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Cut for a couple of GIFs (it will shock you to learn they're of Linkin Park) )

I'm not planning to put GIFs in all of my entries from now on, I swear. I'm breaking the habit tonight. But somehow I can't stop staring at sweat-soaked, exhausted Chester and Mike, and I'm popping these here to facilitate that staring. Send help.

I'm not tinhatting, I should clarify. I'm not even 'shipping them romantically. That's a genuine promise, as opposed to the insubstantial 'I know very well I can't be trusted' promise that I won't end up writing a terrible Linkin Park/Pokémon crossover. I think they love each other a lot; I absolutely don't think they're pining desperately over each other, held apart by the evil record industry. But I do feel their dynamic is adorable, and, I'll be honest, I find Chester unsettlingly attractive in these GIFs.

My first reaction on looking up pictures of Linkin Park was 'huh, Chester's got a bit of a weird face, hasn't he?' His face still looks slightly odd to me. And yet.

(My last celebrity crush was Charlie Brooker, so maybe I'm exclusively attracted to people with weird faces. Mike's right there next to him, being all handsome, but my tastes refuse to make sense.)

My promise not to write a terrible Pokémon crossover is now looking more insubstantial than ever. I cannot believe nobody told me about this exchange on Chester Bennington's Twitter.

Fan: if lp never got together, what career would you have pursued?
Chester: Pokémon trainer
Fan: if not Picachu, who will be your favorite?
Chester: bulbasaur

Oh, God, he even included the accent on 'Pokémon'. I think I'm in love. I was already trying not to write fanfiction about your Pokémon-training adventures, Chester; don't do this to me!

(Although Chester's taste in Pokémon cannot be faulted, Bulbasaur can't learn Roar, which scuppers my 'every Pokémon in his team knows Roar' suggestion. I suppose his Bulbasaur could know Growl, at least. Oh, hey, it can learn Echoed Voice via TM!)
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Last So Wrong It's Right recording of the series yesterday! The guests for the first episode were Susan Calman, Richard Osman and Rob SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH B, I CANNOT REMEMBER, SORRY ROB SOMETHING (EDIT: Rob Beckett! Thank you, [ profile] ruthi! I'd noted him down as 'Rob Bennett' and only realised that was wrong when I got home); the guests for the second were Calman again, Shaun Pye and Miles Jupp. The host, of course, was Charlie Brooker; this is the second recording I've been to at which he has speculated on shagging himself via time travel. Here is my report!

So Wrong It's Right recording, 1st May 2012. )

I think this series of So Wrong It's Right is going to be broadcast on Radio 4 later this month, so keep an ear out for that! In the meantime: everyone knows the thoroughly excellent Would I Lie to You? is on BBC One on Fridays at the moment, right? Well, it is.
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I have a spare ticket for Would I Lie to You? tomorrow (Friday 16th March). Would anyone like it? If you are over sixteen and can make it to Uxbridge tube station by 5.45ish tomorrow afternoon, you are qualified. The recording itself starts at seven o'clock and will probably be finished around ten. Claimed!

So this entry won't lose all purpose once the ticket has been claimed, have some scattered lines from the records I keep of my dreams:

- Dreamt I was being haunted by a portrait of a mad author, who kept visiting minor misfortune upon me (e.g. leaky ceilings) because I never seemed to get around to reading her book.

- After the seminar, I approached [Charlie] Brooker, who by this point had turned into a tabby cat.

- Also an overweight German prince sat on my lap.

- I was dragged before Hitler. He castigated me for my lack of manners. I had to apologise. It was extremely nerve-wracking.

- Dreamt that Simon Baker played an older Kurt Hummel [of Glee]. And apparently Kurt and his older self hung out quite a bit? And apparently his older self slept in a coffin on the grounds of McKinley like a vampire?

- Dream in which Blaine Anderson [of Glee] was very friendly and charming and also possibly a hitman for a dystopian government? Narration from the dream: 'To get by in this world, you had to either work hard or kill people. Blaine Anderson had killed a lot of people.' (I'm actually strangely taken with this idea.)
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Yesterday, [ profile] ruthi very kindly offered me a last-minute ticket for a recording of Charlie Brooker's radio panel show So Wrong It's Right! Two episodes were recorded: the guests for the first were Lee Mack, Holly Walsh, Barry Cryer; the guests for the second were Lee Mack again, Susan Calman and SOMEONE CALLED DANNY MEYER OR MAYER OR MYERS OR SOMETHING ALONG THOSE LINES, I CANNOT FOR THE LIFE OF ME FIND HIM ON GOOGLE (EDIT: [ profile] lozenger8 has identified him as Daniel Maier). Because of this inability to confirm, I'll be referring to him as 'Daniel' rather than by surname in this report (the producer introduced him to us as 'Danny', but Brooker called him 'Daniel' throughout).

Here is what I can remember!

So Wrong It's Right recording, 2nd March 2012. )

The episodes should be broadcast on Radio 4 at some point in May, I believe. I hope you enjoyed this report!
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SO PLEASED. Josh was all over episode 7.22 of Waterloo Road and, from the look of the trailer, he's going to be the central focus of the next episode. I am delighted by this! Waterloo Road has a near-infinite number of characters, and they all drift in and out of focus, and so it's terribly exciting when my favourites take centre stage, particularly as the entire September-November stretch of episodes was about characters who didn't really interest me. Suddenly the writers have remembered that Josh exists!

And Tom referenced the drug incident from series five! I'm glad he did; it would have been ridiculous had he forgotten. Although I notice nobody's pointed out the 'when Josh takes drugs, horrible things happen to pregnant women' connection. Obviously that's the angle to go for if you want to deter Josh, Tom. Although pregnancies go awry so often at Waterloo Road that Josh and Tom might both assume the horrible things are a natural part of pregnancy.

(Tom also, I note, physically dragged Josh to his feet and then shoved him into a toilet cubicle, presumably for [ profile] apiphile and [ profile] suzie_shooter's benefit.)

Josh, holding a breast implant in each hand and looking terrified: 'This really isn't my area of expertise.'

Bless him.

In news not related to Josh but still (sorry) related to Waterloo Road: Trudi was absolutely right to protest against the new initiative, and I'm frustrated that Michael managed to talk her around. You can't ban slang! I'm guessing this isn't the last we've heard of this, though. Certainly I'll be surprised if the writers of a programme with slang and nonstandard dialects all over the place believe that EVERYONE HAS TO SPEAK CORRECTLY OR ONE DAY THEY'LL WAKE UP TO FIND THEY'VE BEEN UNEXPECTEDLY INITIATED INTO A GANG.

Right, I've stopped talking about Waterloo Road; you can look now. Here is the coolest advert I have seen in a very long time. Also slightly unsettling! It came on during 10 O'Clock Live yesterday, and I was very confused until I realised what it was advertising.

(I still find it absolutely delightful when Brooker and Mitchell snipe at each other. 10 O'Clock Live really doesn't give them enough time for spontaneous interaction, but at least they have more opportunities than they did last year. You guys are my favourites. Be on everything together, up to and including Waterloo Road.)
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My mind is currently doing that thing where it immerses itself in one fandom and then gets confused when I try to read fanfiction for another. Have you ever tried to read Brooker/Mitchell fic when both Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are played by James McAvoy in your head? It's a very strange experience.

The theme of this entry is 'MICHAEL FASSBENDER (who plays Erik in X-Men: First Class) AND JAMES MCAVOY (who plays Charles) BEING PRECIOUS IN JOINT INTERVIEWS'. It is a theme with plenty of material.

If you have seen X-Men: First Class, you may wish to watch these and see the actors being adorable! If you have not seen X-Men: First Class, you may wish to watch these anyway and use the adorability of the actors to determine whether you should watch X-Men: First Class. (Hint: you should.)

Fassbender sings a song for Erik and Charles; McAvoy collapses in giggles. No spoilers for the film. If you watch only one of these videos, make it this one; it's only eighty seconds long.

The cast tease each other about hand gestures and crossdressing. Contains a couple of clips from the film.

McAvoy and Fassbender discuss merging into a flying distributor of love (from the 5.20 mark; the link should take you straight there). The entire interview contains some extremely spoilery clips from the film, but there are no spoilers from 5.20 onwards.

Also, have a McAvoy-Fassbender GIF I can't seem to stop watching (from this interview, which contains spoilery clips from the film). Only just managed to refrain from posting it without a cut.


help help they are too cute and I don't know what to do.
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There are only three episodes of 10 O'Clock Live left! I'm going to miss it when it finishes, even though it doesn't have nearly enough interaction between the presenters. It was very wobbly indeed when it started out, but I think it's really found its feet, and the past few episodes have been great.

The problem with 10 O'Clock Live is that it shouldn't be live. In theory, it means the presenters can react on-air to any major events that might occur, but on the occasion on which that did happen - the passing of the Libyan no-fly zone resolution - they couldn't really react, in part because it was live and therefore they didn't have time to gather proper information and in part because the presenters are given so little time to discuss things unscripted.

The reason the presenters don't have time for discussion is because Channel 4 want to limit the risk of something going wrong on live television as far as possible; they can't put themselves in the position of not knowing what their presenters are going to be doing, and they can't risk dead air, so the vast majority of 10 O'Clock Live consists of the presenters performing pre-written pieces. This is a waste of liveness, Channel 4! Either make more room for spontaneous discussion or turn the programme into 10 O'Clock Prerecorded, in which you can keep the things that work, edit out the things that don't and allow debates/fabulous shouting matches to run their course, rather than cutting them short before we get to see whether John Prescott (who has never looked better than he did on Thursday night) is going to punch that arsehole from News of the World.

(THAT ARSEHOLE FROM NEWS OF THE WORLD. 'On Tuesday [Sienna Miller]'s prancing around in front of a camera; why on Wednesday should she complain about it because she happens to get caught by a pap who's maybe listened in to her messages to see where she's gonna go?' THIS IS A VERBATIM QUOTE. If you're happy being in front of a camera on your own terms, what right do you have to complain when people listen in on your private conversations? I MEAN, THAT'S JUST UNREASONABLE. 'Privacy's a place where bad people do bad things.' Saying that hacking celebrities' answering machines is just equivalent to listening to your boyfriend's messages to find out what he's been up to, BECAUSE WE ALL KNOW THAT THAT'S ENTIRELY MORALLY SOUND. It was great to see Prescott, with the entire audience behind him, bearing down on News of the World Arsehole like a great big wave of righteousness.)

The other reason 10 O'Clock Live shouldn't be live: sometimes they'll get a very enthusiastic audience, which is unbearable because Brooker and Mitchell have no idea what to do when they're applauded in the middle of a piece. They just sit there, looking uncomfortable. IT'S LIVE, AUDIENCE; APPLAUDING SLOWS EVERYTHING DOWN. Although the presenters do seem to have become a bit better at handling unwanted applause in recent weeks.

(Another annoying thing about the audience: they don't laugh at funny things Lauren Laverne says, and then they crack up when Brooker rephrases them to clarify. I SEE YOU, AUDIENCE, REFUSING TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE FEMALE PRESENTER CAN BE FUNNY. Part of 10 O'Clock Live's improvement can be attributed to the fact that she's now being allowed to do actual humorous segments, whereas before there was a sense of 'oh noooo, we can't give her jokes', presumably because the same material would be much better received delivered by another of the presenters because the audience are sexist idiots.)

Also, although this is just a personal reason, I find live television really uncomfortable to watch because of the constant threat that the presenters might seriously cock things up. This is a potential that might amuse me in other programmes, but when I like the presenters I just get very embarrassed on their behalf.

Although it does mean that Charlie Brooker occasionally interrupts political discussion to point out that a fly has just landed on his nose, which is rather delightful.

For those who don't watch 10 O'Clock Live, have a performance from a 1976 episode of Top of the Pops. It's pretty incredible. (On Mother's Day, my mum decided to have a 1970s-themed evening and we watched the entire episode containing the linked performance. I enjoyed the fact that, during another performance, the entire audience were standing completely still except for one girl dancing away in the background. Oh, seventies television.)

Finally, in news irrelevant to everyone but me, my tongue feels as if a family of Borrowers are trying to convert it into a bungalow. Ow ow ow ow ow.
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I'm not very good at April Fools' Day. I considered making a big fake 'I'M LEAVING FANDOM, GOODBYE FOREVER' post, but what I've decided to do instead is this:

- You post the worst fanfiction idea you can think of in the comments. Inappropriate crossovers, incompatible pairings, stupid AUs or just wildly out-of-character behaviour: all are welcome here. 'Squall Leonhart gives up being a SeeD to pursue his dream of becoming a telemarketer', for example, or 'Silent Hill 2 AU: Pyramid Head is a florist, James Sunderland is a regular customer, love ensues'.
- I unwisely attempt to write a few lines of that fic.

It's sort of in the spirit of the day, if not a traditional April Fools' joke. Prompt away! (If you make a request featuring a fandom with which I am not familiar, I reserve the right to make things up based solely on the fandom's name.)

THIS IS SUCH A BAD IDEA. I suppose that's sort of the point, but still. SUCH A BAD IDEA.
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A bit I'd forgotten to write down from the Would I Lie to You? recording on the sixth (the Wallace-Havers-Wadia-Brooker one): Gregg Wallace had a possession claim, a book that he said he read in the sauna to make it look older. As Wallace wears glasses, Lee Mack pointed out that these would steam up in a sauna; Wallace explained that he read in the sauna without glasses, holding the book very close to his face.

Mack: So someone else comes into the sauna, and you're sitting there, naked, like this: (holds the book over his face, then lowers it slowly to stare creepily over the top)
Brooker: If he really does read that book in saunas, it's infused with his sweat. You've just rubbed it all over your face.

Later, Mack started pestering Brooker to smell the book, possibly for fairness, so at least they'd both have rubbed it over their faces.

Brooker: I don't want to smell it!
Brooker: ...
Brooker: ...
Brooker: (presses the book to his nose and takes a quick sniff)
Brooker: I'm going to be disgusted with myself if that's true.

I went to yet another Would I Lie to You? recording yesterday! On David Mitchell's team were Frank Skinner and Bill Oddie; on Lee Mack's were Jon Richardson and Sarah Millican. The host, as ever, was Rob Brydon. Here is my report.

Would I Lie to You? recording, 14th March 2011. )

Many thanks to [ profile] valderys, who was kind enough to drive our party back to the tube station! My evil plan is to contribute detailed write-ups so that people will be more inclined to offer me tickets to things; evidently her evil plan is offering transport. It is an evil plan of which I heartily approve.
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Something I forgot from Sunday's Would I Lie to You? recording: Havers saying that he found swimming with dolphins a bit unsettling because they were larger than he'd expected.

Mack: Did you think they were going to be pilchards? 'I can't wait to go swimming with the pilchards. My God, those pilchards are huge!'

When [ profile] valderys and I were at said Would I Lie to You? recording, [ profile] amandapear and [ profile] sawnoffcourtney very kindly offered us tickets to The Unbelievable Truth on Monday! The panel were Tony Hawks, Arthur Smith, Rhod Gilbert and Charlie Brooker (again! I can't believe the comedy-related luck I've been having recently).

Going to so many recordings in such a short time has sort of exhausted my memory, but here is my report! In case anyone who might be interested is unfamiliar with the concept of The Unbelievable Truth: it is a Radio 4 panel game in which panellists must attempt to spot true facts in lectures composed largely of nonsense, hosted by David Mitchell.

The Unbelievable Truth recording, 7th March 2011. )

Three recordings in four days. That's a bit ridiculous. There are no more recordings in my immediate future, though, so I'll stop spamming your flist with reports for a while. Hope you've enjoyed these!
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Oh, I'd forgotten to mention one of my favourite parts of the Would I Lie to You? recording on Friday! Apparently, a woman once asked Lee Mack to sign her chest, but the pen she gave him didn't work, so without thinking he went over to her other breast and scribbled on it in an attempt to get the ink flowing again.

Also, during the 'This Is My...' round:

Coren: (interrogating Mitchell) All right. One question, and you have to answer this honestly.
Mitchell: Yes. No! No, I don't have to answer it honestly!
Coren: When the producers said 'we're going to bring on the man who has a tattoo of you on one knee and Robert Webb on the other', was your reaction 'oh, good; I'd like to meet him again'?
Mitchell: (glances at the guest, Simon) ...I was obviously delighted by the prospect of furthering my acquaintance with Simon.

To continue the week's unexpected but not unwelcome theme of The Comedy World Bends To Riona's Will, [ profile] valderys was kind enough to bring me along to another Would I Lie to You? recording on Sunday, and Charlie Brooker was there. He was on Lee Mack's team as well, so he could shout at David Mitchell, which is always a plus.

Other guests were Gregg Wallace of MasterChef, Nina Wadia of EastEnders and Nigel Havers, who has appeared in various things. But Charlie Brooker was there, so they aren't important.

Here is my report!

Would I Lie to You? recording, 6th March 2011. )

Thank you so much to [ profile] valderys for the ticket! (How are you so addictive, comedy recordings?) I hope you all enjoy the writeup.
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Two days ago, I went to a recording of Charlie Brooker's radio panel game So Wrong It's Right! Two episodes were recorded: the guests for the first were Mark Watson, Holly Walsh and Rufus Hound; the guests for the second were Fergus Craig, Sharon Horgan and Rufus Hound again. As ever, I've written up whatever I can remember.

So Wrong It's Right recording, 22nd February 2011. )

So Wrong It's Right is broadcast on BBC Radio Four; I believe this series is going to start on Thursday the tenth of March at 18.30. Thank you so much to [ profile] anewcitylife for the ticket!
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Okay, I officially have far too many half-finished fics lying around. I'm going to go through my 'Unfinished Fanfiction' folder and list what I have in there, so I can see at a glance what's on the to-write pile. If anything catches your fancy, feel free to ask about it or just verbally kick me until it's finished. Listed in descending order of present wordcount.

The present contents of my 'Unfinished Fanfiction' folder. )

It seems I have fiction on the go for about twenty different fandoms. I think this is a sign that I officially have too many fandoms.

(Regarding the Peep Show/Harry Potter AU: I know I once said it was impossible to write Peep Show fanfiction with a pre-adulthood Mark Corrigan, but I have since changed my stance. Writing Peep Show fanfiction in which the principal characters are eleven really makes no difference to their personalities whatsoever, in the case of one because he was essentially born thirty and in the case of the other because he retains the mentality of an eleven-year-old for the next twenty-five years.)

What I've realised about my writing habits recently - and this is the reason behind a couple of the 'unlikely to be finished' notes - is that I find it easiest to motivate myself to write if I feel I'm writing something nobody will have done before. It's why I'm able to write canon-compliant stories for Peep Show, whilst my Kurt/Blaine fics for Glee are always bizarre AUs: there's barely any fanfiction for the former, so anything I write will be new, whereas with Kurt/Blaine, a popular pairing in a popular fandom, it's difficult to find a concept that hasn't already been written.

...also, er, this isn't in my Unfinished Fanfiction folder, but I just came across it in my notebook:

"Gotter Rattata," William said, proudly. "An' Henry's got a Weedle an' Douglas's got a Spearow an' Ginger's not got anythin' yet, so we're catchin' somethin' for him now."

Why - why did I start writing a Just William/Pokémon crossover?
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Managed, courtesy of [ profile] totaldrwhofreak, to go to the second unbroadcast pilot of 10 O'Clock Live, the live current affairs programme with David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr and Lauren Laverne! As ever, I have written down what I can remember for the benefit of those who weren't there.

10 O'Clock Live unbroadcast pilot, 13th January 2011. )

10 O'Clock Live is starting up in earnest next week; it'll be shown on Channel 4 on Thursday evenings. You can probably work out what time.
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It's odd, the psychological effect of carrying a Pokéwalker. Not only do I picture my Pokémon running along beside me and hear the Route 1 music playing in my head, but I actually feel safer when I'm walking on my own. Realistically, I know that a pixellated Nidoran in my pocket is unlikely to do much to protect me, but my irrational mind is still somehow soothed by its presence.

Speaking of Pokémon: there's a bit in SoulSilver in which you have to dress up as a Team Rocket member in order to infiltrate the Goldenrod Radio Tower. An actual member of Team Rocket assumes you're also a newcomer and gives you the uniform. 'Look at you! Pretty good! Oh, but you shouldn't try to scare people walking around looking like that, OK?'

Team Rocket members being nice is one of my favourite things. I wish it were possible to have a Team Rocket member's number in your Pokégear; that would be sort of hilarious. NAMELESS TEAM ROCKET MEMBER/VOICELESS PLAYER CHARACTER OTP.

Sudden revelation as I was drifting off to sleep last night: if the Harry Potter books were set in a Pokémon world, Sirius Black's Pokémagus form would be an Absol. Absol is a Pokémon that appears before people to warn them of natural disasters and as a result often finds itself blamed for causing disaster; Professor Trelawney would definitely go 'oh nooooo, you have been marked by an Absol and you will suffer a terrible fate'.

(And then I looked through my old entries and realised that [ profile] dracothelizard actually suggested the Sirius-as-Absol theory a little over a year ago. WHOOPS.)

The Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2010 airs tomorrow! So, guys, what would be your dream Big Fat Quiz of the Year lineup? Mine is David Mitchell, Lee Mack, Charlie Brooker, Victoria Coren, Sue Perkins and Richard Ayoade, with Jimmy Carr presenting as always; I'm not fussy about how the teams are divided, because literally any combination from those six would fill me with joy. It's possible that it wouldn't really work with the panel skewed so far in the 'intelligent introvert' direction - it's probably best to have a few Rosses and Brands amongst the Mitchells for balance - but I'd still very much like to see that hypothetical episode.
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I'm not feeling at all well (sore throat, sniffles, dry cough; I sound a bit like Bob Dylan, and last night I was feverish enough to make walking home feel like trying to operate a videogame with unresponsive controls, although fortunately I feel slightly more in command of myself today), but am I going to let that keep me from making a stupid seasonal manip? No, of course not.

I know where my priorities lie.

Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it, a fabulous Saturday to all those who don't, and no matter what your celebrational tastes I shower you all with love and terrible crossover ideas. NOW TO REGAIN FULL HEALTH BY SHEER FORCE OF WILL BEFORE CHRISTMAS DAY ACTUALLY ARRIVES.

That's the plan, at any rate. We'll see!
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Last night, I went to the recording of an unbroadcast 10 O'Clock Live practice run, the live current affairs show that David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne and Jimmy Carr are to be presenting next year. Like the Alternative Election Night, it was a little too reliant on the autocue, but I suppose with live television they have to limit the risks as much as possible (particularly when they're working with Charlie Brooker, who pissed himself the last time he was on live TV), and they did have a fair few unscripted segments. It was a short recording, as it was done under live television conditions, but here are my notes on it!

10 O'Clock Live unbroadcast pilot, 14th December 2010. )

Finally, a curious occurrence: those of you who have been to the BBC Television Centre in Wood Lane will know that there is a TARDIS outside the foyer. I have been to this centre quite a few times, and the TARDIS has been there every time.

Today, as we passed through into the foyer, I noticed that the TARDIS was gone.

Even weirder: when we emerged a couple of hours later, it had returned.

Doctor Who is real, you guys.
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Today, I wandered onto Twitter to search for reactions to the revelation that David Cameron and Nick Clegg had poisoned the leader of another country, and then I remembered that that was actually just a dream I had. Whoops.

A listing from today's edition of the Radio Times that I rather enjoyed:

8.00 White Van Man
New series. 1/6.
A surprising look at the lives and work of Britain's independent tradesmen. In this edition, welder Jim Brown has an unusual commission: to build a cage for the bondage dungeon of ex-gangland enforcer Dave Courtney. Elsewhere, Pete and Steve of the Buff Builders Handyman Service pose for their 2011 calendar and fix up TV star Annabel Giles's garden.

On the last night of Big Brother, I remember seeing very sarcastic television listings in a newspaper somewhere: something like 'the last ever episode of Big Brother, oh no, what a shame' and 'a collection of moments from Big Brother that we can't forget, no matter how much we may want to'. I wish I'd written them down.

Ooh, how about we all make up implausible television listings in the comments? Charlie Brooker is, of course, the king of this (or was until the broadcast of Touch the Truck (twenty contestants hold onto a truck! the last one to let go wins the truck! eighty hours of fun! (I'm assuming the broadcast didn't show all eighty hours)) made him realise that television had reached a point of ridiculousness at which it was impossible to parody); some of his more worksafe inventions (from TVGoHome, a very unworksafe site):

9.50pm Metal Gear Solid News
Peter Sissons hides behind a pillar and attempts to whisper all the latest current affairs stories without alerting a nearby guard.

12.15am Touch Stapleton
Members of the public queue up to stroke John Stapleton's forearm in a non-sexual way.

1.00am Haunted Painting 24
Uninterrupted live broadcast of the notorious E-bay 'Haunted Painting', offering viewers at home the opportunity to sit up all night staring into the eyes of an illustrated boy, too scared to switch off in case he inexplicably scowls at them the second they reach for the remote.

3.00pm 101 Unforgivable Farmyard Pastimes
4: Driving a tractor into a pig's face.

(I think my favourite part of the last is the fact that it's an hour and a quarter long.)

So, yes! Tell me how particularly ridiculous programmes or just programmes you wish existed would be listed in the Radio Times or equivalent! (If you're only just seeing this entry after a night out watching fireworks, it's not too late! retrospect, past nine on Bonfire Night was a really bad time to post this.)
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All right, having subjected you all to thousands of entries about something you don't watch for the past month and a half (er, thanks for sticking around, guys; I will almost certainly shut up eventually), I feel it's about time you got to choose what I write about. Therefore!

Give me a prompt (or several), and I'll try to write you a ficsnippet.

I'm planning to do the same thing I did last year: in lieu of participating in National Novel Writing Month, which is great fun but leaves me burnt out and unable to write for months afterwards, I'm going to attempt to write at least a little every day during the month of November. By requesting things, you will be helping me achieve that aim! (And you might get something to read out of it, of course.) Feel free to make requests even if we don't know each other terribly well.

Just so you know, I'd prefer not to write real-person deathfic or RPF featuring figures who aren't in the public eye (I wouldn't feel comfortable writing about a public figure's family members, for example), and I'm rubbish at smut. Also, if you request from a fandom I'm not familiar with, you may end up with something along the lines of 'Once upon a time there was a vampire slayer named Buffy. She slew vampires. The vampires were slain.' (If you don't know whether I'm familiar with a fandom, request away, but you may want to include a backup request from a fandom I definitely know.)
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The question is: who was Dr Doofenshmirtz?

I can't always explain why I do things.

(The text behind Mr Brooker says 'COMPLICATED BACKGROUND'. I attempted at first to piece said complicated background together from different screenshots, but my success was limited.)