the comments. Have fun!
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Oh, no. Okay. Deep breath.

Everyone stand back: I've attempted a sex scene. Historically, such attempts on my part have not gone well. It's a fairly mild sex scene - if this were a film, the cameras would be carefully positioned so you didn't see any genitalia - and it's extremely talky, which is a distraction, but I'm still a bit nervous. Not least because it's primarily an Elena/Sully sex scene, of all things, and I'm afraid the Uncharted fandom is going to run me out. I don't think I have the guts to post this to any communities.

I came to the conclusion whilst writing this that I actually prefer the 'Sully as father/uncle figure' interpretation of his relationship with Nate and Elena, so I don't think I'll be writing Nate/Elena/Sully again. But I did think at least one Nate/Elena/Sully fic should exist. Now it does! I hope I've done the concept reasonable justice.

MILLION DISCLAIMERS OVER. I can't imagine many people will want to read this, but I hope you enjoy it if you do! Many thanks to [ profile] sai_salamander for giving me the courage to post this. There's still a possibility I'll freak out and take it down. We'll see!

Title: Did I Ever Tell You About Portugal?
Fandom: Uncharted
Rating: R (not-hugely-explicit sex)
Pairing (trioing?): Nathan/Elena/Sully (with an emotional focus on Nathan/Elena and a physical one on Elena/Sully, but there is some Nate/Sully in here)
Wordcount: 2,800
Summary: Elena and Nate decide to bring Sully into their relationship. This is possibly ill-advised on the part of the characters and definitely ill-advised on the part of the author.
Warnings: Although this is set before Uncharted 3, there's an Uncharted 3 spoiler in here. Fairly large age gap (Sully is around sixty, Nate and Elena in their mid-thirties).

Did I Ever Tell You About Portugal? )
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Q: Riona, why have you ineptly manipped John Marston onto Applejack's back?
A: Well, I felt that Applejack fit the Western theme of Red Dead Redemption better than any of the other ponies. I mean, using Rarity would have been ridiculous.

Q: Er, that wasn't exactly what I—
A: Goodness me, is that the time?


– You take the role of John Marston. The government has kidnapped your best friends, which isn't very nice at all; now it's up to you to rescue them, and perhaps find some new friends along the way!

– Ride all six of the central ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! Well, if you can. Fluttershy will hide whenever you're within half a mile of her, Rarity will buck you off if you try to ride her in rain and Rainbow Dash is practically impossible to lasso. Also, be aware that Pinkie Pie's bouncing means you have to play a keep-your-balance minigame constantly when you're on her back. Applejack, however, is a highly reliable steed and has a hat that complements yours.

– Play Horseshoes to your heart's content. Other minigames include hoof-wrestling, the Running of the Leaves and attempting to write a letter about what you've learnt to Princess Celestia despite being only semi-literate.

(EDIT: Wait a moment: I said that the government had carried out the kidnapping. Does that mean that Princess Celestia is responsible? I hope not, because that would make Marston even less likely to write her letters telling her what he's learnt about friendship, and I love that mental image far too much to give it up. Maybe Princess Celestia kidnapped Marston's friends because she felt that it was the only way to make Marston fully appreciate the magic of friendship? If you ever want to see your friends again, Marston, you are going to write those letters.)

– Keep an eye on your honour bar; if it gets too low, the ponies may not want to be friends with you any more. You can increase your honour by doing good things like helping your friends and decrease it by doing bad things like being dishonest or eating the cake Pinkie Pie has prepared for a big party tomorrow afternoon. (Note: although John Marston does carry a lot of guns, he obviously wouldn't dream of shooting them in Ponyville, and therefore there is no button for using weapons. If there were, though, using them would incur a massive honour penalty. Shame on you for even thinking about it.)
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Goodness, it's been more than half a year since I last made a silly photomanip post. That won't do at all.

The theme of today's entry is 'pictures of James McAvoy doing silly things, accompanied by Pokémon that seem in some way to relate to the silly thing that he is doing'. Original Pokémon and McAvoy pictures are the respective courtesy of Bulbapedia and of wtf r u doin james mcavoy, which is still my favourite tumblr.

Nice work, Kadabra! Now keep it suspended there for a few more hours.

You would be a more efficient cat burglar if you could stop giggling, James.

I don't even know what to say about this picture. James McAvoy, what is wrong with you? I really hope those are thornless.

As ever, you are very welcome to post your own McAvoy and/or Pokémon manips in the comments should you desire! Quality, in case you couldn't tell from the above images, is not an issue.
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Okay. Here's what happened.

- The Left 4 Dead zombie apocalypse games were released.
- [ profile] zarla and [ profile] jazaaboo created some AU female versions of Left 4 Dead zombies.
- [ profile] zarla and [ profile] jazaaboo created an AU of the above AU in which the ladies did not in fact become zombies and instead had to fight their way through the zombie apocalypse.
- I wrote the below AU of the above AU of the above AU, in which all of the above and also they have superpowers.

So, yes, this is an AU of an AU of an AU of a game I've never played. This is, I'll confess, a bit ridiculous. But I really love these OCs and wanted to do something with them (well, all right, I did write the Hogwarts AU, but I wanted to involve all four of them this time). I hope I've done them justice.

The government's actions are incredibly implausible here. I don't know how they thought they were going to get away with that.

Title: You Missed 'Superpowers', Pandora (or, alternatively, 'yo dawg I heard you like AUs...')
Fandom: erm, the Left 4 Dead OCs over at [ profile] respectawoman. Hunter and Smoker belong to [ profile] zarla, Charger and Jockey to [ profile] jazaaboo. You can find out more about them on this page.
Rating: R
Wordcount: 6,800
Summary: AU of the survivorverse AU. Shortly before the infection strikes, Hunter, Smoker, Charger and Jockey are caught in a storm with very strange effects. Loosely inspired by Misfits.
Warnings: violence, swearing, the sort of unpleasantness you'd associate with a zombie apocalypse.

You Missed 'Superpowers', Pandora )
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I'm not feeling at all well (sore throat, sniffles, dry cough; I sound a bit like Bob Dylan, and last night I was feverish enough to make walking home feel like trying to operate a videogame with unresponsive controls, although fortunately I feel slightly more in command of myself today), but am I going to let that keep me from making a stupid seasonal manip? No, of course not.

I know where my priorities lie.

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, a fabulous Saturday to all those who don't, and no matter what your celebrational tastes I shower you all with love and terrible crossover ideas. NOW TO REGAIN FULL HEALTH BY SHEER FORCE OF WILL BEFORE CHRISTMAS DAY ACTUALLY ARRIVES.

That's the plan, at any rate. We'll see!
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Interesting new ficwriting experience today: I wrote a fic about Tom and Chlo of Waterloo Road having self-loathing sex (posted under flock on account of being a horrible concept) and then, several hours later, what I'd done hit me halfway through eating dinner. I lost my appetite completely and spent some time with my head in my hands, feeling physically ill for writing it.

This has never happened to me before. I've written some fairly twisted things, but never has something I've written made me feel so genuinely, physically awful. I'm almost impressed with myself, but mostly I just feel guilty.

Because I love the Tom-Chlo relationship. He loves her and he protects her and he treats her like a daughter. He comes running to save her when she's in danger. He kisses her hair. Sometimes he gets angry with her, but it's only when he thinks she's making the wrong decisions for herself, because he wants her life to be as good as it can be. It is one of my absolute favourite dynamics on television. I love it, and I hate that I feel I somehow don't deserve to write this love letter to that dynamic after writing that story.

Tom and Chlo, I am so sorry for ruining your lovely relationship in my fic. Maybe I can write some nice fanfiction about your platonic relationship to make up for it? If I don't, at least there's this entry to show how much I love you guys. PLEASE FORGIVE ME, FICTIONAL CHARACTERS IN MY HEAD.

Reader, I am so sorry for being ridiculous. (If you have any stories of your own about distressing yourself with your own writing, that might help me feel a bit less silly and/or terrible.)
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Here's a scientific experiment I'd like to see: give a group of literature students at university a novel to study. Have the tutor tell them it's generally considered a great work of literature and hand out pretentious critical essays on it. Ask the students what they think of its style, its themes, the book as a whole and so on. Tell them only afterwards that in fact it is generally considered not to be a great or even a particularly good work of literature: a Mills & Boon novel, perhaps?

You'd also need a control group of students who were given the book to read without the 'we're studying this; it's a highly respected work of literature' aspect, of course, and perhaps a third group who do hear that it's a respected work but don't receive the critical essays. I think the results could be genuinely interesting, or at least mildly amusing. Really, this is a concept born of how deeply dubious I was about some of the pretentious literary criticism we had to read on my course.

On a mostly unrelated note, although I suppose he is an English teacher:

The scaling feels a bit off here, but never mind.

(I've just realised that Josh Stevenson's Eevee represents not only his sexual confusion but the fact that he's easily influenced; an Eevee can be led down many different paths, after all. Yes.)

I was listening to 'Elle's Theme'* from Silent Hill: Homecoming when I was uploading this image, which, naturally, made me start thinking about how Tom would fare in Silent Hill. Perhaps that's why he's matured so much by the third series: he spent the summer holidays in Silent Hill, haunted by the entire tragic Lorna arc, and emerged determined never to hurt anyone like that again. There's one to add to the frustratingly long list of Waterloo Road Fics That Won't Exist Unless I Write Them Myself, then.

* The title of this entry - some things have changed, but can't you tell? - is how I hear the lyrics at 2.30. I can't find any online transcriptions of the lyrics that share this perception - some say some things have changed, what can't be new to them and some some things have changed, what can't be mortal - but I like my interpretation more, whether it's a mishearing or not.
rionaleonhart: final fantasy x-2: the sun is rising, yuna looks to the future. (can't tear us apart)
Waterloo Road fanfiction I should want to read even less than all the other Waterloo Road fanfiction I also shouldn't want to read: Chris/Finn hatesex.

I mean, episode fifteen of the fifth series? The way they were furious with each other and felt the need to express it by putting their faces very very close together? Kind of hot. Not to mention the fact that tormenting Chris clearly turns Finn on (look at his behaviour after the car incident!).

Chris has a bit of a habit of getting very close to people when he's angry with them, doesn't he? He's fairly tactile as it is, but particularly when he's angry; he'll hold pupils by the arm or back them against the wall. Bit of a sexy dark side showing through there, I feel.

Here is the problem with my getting into something that has no LJ fandom: I feel the need to make an entire fandom's worth of Livejournal entries about it.

Here is the other problem: as I'm making so many entries about one thing, I try to think of things to include for the benefit of people who have no interest in that thing, and the resulting ideas are often absolutely terrible.

Here is an example of such a terrible idea: Riona ineptly sings the first Pokémon theme to the tune of 'Mad World' (a warning: I'm not a great singer at the best of times, and here I'm singing a tiny bit below my range and therefore sound incredibly nasal, but this is really more about putting a (terrible) idea out there than about a non-excruciating musical experience). WMA format, I'm afraid, but really those of you who can't play WMA files have had a lucky escape. It's quiet, so you may need to turn your volume up; don't forget to turn it down again afterwards, because otherwise the next thing you listen to may cause you to fall out of your chair in shock. I speak from experience.

I'm - I'm really sorry.