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I don't know why I've ended up writing such a huge entry on a game none of you have played, but, er, here you go. (The last few paragraphs of the entry still concern Until Dawn but may be of more general interest to people who play videogames.)

I ended up spoiling myself for just about everything in Until Dawn, because I was far too freaked out to keep watching when I didn't know what was going on, and it's amazing how much of a difference it made. Every QTE was terrifying when I was unspoiled; every decision felt like a matter of life or death. Once I'd looked things up, I was absolutely fine; I could just watch and enjoy this story about a group of flawed teenagers in a horrible situation without being constantly on the verge of dissolving into petrified sobs.

In a way, I do regret robbing myself of the opportunity to play the game blind, making my own bad decisions and seeing who survives to the end. On the other hand, even if a first playthrough is probably a powerful experience, I feel it wouldn't be an experience I'd enjoy.

It's really interesting to see the way the game's situation brings out certain qualities in its characters. Mike and Sam are at their absolute best when they and their friends are in mortal peril (even if Mike screws up sometimes). Emily very much looks out for herself, but she's able to stay focused and keep going. Ashley doesn't do well under pressure at all, although, to be fair, she's put in really horrifying situations. You might die! You might not! It's completely up to the person who's weighing your life against something else, and all you can do is wait helplessly!

I think an Animorphs AU for Until Dawn could work really well: it's a similar 'hey, teenagers, here's an awful situation you've suddenly been thrown into, you're going to have to think strategically to not die, good luck!' concept, and I'd love to see how the Until Dawn characters would handle it. Given that there are eight characters involved, though, it'd probably be too ambitious a project for me to attempt.

(Would Mike be the leader? Sam? Maybe Mike's the leader in name and Sam's actually the one who keeps things together.)

I don't think I'll be writing any more Until Dawn fanfiction, although admittedly I thought that after my first Until Dawn fic, and indeed after my second. But I've written 'Mike and Sam are miserable and make out', 'Mike and Sam are miserable and don't make out' and 'Mike wants to make out with everyone (and is miserable)'. Where else can I go? I can't just write endlessly about Mike being miserable, but it's the only thing my heart is interested in.

(I got a review on my Mike/everyone fic that said 'THIS WAS SADDER THAN I THOUGHT IT WAS GONNA BE. ;A;', which I'm pleased with because it is exactly according to my evil plan. The summary is 'Mike Munroe has a lot of attractive friends, and he'd make out with all of them if he could.' Hey, this'll be silly and fun! NO. NO FUN. MISERY. IT'S UNTIL DAWN.)

If I could write sex, I'd probably write a fic where Mike and Sam are the only ones left alive, they're still trapped on the mountain, and they end up banging unhappily because they're probably going to die anyway and it's the only thing they can think of to do. Alas, it's not in my skillset.

I've been skipping around and watching bits of a lot of different Until Dawn Let's Plays, and not just because I could watch Mike cut his own fingers off all day. I really like watching people slowly warm to Mike. He makes such a bad first impression (the first two things he does are 'participate in a cruel prank' and 'jumpscare you'), and I love the way a lot of players gradually progress from 'who's this arsehole?' to 'actually, I'm really invested in this arsehole's survival.'

Something I found interesting: at one point, when ChristopherOdd was playing as Mike, Jessica called to Mike for help. ChristopherOdd commented on 'the sheer terror in her voice, calling out our name'. When you play as Mike, does Mike's name become your name as well? Referring to playable characters in the first person is common enough; if Nathan Drake falls off a cliff when I'm controlling him, I'll usually say that I fell, rather than that Nate fell. Referring to yourself and the playable character together as 'us' isn't unheard of; you might say, 'Come on, Mike, let's see what's over here' (I'd never say 'we fell off a cliff' in the Uncharted example, though). But thinking of the name of the character you're playing as 'your' name strikes me as unusual.

Then again, if you saw me playing Silent Hill 2 and asked what was happening in it, I feel I might say that I'm looking for my wife. I don't know why names are specifically the point at which I feel a barrier falls between me and the playable character.

Are there any studies on when people refer to playable characters in the first person? Does it happen more with customisable protagonists, with silent protagonists, with protagonists that share the player's gender? Does having more than one playable character in the game affect it? (I feel I don't generally use 'I' in Final Fantasy games, for example, where you can usually control the actions of multiple characters.) Does whether the player likes the protagonist affect it? It's a difficult subject to Google, unfortunately. I don't want to know about first-person videogames; I want to know about people talking about videogames in the first person!


Apr. 21st, 2013 07:32 pm
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Finished watching Full Moon wo Sagashite! And sobbed throughout more or less the entire final episode. MITSUKI. TAKUTO. MEROKO. EVERYONE.

(I actually started crying at the penultimate episode's ending credits, of all things, because they end with that lovely shot of Meroko calling to Mitsuki with Takuto smiling fondly beside her and Mitsuki running to them. It's such a lovely illustration of their three-way friendship, and the episode itself had just dealt that friendship a heartwrenching blow.)

Full Moon probably isn't objectively great, but I don't care; it's really managed to capture my heart. I love Mitsuki and Takuto and Meroko. I love how much they all come to care about each other. I love the ending; it made me a little sad, but it's moving and open and hopeful.

I really like it when endings feel as if they have a whole new story stretching in front of them. Maybe it comes of writing fanfiction. I think that's why I didn't really get along with the epilogue to the Harry Potter books. You can't just tell us what's happening seventeen years later! Seventeen years later belongs to us!

I don't think I'm actually going to write Full Moon wo Sagashite fanfiction. I don't feel confident enough with any of the characters' voices. If I did write fanfiction for it, though... well.

My first thought, when Negi Ramen showed up in the first episode, was how much they reminded me of Team Rocket. They even did a little motto (the video quality's not great, I'm afraid, but it certainly gives you an impression of how Team Rockety it is).

I don't know about you, but I'd quite like to see Takuto and Meroko as a branch of Team Rocket. They pursue Mitsuki initially, trying to steal her Pokémon, but end up accidentally befriending her.


Oh no, I'm actually thinking in depth about this now. One day, Mitsuki is singing when a strange Pokémon approaches and begins to duet with her. It stays with her afterwards; she names it Full Moon. Unable to find out what species her new friend is, she sets out to visit Professor Wakaouji, in the hope that he might know something. Little does she know that Team Rocket have spotted her Pokémon and identified it as the legendary Meloetta!

I - I really shouldn't write this.
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Spoilers up to episode 25, 'A Request to Wakaouji-sensei'. )

In less conflicted news: I haven't been posting much about Doctor Who lately, but I'm pleased with Clara Oswald so far. Coleman was very good in Waterloo Road (yes, people are sometimes good in Waterloo Road), so maybe I'm biased, but I feel there's something very likeable about Clara. I certainly identify with her more than I did with Amy already, perhaps because Amy was so fearless and I'm so very not. We're still getting to know Clara, though, so we'll see!
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Might keep a record of Episode Start to Shirtlessness time throughout this series of Merlin. The first and second episodes of the fifth series each took under six minutes to bring a shirtless man onto the screen. I'm expecting the excuses for the knights to remove their shirts to get flimsier and flimsier. OH NO, A MAGICAL FIRE THAT BURNS UP ALL CLOTHING WHILST LEAVING FLESH INTACT IS SPREADING THROUGHOUT CAMELOT.

I've started playing The World Ends With You! It is a magnificent game. It's also scarily addictive; I popped it into my DS for the first time on Saturday, thinking 'well, I'll play for an hour or so, see what it's like', and regained awareness of my surroundings four hours later.

The trouble is that I'm not actually very good at it. I love the style and I love the dialogue and some of the plot developments have genuinely shocked me (THAT THING NEKU DID AT THE END OF DAY TWO), but the battle system is hellishly confusing. You have to keep so many factors in mind! I am completely incapable of concentrating on both DS screens at once.


At one point, I failed to pay attention to trends and got into a boss fight that was rendered impossible because my equipment was too uncool. This is exactly what would happen if I found myself in the Reapers' Game in real life.

Joshua and I have got off to a bad start. So far, I don't like him much, although perhaps that's rooted in sympathy for poor Neku's frustration. Joshua can be amusing, at least; I particularly enjoy the fact that, when Joshua and Neku perform their Fusion attack, Neku calls 'Follow my lead!' and Joshua answers 'Screw that!' (EDIT: Except, er, it's actually the other way around. I can't tell voices apart.)

I actually assumed from my first glimpse of Joshua, in the opening video, that he was a villain. He was white-haired (well, ash-blond, close enough) and pretty and looked a bit smug, which in a Square game is roughly as subtle as writing 'I'M THE VILLAIN' on one's forehead in the blood of the innocent. I hadn't counted on him being my white-haired, pretty, slightly smug ally. I suppose that doesn't necessarily preclude his turning out to be the villain, but I can't help feeling that if he actually had evil designs he'd make more of an effort to ingratiate himself with Neku, rather than treating him with unveiled contempt. He's a very Draco Malfoy figure, actually.

Perhaps I'll come to like Joshua more when I know him a bit better? It took me a while to warm up to Neku, come to think of it, and I'm really quite fond of him now.

The day before beginning The World Ends With You, I finished Justice for All, the second Ace Attorney game. The last case of the game was, for various reasons, my favourite. Some of these reasons were perfectly acceptable (Pearl, who is adorable, travels with you for the investigation, being adorable). Some were more worrying; for example, Phoenix tried to bring von Karma tulips when she was in the clinic. She mocked him. I found myself grinning like an absolute fool.

Am I - am I 'shipping this? Am I actually 'shipping Phoenix Wright and Franziska von Karma? Why am I 'shipping this? This is such a bad idea.
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TERRIBLE CONCEPT TIME: Waterloo Road Hunger Games. One boy and one girl are taken from each year and thrown into the arena. I bet it's Max Tyler's idea. I bet they did it every year at John Foster's. Max considers it a brilliant incentive for the pupils to work harder; low academic achievers have their names entered into the draw more often. (This also, of course, means that the Games generally propel the school up the league tables by killing off low achievers. Excellent idea all round, really.)

Tom is in a relationship with Rose Kelly when the Games begin, and they're torn apart horribly when both Josh and Sam are chosen. Possibly Finn tries to volunteer as a replacement for Josh, more because he's attention-seeking and self-destructive than for Josh's sake, but Josh, despite being terrified, won't let him. (In canon, of course, Finn only joins Waterloo Road after Max leaves; I'm playing with the timeline a bit to make this work.)

I can't imagine Josh survives for very long. Sorry, Josh. Sam I wouldn't count out.

Lindsay James could be an interesting pick for the arena. Ooh! Maybe both Lindsay and Emily are picked! Because I'm horrible! Lindsay would on the whole be very prepared to kill, I feel, but I can't see her ever harming her sister.

Of course, this means that three of the four pupils I've sent into the Games so far are former John Foster's pupils and therefore likely to be relatively high achievers at Waterloo Road. I'm also inclined to throw in Vicki, who's one of the school's best pupils, as she might be capable of some cunning play. Sorry, Max; the odds should have been in your favour, but there are no guarantees. But I'm not actually sorry, Max, because you are a despicable human being.

Maybe Aiden Scotcher and his phenomenally potent sperm get thrown into the arena and everyone ends up pregnant, including the boys. On second thoughts, perhaps not.

(I'm not going to write this, incidentally, or at least I hope I'm not.)
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They broke Josh! I can't believe they broke Josh! I was making such distressed noises throughout episode 7.24 of Waterloo Road. My heart is shattered.


Matt also broke my heart a bit. This entry would be full of 'nooooooo Matt' had that episode not overwhelmed my thoughts with 'nooooooo nooooooooo Josh ALSO FOR GOD'S SAKE JOSH AND TOM PLEASE HUG, JUST HUG, JUST ONCE.' (The allcaps bit overwhelms my thoughts in more or less every episode with Josh-Tom interaction, to be honest.)

It was lovely to see warm scenes between Josh and Tom, though. Their relationship is probably my favourite thing on Waterloo Road, but of course we don't see it unless it's required by the plot, and when it's required by the plot they're usually in conflict. In this episode they weren't fighting each other! It was great! They were standing together, fighting Josh's... horrible, distressing mental breakdown.

Well, all right, the 'horrible distressing mental breakdown' part wasn't especially great.

I swear, if this storyline ends without a Josh-Tom hug, I am going to punch the BBC in the collective face. Watch out, BBC: I'm coming for you. Alternatively, make Tom hug his son for once and no watching out will be required! Everyone wins! Especially Josh, who needs hugs in vast quantities.

(Question: will I ever stop writing entries in which I endlessly reiterate how much I want two characters in something nobody watches to hug? Answer: possibly, if they actually hug, in which case it's 'I'M SO GLAD THEY HUGGED' entries until the end of time.

Everyone throw me fic ideas that are just flimsy excuses for Josh and Tom to hug, please.)

I think Waterloo Road may genuinely be my favourite British television programme of the moment. That's... really embarrassing.
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So the second series of Glee is now over! No spoilers for the finale in this entry; I'm talking about the series more generally.

When I finished the first series, I said that the entire plot of the second should be 'KURT, MERCEDES AND QUINN ALL FORM A BIG CUDDLY PILE AND PAINT EACH OTHER'S NAILS'. This failed to happen, sadly, but we did get pretty close with Kurt, Mercedes and Rachel, which is a dynamic that brings me endless joy.

I really hope we get to keep the Kurt-Rachel-Mercedes friendship in the third series. Whilst for the most part I enjoyed the second series immensely, I was greatly saddened by Quinn's storyline; she was probably my favourite character in the first series, but in the second I felt that all her development and the friendships she had formed were suddenly wiped out. I hope that doesn't happen again.

Other thoughts on the second series:

- In the first series, only a handful of the characters really got to perform. The second series has been much better about this; some characters still get many more songs than others, but there's definitely been more variety in singers, which is nice.

- Kurt and Blaine are adorable, and I've had so much fun writing ridiculous AUs about them. Predictably, I stopped writing the moment they got together in canon. I think that's probably the end of my fanfiction for them, but I thought that before I wrote Focus and indeed before I wrote Behind the Curtain, so who knows? I'd certainly like to write more for them if I'm inspired to.

- I've mentioned it before, but I'm mentioning the Kurt-Rachel-Mercedes friendship again. It is so wonderful! I've always had a bit of a fondness for Rachel, but since she made some friends she's become one of my favourite characters.

- I didn't particularly care for Santana in the first series, but she's gained a lot more depth recently and I seem to have fallen a little in love with her. Brittany is also great.

My wishlist for the third series:

- There is much more focus on Rachel's friendships than on her romantic relationships. The focus switched between the two throughout the second series, and I enjoyed the former approximately eight billion times more.

- On that note, KURT, RACHEL AND MERCEDES ALL FORM A BIG CUDDLY PILE AND PAINT EACH OTHER'S NAILS. Quinn is invited as well; I think she's in dire need of some platonic cuddlepiling.

- Quinn and Rachel become friends. And then they have more duets, because 'I Feel Pretty/Unpretty' was one of my favourite performances this series. And at some point they make out. This is completely shallow; I don't actually 'ship Quinn/Rachel, but I think it would be blazingly hot. (Curious fact: the pairings I 'ship and the pairings I find hot are almost never the same pairings.)

- Karofsky is redeemed, joins New Directions and finds a boyfriend. A proper friendship with Kurt might be nice.

- Everyone in the fandom stops having raging 'shipwars and just gets along. Seriously, I've never been involved in a fandom that took its 'shipping so seriously before. It's a little frightening.

- I don't have anything in particular against Finn, but I feel that romantic storylines with him have a detrimental effect on both Quinn and Rachel's characters. So I need him to have a storyline that keeps him away from both of them.




In Pokémon-related news, I have now caught an Emolga of my very own! I named it 'YouBastard' and then I felt guilty.
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A good part of my reason for making an entry on language, apart from the fact that I love language, was the hope of posting something that might be interesting to people who have no interest in Waterloo Road, i.e. practically everyone who reads my journal. I fear I'm going to be returning to Waterloo Road now, though, because I have, to my mild embarrassment, reverse-caught up on this programme to the beginning of the sixth series. Thoughts:

- One thing I appreciate about Waterloo Road is the fact that it has actresses who aren't all in their teens and twenties. Ruby's actor is in her forties, Karen's in her fifties. This is a televisual world in which women are permitted to have lines on their faces! How novel!

- I like Chris! I hadn't realised that he hadn't known who Jess was when he slept with her. He is not, as I at first assumed, an irresponsible teacher who thoughtlessly shags his pupils; he is a decent, responsible man who made a horrible, horrible mistake. Also, I 'ship him a bit with Karen.

- I like that Marcus, although he's controlling and a bit snobbish, is also a brave and good man. Waterloo Road does have outright villains, but they seem to be rare in comparison to characters who are flawed but basically mean well. Also, I 'ship him a bit with Karen.

- I am becoming increasingly fond of Tom. He may not quite know how to deal with his son's sexuality, but he tries, bless him. I do not yet 'ship him with Karen but could probably be persuaded.

- Sambuca's friendship with Harry was adorable. More of that, please. I 'ship neither of them with Karen, which is just as well because Harry is her fifteen-year-old son.

- Oh, Karen Fisher. If you were my wife, I'd never cheat on you.

...all right; since typing that, I have, to my intense embarrassment, bought the first half of the fifth series. IT WAS AN ACCIDENT. I've been sitting in front of the television, shouting 'LINDSAY YOU ARE SUCH A PSYCHO' and 'MAX YOU BASTARD' and 'NOOOOO KIM DON'T FALL FOR IT HE'S SO SLIMY' at the screen, and I am ashamed of myself. Also, I find myself sort of adoring Ruby and Jo and Kim.

(I am fairly certain that I won't go back any further than this, at least (please don't make this warrant the 'this entry is retrospectively hilarious' tag, Future Riona (EDIT: WAY TO FREAKING GO)). Josh doesn't show up before the fifth series; the main reason I purchased it was because I was intrigued by the relationship between him and his father. Tom's hesitant, tentative efforts to develop a relationship with the son he didn't know he had warm and occasionally break my heart.

Unfortunately, I frequently require subtitles in order to understand what Josh is saying. As his storylines are my favourite part of Waterloo Road, this is a bit of a problem. Please speak more clearly, Josh!

Last night, incidentally, I dreamt that Josh and I were attending the same school, and I spent all my time following him around and staring at him in a mildly creepy fashion.

...he's cute.)



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If I were to write a Waterloo Road/Pokémon crossover - and I'm not going to, because it would be ridiculous and because there would be literally no market for it and because I'd struggle terribly with the dialect of the pupils, which has grammatical rules that don't come naturally to me (a quote from Josh: 'We was mates! I weren't just 'anging 'round with you so I could jump on you.' Dialects are on the whole grammatically consistent, even if the system they use may not be what's viewed as the 'standard'; Josh certainly wouldn't be using 'was' and 'were' randomly. What rules govern his usage?) - Waterloo Road would be a troubled school for young Pokémon trainers. (Well, young people - not all of the lessons would be Pokémon-related, despite the ridiculous extent to which the canonical Pokémon world appears to revolve around Pokémon - but learning to train Pokémon would form a part of pupils' education.)

Karen Fisher would have a Kangaskhan. I considered giving her a Kangaskhan that had lost the baby in its pouch, but that seemed a little too heavy-handed, even for Waterloo Road. Tom would have a Growlithe. Ronan has a Meowth, I'm inclined to say; a Pokémon that can learn Pay Day seems appropriate for someone so interested in earning money. Also, Meowth and its evolution are associated with Team Rocket, and Ronan's father would of course be a member.

Pupils are not permitted to have Pokémon out of their Pokéballs in the corridors.

Finn has a Mankey. Josh has an Eevee. They have frequent playful Pokémon battles. Sometimes these battles turn a little less playful.

(QUESTIONS I HAVE NEVER ASKED MYSELF BEFORE: what would an Eevee evolve into to symbolise her trainer's acceptance of his homosexuality? ANSWER, REACHED AFTER SOME CONSIDERATION IN A DESPERATE AND UNSUCCESSFUL BID TO FIND A MORE SOLID REASON FOR CHOOSING THAN 'WELL, THAT ONE'S PURPLE': Espeon. It's slightly less terrible reasoning than 'well, Flareon is flaming', at least. (A few years ago, one of my brothers came up with an Eevee evolution and named it 'Lesbeon', but until that species is canonically discovered Espeon it is.))

Were I to write this, there would be a scene in which Josh has just kissed Finn, and they have one of their nastier Pokémon battles, and Tom comes across them and separates them, and Tom's Growlithe picks Josh's injured Eevee up by the scruff of its neck and runs it to the Pokémon-treating facilities in the school, and Josh is panicking about Eevee's health because he's genuinely worried about her but also because he can't leave himself any mental room to think about his rejection and the state of his friendship with Finn, he can't do that.

But I'm not going to write it.

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On Wednesday evening, not having much to do, I turned on the television to find some sort of BBC school drama. Two schoolboys were speaking urgently, facing each other in an otherwise empty room; one, Josh, was explaining that he didn't fancy his girlfriend, and the other, Finn, was saying 'who cares; it's still a lay, isn't it?'

Well, I thought, this feels oddly homoerotic, and then I thought honestly, Riona, are your slash goggles on so tightly that you're seeing pairings seconds into an unknown television programme?, and then Josh leant in and kissed Finn.

My timing is immaculate.

I watched Josh's 'oh no I might be gay and now my friend hates me :(' agonising for the rest of the episode, and the moment I next had Internet access I used it to find out what exactly I had watched an episode of. Apparently it was a BBC One drama called Waterloo Road! (The fourth episode of the sixth series, in fact; I was a little surprised to discover that there were six series, because I had never heard of this programme before.) I don't know whether I'll be watching any more of it (there is, I'll admit, a possibility that I'll watch until the Josh-Finn storyline is resolved and a slightly larger possibility that I've been fast-forwarding through previous episodes to find bits where Josh stares longingly at Finn, but the rest of it didn't really catch my interest), but it's good to know what it is.

Not least because it means I can find the scene onto which I so serendipitously stumbled. Here it is! It's only about a minute long.

Anyway, I'm not sure of how much interest the Waterloo Road part of this entry will be to you, so I'm also included the ineptly illustrated adventures of Man-Spider: the spider with the powers of a man. Sorry about the lined paper; I scribbled it down in my diary.


Yeah, I don't know.

(I actually attempted to render the entire Final Fantasy VIII storyline in comic form some years ago, despite being completely incapable of drawing (this is not false modesty; I'm genuinely terrible. The only facial features the characters have are eyes and eyebrows, and half the time I draw them with their eyes closed). I only got up to the SeeD exam in Dollet before abandoning the project, having realised that I couldn't even pretend to be able to draw Biggs and Wedge (which is a shame, because I was rather looking forward to having them recite the Team Rocket motto), but perhaps I should scan in what I did manage at some point? Might be mildly amusing.)
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If I knew a person with the surname 'Dayter', and if this Dayter were planning to go out for a meal with someone, and if I happened to be informing another party of this, I could express it in the terms 'Dayter's gonna date'.

But I don't, and Dayter isn't, and I'm not, so I can't.

In unrelated news, Glee is such fun! It's not a great work of televisual fiction, but it doesn't try to be, so I don't hold that against it. Watching an episode is like eating a packet of chocolate buttons; it's not especially nutritious or filling, but you certainly enjoy it whilst you're doing it.

Thus far, I have metaphorically eaten six metaphorical packets of metaphorical chocolate buttons, and they have been delicious. I find myself really liking Will/Emma, which is odd, because usually I shy away from pairings that the canon is obviously trying to make me 'ship. I'd have expected the contrary beast within me to go 'YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO; I'M 'SHIPPING WILL/RACHEL'. Which I also do.

(I seem to be in quite a hetshipping phase at the moment, don't I? Will/Emma, Will/Rachel, Mitchell/Hawes, Jane/Coren, Jane/Van Pelt. Although I suppose the Jane pairings are cheating, given that I 'ship him with everyone.)

Still not experiencing any desire to get involved in the Glee fandom, though. I hope that doesn't change; I think I'd actually feel sort of guilty if I abandoned all my barely-written-for fandoms for one that already has thousands of writers. (Actually, with a cast that seems to be consciously composed almost entirely of stereotypes, I'm having trouble imagining how I would even go about writing for it. These aren't characters! I can't be invested in them!)

I am massively enjoying the musical numbers. A particular favourite is the drug-enhanced performance of the It's My Life/Confessions mashup, only in part because Finn's facial expressions are hilarious.
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The media I enjoy tend to fall into one of two categories: things with tiny or nonexistent fandoms, and things with massive fandoms and terrible reputations. As, over the past year, I have written fanfiction for The Mentalist (which seems to have a surprisingly small fandom output despite its popularity), Charlie Brooker, Shadow of the Colossus, someone else's original characters, Peep Show and Derren Brown, several of which had no fandom at all when I discovered them, my focus of late appears very much to have been on the former.

It looks as if I may be adding something new to my list of 'popular but divisive things I'm slightly hesitant to admit to enjoying', though, because.


I've started watching Glee.

I know for a fact that there are people on my flist who genuinely hate Glee, so at this point I have to pause to apologise to them. I actually started up the first episode thinking 'goodness, I hope I don't enjoy this, because then I'm going to talk about it and my flist will glare at me'. If it's any consolation, I don't think it's going to really become a fandom of mine; so far, I have literally no desire to read or write fanfiction about any of the characters. I'm enjoying it, but purely in a 'this is quite fun to watch' way.

I don't think it's even going to become something I talk about much, because at the moment, having watched the first two episodes, I have exactly one thought on it, and it is this:

I AM ALARMED BY HOW HOT I FIND KURT'S THRUSTING IN THE 'PUSH IT' SEQUENCE. It is at about 0.15 in this video. I have rewatched it at least ten times. I can't stop.

(Well, that and 'why go to such obvious trouble to create a diverse cast and then only actually give lines to the straight white able-bodied people?', but it's early days, so perhaps the characters of minorities will come to have a role in the storyline. On the other hand, perhaps it entirely fails to improve and that's why Glee seems to be regarded with such scorn; whilst I know that Glee seems to be disliked by many, I haven't been paying close enough attention to know why. I suppose I shall find out!)

Unrelatedly, a strange side-effect of being a fan of Victoria Coren (who, incidentally, would make a lovely couple with [ profile] derryderrydown (don't mind me; just received a request to abuse my journal's powers of warping reality)): rather than being irritated by online poker advertisements, I've started smiling fondly at them. Er, all right?
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Charlie Brooker wished the man who uploads his programmes onto YouTube a happy birthday via Twitter! I find this ridiculously endearing. Also endearing: David Mitchell. 'Slightly upset that @Cheesoid, a robot in a sketch I wrote, isn't even following me. Hate self! Hate self!'

I was initially confused about the purpose of Twitter, but I have now realised that its primary function lies in allowing celebrities to be completely adorable. I'm all for that. And I have absolutely no idea why the Cheesoid sketch amuses me as much as it does.

Speaking of Brooker and Mitchell, as if I haven't been speaking about them constantly for the past month: my fic-in-progress in which Gym Leader Brooker teaches Mitchell to be a Pokémon trainer is at four thousand words and counting.

On the one hand, it feels so good to be writing again. On the other: this is ridiculous. It is an absurd crossover AU for a barely-existent fandom! I still have fifteen thousand words to write for university! But I am having so much fun.

Here are some confusing scribblings I have found in my not-very-academic academic diary recently:

- right-wing children's book: Hitler Has Two Mommies (I think this was probably based on a mishearing.)
- There is a guy at my university who looks like Gang Leader Joe Jonas. (Or perhaps just a gang member? In any case, he's in a gang.)
- Lovesick Student Breaks Into Morgue With Axe (I saw this on a newspaper billboard and noted it down with the intention of finding out the story behind it later. I'm still wondering.)
- The crossroads demon in 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' (the Supernatural episode) is oddly reminiscent of Derren Brown. Note that Sam, of course, would have snogged this demon had he succeeded in making a deal. (Intriguing.)
- you can see the kittens he's eaten swimming in his eyes. (deranged thought about Owen Harper had in the process of w[unclear]king. WAKING, not WANKING.)
- Man-Spider: rather rubbish spider superhero. A SPIDER WITH THE POWERS OF A MAN.

Also, I just came across the line 'Does Jane ogle Rigsby at the end there?' and, as my handwriting is terrible, misread it as 'Does Jane ogle Ruby at the end there?'

Patrick Jane/Ruby of Supernatural? He would infuriate her. She would scare him, although he'd disguise it fairly effectively. I'd read it. (Perhaps Jane is one of the psychic children and deeply in denial about it! Ruby will help you develop your powers, Jane.)
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My journal, of course, is usually full of rambling adoration of fictional works and characters, but there is occasionally call for a 'Riona rambles adoringly about a public figure' entry, and this is one of those times.

The reason for this is that, oh, dear, I appear to have fallen slightly in love with David Mitchell. I've had a certain fondness for him for a while, but... he is awkward and nervous! He refuses to dance! He owns only two CDs!

Now, David Mitchell is a tricky chap to avoid if you're British and have any interest whatsoever in current comedy, but I can't imagine he's terribly well-known outside these fair isles, so! David Mitchell is an actor and comedian; he plays Mark Corrigan on Peep Show, the subject of my ill-advised fic of a couple of days ago. He appears to be on every single comedy panel show all the time, but I can forgive him because he is wonderful. He is intelligent and eloquent, which is a combination I always find hard to resist, and he has an ability when provoked to launch into spontaneous lengthy rants that rival those of Dr Cox, which is particularly impressive when you realise that Mitchell's speeches aren't scripted ('WHAT SORT OF A MENAGERIE DO YOU IMAGINE I WOULD BE IMAGINING?').

I think part of the reason he appeals to me so much is the fact that he is such a strong character. The public figures for whom I develop a fondness tend to be ones with very clear voices and a strong sense of personality. I love that when David Mitchell claims, on an 'is he telling the truth or not?' panel game, that he wrote to Play School at the age of five to suggest how the BBC should resolve their union conflict, you can think, 'yes, that does sound like something he would do' (and he was telling the truth, by the way). I love that the background on his mobile phone is of his beige living-room carpet. These facts make him sound like the most boring person in the world when typed out, but there is something terribly endearing about them, and he really is a very good comedian.

David Mitchell has a slightly less visible comedy partner, Robert Webb. I am, I have to confess, a tiiiiiny bit of a tinhat when it comes to them. I try so hard to be sane about my real-person pairings, but I have to confess that, should David Mitchell come out, I would be more surprised by his having the confidence than by the sexuality revelation, and my surprise would be little increased should it further transpire that his seven years and counting of being single are due to his repressed and tragically unrequited love for Robert Webb.

I have exactly no evidence for this. This frustrates me. I do not like being an insane tinhatter! It is simply something that I find inexplicably difficult not to believe. Possibly the fact that Mitchell occasionally denies it without accusation (5.10 for talking about Webb on the latter clip, but if you watch from 3.10 there's a lovely bit in which he talks about pretending to be the Doctor as a child) doesn't help.

(retrospective edit: here in the future, I am much more sane and really quite embarrassed about having been so inappropriate here. Sorry, chaps.)

Ahem! My inappropriate speculation aside, I genuinely admire David Mitchell for some of the things he says, which isn't something I feel about many comedians. He doesn't shy away from challenging his fellow comics when they've said something unacceptable:

Angus Deayton: (on Ann Widdecombe) The slight flaw in that programme is the message that if you work really hard you can end up like an insane woman with lopsided tits and a crash-helmet hairdo.
David Mitchell: I would sort of like to say, in defence of Ann Widdecombe, that the thing that's bad about her is all of her horrible views, not the fact that she's ugly. Is that the best thing we can say about this woman who voted against gay rights and horribly wanted to get into power and make us do horrible things, this evil person, and the only thing we can find to say about her is she doesn't look great? It is a bit like insulting Hitler because you don't like his moustache length, isn't it? (Would I Lie to You?, series two, episode one)

In addition to that, one of the things I love most about David Mitchell is that he is intelligent and admired and yet also rather nervous and insecure and socially handicapped. There's something rather reassuring about seeing a successful person on television who has many of my issues with interacting with the world. David Mitchell proves that it is perfectly possible to agonise over one's behaviour and still be awesome.

Jonathan Ross: Your entire record collection consists of the tracks that we put on when we want people to leave at the end of the party. That's all you've got.
David Mitchell: I think basically, deep down, I want myself to leave.
Audience: Awww. (The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2009)

It is seven years since [Mitchell] was in a relationship, he says. "And I think I would like to, really. But I don't know how to go about that. The problem is I hate the sort of dating thing. I just ... I just find it incredibly awkward. So what I've ended up doing is a bit of a disaster, not really embracing that in the normal way but very occasionally, very pissedly getting off with someone. And the next day it's oh no! What have I done? Because, inevitably, it's been someone who, nice though they are, I know I don't want a relationship with. And then I feel bad in case they have a different view. I don't want to be arrogant enough to infer that, but it's a possibility. I just feel bad, I feel why did I do that?" (source)

Oh, my goodness, he is so cute. (And, I notice upon re-reading this interview, so avoidant of gender-specific pronouns. DAVID MITCHELL, YOU HAVE ONLY YOURSELF TO BLAME FOR MY TINHATTERY IF YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE ME SUBCONSCIOUSLY THINK YOU ARE GAY THROUGH YOUR LANGUAGE USE.) I'd give him a hug if he were within hugging distance. Also, er, if I could be certain that my hugging him wouldn't scare him half to death.

So, erm, yes, I think David Mitchell is pretty awesome. I don't think he's one of the people about whom I will be making a million and three entries, but I thought he deserved at least one. I like you, David Mitchell, and if you would like to continue being on everything on television I would thoroughly approve.
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So I suddenly and unexpectedly fell in crazy love with Derren Brown at around 3.00-4.30 in this clip. It really hit me at 4.16-4.24. Apparently my type is 'oxygen-deprived lunatics'. Good to know! (Seriously, the weak 'Do you feel anything?' The way he looks up at her? I - I don't know what's wrong with me. He's like a zombie after he takes the bag off his head. I'm not attracted to zombies. Am I attracted to zombies? I really, really hope that I am not attracted to zombies. And he has a plastic bag over his face and he's breathing slowly into it and it is incredibly unsettling to watch and yet it is also somehow - it's - stop bringing out these massively disturbing fetishes in me, Mr Brown.)

I've watched 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' and 'An Evening of Wonders' in the past couple of days, and there really is something disturbingly attractive and attractively disturbing about Derren Brown. He just hovers on the brink of being evil, whilst still being polite and charismatic. A bit like the Master without the genocide.


I CANNOT THINK OF ANYTHING LESS DISTURBING. Which is odd, because quite a lot is less disturbing than 'I am weirdly attracted to a rather creepy man who could probably get me to give up my purse just by asking for it nicely' (that link leads to a video on a site called 'StupidVideos', as the YouTube video does not appear to be available in the UK; if you live elsewhere and would prefer YouTube, try this link. It's only a couple of minutes long, and it's very interesting), but, no, nothing is coming to mind at the moment.

It's not weird until I start writing real-person fiction about him, right?

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I have returned from the Mancunian Adventure! Which... oh, wait, I didn't mention that I was going on the Mancunian Adventure here, did I? Well, for the past five days I have been in Manchester, hanging out with [ profile] wanttobeatree and [ profile] sazzlette. I fell over all the freaking time. They mocked me. It was entirely amazing.

I hope you enjoyed your transition into the new year! (I fell off the arm of Sazz's sofa twenty minutes into 2009. It was not a proud moment for me.)

There are several things I need to make entries about (the Twilight film, One Tree Hill, shut up shut up shut up), but first, some more general notes from the adventure:

- On Tuesday, we played a game of Scrabble. [ profile] wanttobeatree won for ever by putting down the word 'Castieling'. It was beautiful.

- We saw in the new year with a sort of charades-ish game: everyone wrote down the names of celebrities and characters and stuffed them into a hat, then each player had to draw out slips of paper and verbally describe as many characters to their team as they could in a minute. Unfortunately, I am hopeless with celebrities. Matt Damon: 'He's a racing driver! ...he's not a racing driver.' Then [ profile] sazzlette put 'Damon Hill' in the next batch of names, just to cause me pain. (I also thought that Julia Roberts was a chef. Stop judging me.)

- In the second round, using the same names, the player had to describe the subject of the slip of paper using three words or fewer. Julia Roberts, of course, could now be described with 'not a chef'. [ profile] wanttobeatree confused us all enormously by describing Batman simply with 'BLACK EARS'. I drew 'Daleks' and realised halfway through saying 'teapot Who villains' that I meant 'pepperpot'. [ profile] sazzlette and [ profile] pinkegogirl leapt upon this:


- The third round involved portraying the character without words, if you're thinking of playing it yourself. Of course, this doesn't lend itself well to textual description. I will mention, however, that in order to portray Bella from Twilight I fell over, and, having learnt how ridiculously clumsy I am, nobody seemed sure whether it was part of the clue or not.

- There is graffiti in Manchester that says 'I AM LORD VOLDEMORT'. Graffiti! And I thought he couldn't become any more evil!

Thank you so much to [ profile] thebaconfat, [ profile] squeemu and [ profile] averysmallthing for your lovely cards!
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Previous instalments: one, two. Fandoms are, as before, Supernatural, High School Musical, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy XII, Prison Break, Doctor Who, Scrubs, House, Silent Hill, Top Gear, Life on Mars, Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes.

This instalment has a surprising lack of T-Bag/Pyramid Head. )
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Blatantly stolen from [ profile] the_funmonkey, because I am a thief and ridiculous crossovers are awesome:

So, zombies attack Mr Darcy's estate? Torchwood get stuck inside the Crystal Maze? Holmes and Watson investigate the mysterious singing epidemic at East High? Write me a few sentences of a properly nonsensical crossover in the comments.

To start us off, have the snippet I wrote in response to her entry:

It was a cold morning, and the fog was thick in the wood. Pooh was a little afraid. He thought that perhaps Piglet would make him feel braver, but he knew that Piglet had gone, although he couldn't remember where.

The trees seemed unfriendly and unfamiliar. Sometimes he would hear strange noises in the fog, and he thought that perhaps there were Heffalumps hiding there, watching him as he toddled through parts of the wood he didn't recognise. There was no wind, and the sky was darkening.

He was looking for Christopher Robin, but Christopher Robin wasn't there. Christopher Robin was too old for toys.
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The main purpose of this post is to show you the ‘game’ that my twelve-year-old brother made in Flash. It is called Buster the Troubled Ghost, and I adore it. I giggle hysterically throughout the whole thing. It is fantastic.

When the house appears, move your mouse over the screen from the Start sign to wherever you want Buster to go.


There Is Definitely Nothing About American Idol Behind This Cut. Because I Do Not Watch American Idol. Obviously. )