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Here is an entry of bullet points, because today I have nothing to say that exceeds a paragraph.

- I'm a little further in Tales of the Abyss, and GUY CECIL IS SUCH A GOOD FRIEND. I want to be friends with Guy Cecil. Sadly, his phobia of being touched by women presents an obstacle to hugging, but other than that I think we could get along pretty well. (I'd have to accept that Luke would always be his priority, of course, but it would be unreasonable of me to grumble when his fondness for Luke is the reason I want to be friends with him in the first place.)

- Verdict on the fourth instalment of Higurashi, 'Himatsubushi': NO KEIICHI, TERRIBLE INSTALMENT. I'm here to fondly watch Keiichi suffer, Higurashi! I signed up for psychological horror and teenagers internally collapsing, not cop drama!

- There's also a sad lack of Keiichi in instalment five ('Meakashi') so far, but at least it's got the 'teenagers internally collapsing' aspect (and Keiichi's name appeared in the puzzling opening credits that only actually credited fictional characters, rather than any real people, so I suspect he'll show up later on). 'Meakashi' also contains a version of a song I listened to a lot nine years ago, and it was incredibly disconcerting to hear it in context and go 'wait, I recognise that tune'; I'd forgotten Higurashi was the original source! It was like seeing Troy bring pizza into the burning room in Community and going WAIT, I'VE SEEN THIS GIF.

- Recently, I watched the first episode of a Ukrainian crime drama entitled THE SNIFFER, about a man who solves crime with his superhuman sense of smell. It contains, you'll be pleased to hear, intense CGI sequences where he draws in a deep breath at the crime scene and all the smells swirl and scurry around, forming a picture of what happened there. The killer was trying to quit smoking. He was wearing a nicotine patch; it was on his right arm. A whirlwind of scent surrounds you. There's so much blood in the air. If a cat enters the room, you will have an allergic reaction so strong you won't be able to leave your flat for three days. Your wife left you long ago; your son is involved in drug dealing. Why were you cursed with this incredible nose?

- (I said I wasn't playing Higurashi for cop drama, but I'd definitely play an instalment in which THE SNIFFER tried to get to the bottom of the mysterious happenings in the village.)

- A recent dream I somehow failed to record here: I dreamt I met Sherlock Holmes as played by Benedict Cumberbatch and he declared with ferocious pride that he had ‘all the penises’, and he stripped off his trousers and pants in one motion to reveal he had a cluster of one big penis surrounded by lots of tiny penises, and I woke up feeling incredibly troubled.
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I've hugely enjoyed the last couple of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend episodes ('Will Scarsdale Like Josh's Shayna Punim?' and 'Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right?'). In particular, I'm loving the Nathaniel storyline. He could be Jeff Winger's evil (well, more evil) brother; there's a definite physical resemblance, and half his lines sound like they could easily be coming out of Jeff's mouth. They're also both lawyers with father issues, come to think of it. (Plus, hey, Jeff canonically has an evil double.)

I don't love Nathaniel half as much as I love Jeff Winger, but he's fun. He also had a pretty incredible song in 'Josh Is the Man of My Dreams, Right?' (warning for weight-shaming, because Nathaniel is the worst).

I'm horrendously predictable when it comes to this character type.

Fiction: Hey, this guy's an arsehole!
Riona: Wow, what an arsehole!
Fiction: He occasionally shows glimpses of having feelings, though.
Riona: Uh-oh.
Fiction: What's this? Is he attracted to a young woman who he thinks of as off-limits?
Riona: Don't do this to me.
Fiction: He tries to resist! But he can't stop glancing over at her!
Riona: GOD, FINE.

I wouldn't say I 'ship him with Rebecca, exactly. I definitely don't want them to be together. (I don't really want Rebecca to be in a romantic relationship with anyone; romantic relationships aren't good for her.) But I do want them to have lots of uncomfortable sexual tension and possibly make out sometimes.

Given Life Is Strange, Until Dawn and now Oxenfree, I seem to have fallen heavily into the Bad Teen Decisions Simulator genre of videogame. (Come to think of it, Dangan Ronpa is also a series of games about bad teen decisions, although it doesn't let you make those bad decisions yourself.)

This is a great genre because it lends itself so well to one of my favourite fanfiction themes: characters undergo traumatic experiences, and then the story focuses on them talking about them, or refusing to talk about them, or not having anyone to talk about them with. The entire concept of these games is 'a handful of people go through horrendous experiences that nobody else will ever understand or believe'. They're perfect.

I didn't actually realise I had such a fondness for this until I looked back at all the one-shots I posted in 2016. There are fifteen, and this theme crops up in no fewer than seven of them. Whoops.

At one point in Oxenfree, I accidentally chose a dialogue option that made Alex say she exercised a lot every morning. I was very annoyed with myself. No, I've made it canon that she's disciplined and she exercises and now I can't relate to her any more! (Alex is still great.)

I've suddenly remembered one of my all-time favourite YouTube videos, and I thought I'd link to it in case anyone hasn't seen it yet. It's two men dancing to Moulin Rouge's 'El Tango de Roxanne' in the street. The video itself is low-quality, sadly, but the intensity of the dance comes through so clearly that it barely matters (and the intensity of the song doesn't hurt). You can watch it over here!
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The Danganronpa 3 anime continues! Beneath the cut: very spoilery thoughts on the second and third episodes of both arcs. I wrote these thoughts down after each episode, so some of my notes on the second episodes were later nullified by the third episodes.

Danganronpa 3: second and third episodes of both arcs. )

Why did I ever get into Dangan Ronpa? It's nothing but stress and pain. My nails are in a terrible state and it's all the Future Arc's fault.
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Hey, I wrote something that isn't for Assassin's Creed!

Nobody's reading this on AO3, and I'm weirdly sad about it even though it really shouldn't be a surprise at all. It's a crossover between a niche American sitcom and an obscure Japanese videogame. There's probably not a huge overlap between fans of those two things.

Title: Despair 101
Fandom: Community/Dangan Ronpa
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 3,200
Summary: Being told to shoot each other with paintball guns ends badly enough at Greendale. Being told to actually kill each other probably isn't going to go much better.

Despair 101 )
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Here are a few thousand words of obnoxiously meta Community fanfiction. I suppose it's technically a finished fic, but I'm not going to give it a proper title and header because that will make it An Official Fic I Wrote, and it is so obnoxiously meta that I am frankly ashamed of myself.

Seriously, it's so bad that the answer to the question 'when is this set?' is 'between Community's cancellation and Yahoo! Screen picking it up'. It has footnotes. I'm sorely tempted to delete this entry-in-progress and run off without posting it at all. But I suppose someone might find at least a little amusement in it, and so I'm going to take a deep breath and hit the 'post' button.

(You may suspect, correctly, that this started out as idle musing on a Community/Silent Hill crossover. I don't know how it turned into this.)

Obnoxiously meta Community fic. )
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Videos I didn't realise were essential to my life until I discovered they existed: Jensen Ackles holding a tiny pig. I love that you can see him steadily becoming more and more fond of it.

I'd forgotten how much I 'shipped Dean Winchester with both of his parents in 'In the Beginning'. That's, er, that's unfortunate. (To my mild surprise, the only Supernatural fic idea that's really struck me since I started this rewatch is one about Dean teaming up with his mother to hunt in 1973. JUST TEAMING UP, I PROMISE; IT'S NOT ANYTHING CREEPY. I was expecting something about the brothers, but I'll take whatever inspiration I can get. I'm also half-tempted to write something about Dean and Bela meeting again in the space between the third and fourth seasons; they infuriate each other, but in a weird way they also help each other cope.)

Dean twitching on the hotel bed during his nightmare in 'Wishful Thinking' really got to me. He looked so young and vulnerable and I really, really wanted to give him a hug. To be honest, I want to hug Dean fairly frequently whilst watching Supernatural.

'Heaven and Hell' is an interesting episode; it contains a fair few things that don't quite work for me (lengthy awkward sex scene with very little chemistry, too much focus on Hell as a place of physical rather than psychological torture, Dean's awestruck and improbable 'It's beautiful' upon seeing a tree), but it also contains a lot of things I adore. In particular, I love that Sam, Dean and Ruby spend the entire episode working together. They make an amazing, amazing trio and I wish we could have so many more episodes of them working as a team. And Dean comes to respect and trust Ruby!

'Heaven and Hell' is also the episode that convinced me Castiel had a great big crush on Dean, incidentally, and the episode in which I wholly embraced Genevieve Cortese as Ruby. And, if I recall correctly, it's the first episode in which Sam refers to the Impala as 'she', which makes me smile so much. It's an imperfect episode, but in many ways it's a good one.

A few nights ago, I dreamt that I was Annie Edison of Community, and I teamed up with Dean Winchester and Jeremy Clarkson to fight our evil doppelgangers. Dean ended up kissing my double, for some reason. Much affronted, I demanded that he kiss me as well. He did. I woke confused but intrigued.
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Community has been cancelled, and I am immensely distressed. This is the first time a cancellation has really hit me. The British shows I watch generally end on their own terms; the American shows I watch generally go on and on until I lose interest. Community's cancellation particularly stings because it was so close to ending on its own terms. They only wanted six seasons! Why would you cut them off after five?

Still, I suppose I'll always have the first season. I love the later seasons as well, but the first season of Community is as close to perfect as I think it's possible for a series of television to be. There are later episodes that stand out as better than anything in the first season ('Remedial Chaos Theory'!), but as a complete experience I can't think of any series of television that beats it. Which is an impressive achievement, especially considering my dislike of Pierce. If I want to feel closure for Community, I suppose I just have to rewatch the first season and pretend it ends at the finale.

(Subtext: everyone watch the first season of Community. And the rest, if you like, but definitely at least the first season. And then write Jeff/everyone fanfiction for me.)

While I'm talking about individual seasons: I was a bit nervous about getting up to the fourth season, because the Internet seems to unanimously loathe it, but in the end I was pleasantly surprised. It does have some weak episodes ('Alternative History of the German Invasion' is the low point), and of course every weak episode is a particular shame when the season is much shorter than the ones preceding it, but I still enjoyed it a lot. In particular, I really like 'Cooperative Escapism in Familial Relations' and 'Intro to Knots', and 'Basic Human Anatomy' is a ridiculous delight from start to finish.

Seriously, why would you cancel a show that is so great even in what's generally considered its weakest series? I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU, NBC. I DON'T UNDERSTAND YOU AT ALL.

I haven't seen the fifth season yet, so I still have that to look forward to, at least. And maybe some other broadcaster will pick it up? Please pick it up, some other broadcaster.

In the meantime, I'd quite like to write more Community fanfiction, but sadly I seem to be out of ideas. I've written Jeff/everyone, I've written Jeff/himself, and apparently that's all my mind is going to allow. I will 'ship Jeff/Annie until the world ends, but I can't really motivate myself to write for pairings when scads of fanfiction exist for them already. I'd expect myself to be considering a Pokémon or Silent Hill crossover by now, but for some reason I'm not feeling the spark of inspiration for either. Hmm.

Right. I don't imagine an entry consisting solely of sobbing over Community is going to be terribly interesting, so let's see what else I can offer.

You know what's amazing? The hilariously dramatic Sonic Underground opening sequence. That's what's amazing. I think I saw it maybe once when I was a child, but it's always stayed with me. BIDE YOUR TIME, LIE IN WAIT.

Also amazing: someone on the Internet has made a deeply weird number of fanvids pairing Nathan Drake of Uncharted with Ratchet of Ratchet and Clank. Even one Nate/Ratchet video would be a weird number, but this person has made more than ten. Here is the playlist of videos, every one of which made me laugh until my throat hurt. If you're intimidated by the full playlist, here is just one of the videos, which is a mere fourteen seconds long but manages to pack in plenty of emotion. (The music's quite loud, so you might want to make sure your volume's not up too high before clicking.)
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There are some things you just can't explain or excuse. Here is my deeply unfortunate second foray into Community fanfiction. I'm very sorry.

Title: Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking
Fandom: Community
Rating: PG-13 (possibly borderline R?)
Pairing: Jeff Winger/Evil Jeff Winger
Wordcount: 2,600
Summary: If you're going to have an affair with your evil alternate-universe self, Jeff realises too late, it's probably a good idea to be discreet about it.
Notes: Set after Season 4. I haven't yet seen the fifth season, so I apologise if this conflicts with it!

Shadow Seduction and Filmmaking )
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I've actually managed to write Jeff/everyone Community fanfiction! Endless thanks to [ profile] newbie1990 for encouragement and inspiration. I hope this has worked; I'm always nervous about getting the characters and the tone right when I'm writing for a new fandom.

Title: I Can't Count the Reasons I Should Stay (But I'd Estimate Five or Six)
Fandom: Community
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Jeff Winger/almost everyone
Wordcount: 2,500
Summary: Jeff has been kissing a surprising number of his study partners lately.
Notes: Set around the middle of season three.

I Can't Count the Reasons I Should Stay (But I'd Estimate Five or Six) )
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I doubt anyone remembers this, but I am working my way through a self-imposed challenge ('write a ficlet for each letter of the alphabet, each concerning two characters whose names begin with that letter') at a hilariously glacial pace. Previous instalments are here and here. I was joking when I said I'd have these finished in 2015; now I'm starting to wonder whether that prediction might have been a bit too optimistic.

Here are five more ficlets! I've only actually managed four more letters, but it's five ficlets because for some reason I wrote two for J. Fandoms represented are Uncharted, Tangled, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII, Super Dangan Ronpa 2, Free!, The Mentalist, Red Dead Redemption and Community.

Same-letter alphabet ficsnippets: E, F, H, J and, er, J. )

According to the emerging pattern, I'll probably be posting the next instalment a year from now. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these!
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I've been watching far too much Community. I walked into the pub to meet some friends on Saturday evening, saw a man who looked a bit like Pierce Hawthorne, and my immediate instinct was to go over there and join him because evidently that was where my study group was sitting. It took me a moment to remember that I am not, in fact, friends with Jeff and the gang, to my simultaneous disappointment and relief.

I can't believe my instinct on seeing 'Pierce' wasn't to run away.

Jeff: You want a nice little taste of what you're missing in a relationship with six nutcases?

Jeff: Abed, it's called chemistry. I have it with everybody.

Jeff's text message to the group on Valentine's Day: It might not shock you guys to hear the real reason we had a fight today. Caring about a person can be scary. Caring about six people can be a horrifying, embarrassing nightmare, at least for me. But if I can't say it today, when can I say it? I love you guys.

Oh, dear. The concept of Jeff/the entire study group appears to have settled firmly down in my affections and started building a little nest. Because he's right; he does have chemistry with everyone.

Slightly odd to realise there are now two characters I 'ship with five people simultaneously. The other is, of course, Patrick Jane from The Mentalist. It's five instead of four with Jane because I include Hightower; it's five instead of six with Jeff because I refuse to 'ship Pierce with anyone.

(EDIT: Although I do 'ship Jeff quite a lot with himself. Does that count as a sixth person?)

(Some notes I scribbled down on Jeff/everyone a couple of days ago: Jeff/everyone is a little more complicated than Jane/everyone, because Jeff's relationships with others in the group can be sexual. But to what extent? How do his relationships with individual members of the group differ from each other? On the whole, I don't think he's sexually attracted to men. Does he only have sex with the women, although he's at least a little in love with everyone? Shirley's beliefs might complicate things. Only with Annie and Britta? Only with Britta? I'm actually leaning towards the last for now. Annie is too young and too fucked-up and he wouldn't feel good about himself.

I'd quite like to write fanfiction about this, but it's proving difficult.)

Jeff/Annie is still by far the pairing I'm most invested in, though. Community keeps exploiting that investment in order to play games with my heart, and I'm becoming steadily less able to cope. Episode 3.02, 'Geography of Global Conflict', had a particularly painful scene which I really hope doesn't mark the end of the weird possibly-romantic tension between them. DON'T MAKE PROMISES YOU CAN'T KEEP, UNEXPECTED MUSICAL NUMBER AT THE START OF SEASON THREE.

I realise this sentiment conflicts slightly with my 'Annie is too young and too fucked-up and he wouldn't feel good about himself' note above. I never claimed that my taste in pairings made sense.

(I haven't seen anything beyond 'Geography of Global Conflict'; please don't tell me anything about future events!)
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My favourite moments in BioShock Infinite so far:

- I leapt aboard a zeppelin and sabotaged its engines, then couldn't find any skylines on which to make my escape. My big heroic taking-down-a-zeppelin moment ended with Booker just standing there on the crashing zeppelin, looking confused (or so I imagine), until it hit the ground and he passed out. 'Booker, that was amazing!' exclaimed Elizabeth, rather generously, having just brought me back from the brink of death because I'm incompetent.

- 'Look at this one,' Elizabeth said, crouching by a dead man. 'Do you think he wanted any part of this?' She folded his hands over his chest, very gently, and then pranced over the corpse in her high heels.

- The game gave me the option 'Search Box of Almonds'. I did so. It contained a pineapple.

- Elizabeth and Booker had the following emotional conversation when Booker killed someone:

'Sometimes you have to do what's necessary to survive.'
'There's survival, and then there's finding pleasure in the act.'
'Look, you seem like a decent enough sort. That said, the less you know about me, the better.'
'Found some money! Catch!'

On a sudden, strange whim, I bought the first four seasons of Community on DVD, having seen up to about halfway through the second season a couple of years ago. I'm rewatching the first season at the moment, and I can categorically state that this purchase was a great decision. Community is fun and silly and oddly charming, and I have to employ all my willpower to keep myself from watching twenty episodes a day. I could do without Pierce (there are very few characters I actively dislike in an 'I think I'd actually prefer this work of fiction without you in it' way; Pierce Hawthorne is, unfortunately, one of them), but otherwise I like just about everything about it.

To my delight and slight embarrassment, I love Jeff/Annie just as much as I did two years ago. I have a terrible tendency to rewind and replay scenes in which they interact so I can overanalyse all their facial expressions. I probably shouldn't be this emotionally invested in a ridiculous sitcom.

(Incidentally, my weird levels of emotional investment mean I am bizarrely concerned about being spoiled for this particular ridiculous sitcom! I've seen up to 2.11, 'Abed's Uncontrollable Christmas'; please don't hint at anything that happens beyond that.)
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Have some more thoughts on Community! I'm a few episodes into the second series.

Spoilers up to 'The Psychology of Letting Go'. )

In other news, I have finally seen the film version of The Hunger Games. I enjoyed it! A few notes:

- The Cornucopia makes so much more sense now! When I read that the mouth stood twenty feet high (or seven metres, actually, because the measurements were all inexplicably converted to metric for the UK release, but I think it was twenty feet in the original), what I envisioned was this. I could not work out how people were meant to get the stuff.


- Pairings I came out of the cinema 'shipping: Katniss/Cinna (acceptable), Katniss/Haymitch (endlessly wrong). I'm not sure how this happened.
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I mentioned in my last entry how hot I found it when Jeff was beaten up in Community. On further watching: Jeff seems to be injured quite a lot, doesn't he? He's always being beaten up or having his head slammed onto a desk or getting accidentally kicked in the face. I probably shouldn't enjoy it as much as I do. Keep it up, Jeff. Also, sorry. It's not that I don't like you; it's just that you're particularly attractive when you're in pain.

The paintball episode ('Modern Warfare') is a magnificent, magnificent thing. I really love the shot where Jeff wakes up, gets out of his car and makes his way across the abandoned grounds. Gave me a bit of a craving for a Silent Hill crossover, to be honest. (Or post-apocalyptic Community fanfiction, but then the episode itself more or less fulfilled that craving.)

I think, although I 'ship Jeff/Annie the most, I sort of 'ship Jeff/everyone. Which is great, because Jeff also 'ships Jeff/everyone. Hooray!

And then, after writing the above, I watched 'Pascal's Triangle Revisited', the first-series finale.

Spoilers for the first-series finale of Community. )

So, yes, thumbs up to the first series of Community! I have very much enjoyed it and look forward to seeing more.
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I tried to tell my mum what happened at the end of Waterloo Road 7.30 and ended up laughing myself to tears. IT'S JUST SO STUPID. Never change, Waterloo Road. (For the curious, here is what happened in Al Bhed: Waterloo Road fyc lmucat tufh, cu drao taletat du suja dra ahdena clruum du Scotland! Yht drao fana uh dra luylr drana! Yht drao ymm kud uid yd dra puntan vun y bruduknybr! YHT DRAH DRAO FANA YMM RED PO Y MUNNO.)


Because I have been watching the first series of Community (I'm up to 'Basic Genealogy') and really enjoying it! Although it took me a while to rearrange all the erroneous impressions I'd formed prior to watching. From what I'd gleaned from the Internet, I was expecting Community to be in essence the Nerdy Adventures of Troy and Abed; I was convinced that they were the centre of the show. I was vaguely aware that there was a Britta somewhere. I'd never even heard of this Jeff guy. TURNS OUT THIS JEFF GUY IS QUITE IMPORTANT. (Come to think of it, I don't think I knew that Annie, Shirley or Pierce existed either.)

I didn't really have any interest in romance between the study group members for the first few episodes, but then 'Debate 109' suddenly had me 'shipping Jeff/Annie with my entire being. I would not have expected this pairing to hurtle into my heart, but I'm not about to complain. ADORABLE. And now every episode has me shouting 'GUYS. BE TOGETHER, GUYS' at the screen. Every time they interact my heart tries to force its way out of my chest and out of the window and up into the sky. (This deranged metaphor, in case it is not clear, means that they are really cute.)

Please don't tell me whether they do actually get together or not. The narrative seems to be leaning towards Jeff/Britta, which doesn't really interest me, but I'm holding out hope. Really, though, I've no idea what's going to happen relationship-wise. For all I know Britta could end up with Abed, Troy could end up with Pierce, Jeff could end up with Shirley and Annie could have a terrifying romance with the Greendale Human Being.

I don't much care for Pierce, I have to say, but I'm fond of all the other central characters. In particular, I really like Jeff. I was wary about him at first, but by this point I've fallen for him. Always had a bit of a weakness for jerk-with-a-heart-of-gold characters. Also, you know, it was sort of hot when he was punched in the stomach and then elbow-slammed to the ground in that episode with the bully. Just saying.