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Cut for a couple of GIFs (it will shock you to learn they're of Linkin Park) )

I'm not planning to put GIFs in all of my entries from now on, I swear. I'm breaking the habit tonight. But somehow I can't stop staring at sweat-soaked, exhausted Chester and Mike, and I'm popping these here to facilitate that staring. Send help.

I'm not tinhatting, I should clarify. I'm not even 'shipping them romantically. That's a genuine promise, as opposed to the insubstantial 'I know very well I can't be trusted' promise that I won't end up writing a terrible Linkin Park/Pokémon crossover. I think they love each other a lot; I absolutely don't think they're pining desperately over each other, held apart by the evil record industry. But I do feel their dynamic is adorable, and, I'll be honest, I find Chester unsettlingly attractive in these GIFs.

My first reaction on looking up pictures of Linkin Park was 'huh, Chester's got a bit of a weird face, hasn't he?' His face still looks slightly odd to me. And yet.

(My last celebrity crush was Charlie Brooker, so maybe I'm exclusively attracted to people with weird faces. Mike's right there next to him, being all handsome, but my tastes refuse to make sense.)

My promise not to write a terrible Pokémon crossover is now looking more insubstantial than ever. I cannot believe nobody told me about this exchange on Chester Bennington's Twitter.

Fan: if lp never got together, what career would you have pursued?
Chester: Pokémon trainer
Fan: if not Picachu, who will be your favorite?
Chester: bulbasaur

Oh, God, he even included the accent on 'Pokémon'. I think I'm in love. I was already trying not to write fanfiction about your Pokémon-training adventures, Chester; don't do this to me!

(Although Chester's taste in Pokémon cannot be faulted, Bulbasaur can't learn Roar, which scuppers my 'every Pokémon in his team knows Roar' suggestion. I suppose his Bulbasaur could know Growl, at least. Oh, hey, it can learn Echoed Voice via TM!)
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strangely adorable Linkin Park GIF from linkinparkftw on Tumblr. Some of you may already have seen this, as I put it in the comments of my last post, but too bad; it's cute and I want it in an entry.

Linkin Park is still happening to me. I'm very sorry.

A couple of my favourite short clips from my apparent quest to watch every Linkin Park video on YouTube: I very much enjoyed Chester talking about his most embarrassing experience on stage while Mike cracks up (from this interview, about forty seconds in), and this extremely silly acoustic version of Numb (I'm so sad that the full version is nowhere to be found, but Chester's stupid dancing is brightening my day).

I'm finding it a little difficult to pin Chester down as a 'character', which I suppose makes sense, as he's not a character; he's a person. A few things do stand out. He's very openly affectionate; he talks a lot about how much he loves the band and his bandmates and his family. For all the anger in his singing, I've only seen him express anger in an interview once, talking about fans who call the band 'sell-outs' for experimenting with new styles, and he reflected on his comments and apologised a couple of weeks later.

Chester Bennington is intense and ridiculous and apparently possessed of boundless energy, he's built his career on screaming, and yet one of the first words that came to mind when I tried to list out his characteristics was 'quiet'. Is he quiet? Is that right? It seems unlikely. One of the first non-music videos of him I watched was an interview where the interviewer focused much more on Mike, which started me off with the probable misconception that Chester was shy, when in fact he just wasn't having much directed at him to respond to. Maybe the 'quiet' in my head is a holdover from that?

I'm still not going to write fanfiction. I'm not going to do it. My RPF days are behind me. I'm just trying to pin down the band members' characteristics as an innocent mental exercise. Don't give me that look.

A couple of specific fics I'm not going to write:

- Pokémon AU. Chester has a Loudred and every Pokémon in his team knows Roar.
- Supernatural AU where Dean is secretly a huge Linkin Park fan, he uses a haunting as an excuse to go to a gig, and he is very confused when Linkin Park take care of the haunting themselves. Turns out they're actually a team of hunters, fighting ghosts using the power of song somehow. This is an atrocious concept.
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I said in my previous entry that an inability to grasp voices and a lack of historical context were the only things standing between me and writing terrible Alexander Hamilton/Aaron Burr fanfiction. Just after posting the entry, I found myself thinking that my inability to write smut is also an issue. This pairing (whether Hamilton-based or RPF) cries out for weird, fierce sex in which Hamilton is constantly goading Burr, and Burr intends to prevent him from speaking in whatever way he can.

It seemed like a pretty hot scenario. But then I remembered The Amorous Intrigues and Adventures of Aaron Burr, a pornographic novel written in the 1860s. Specifically, I remembered this line:

"Hush, my dear!" cried Burr. "You now perceive that your reputation is safe. Yon fainting girl, who discovered us by sheer accident, would have made the whole country ring with the news, if I had not stopped her mouth by stopping her – other end."

Thanks, anonymous Victorian real-person smut writer; 'I'm weirdly attracted to you but mostly I just really want to make you stop talking' sex scenes are ruined forever. Particularly when they involve Aaron Burr. Did you somehow see into the future and write this to spite me specifically? I'm half-convinced you did, because I can't imagine any other reason a pornographic Victorian novel about a former vice-president exists.

I realise I'm not exactly in a position to judge anyone for writing Aaron Burr RPF, given the opening of this entry. Maybe I should talk about other fic ideas and see whether Victorian versions of them spring into existence. I look forward to reading the Victorian Pokémon AU. Hamilton has a Swanna that's plucked almost bare because he keeps making its feathers into quills. Burr has a Growlithe that he ill-advisedly uses to light candles. This also means that Burr's Pokémon is weak against Hamilton's and Burr is very, very angry about it.

(I challenged [ profile] reipan to reproduce 'I stopped her mouth by stopping her other end' in the restricted language of fridge poetry. She ended up with 'I stop her tongue stream by using south rumpus'. It's a masterpiece, but a regrettable one.)
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I DIDN'T KNOW WATERLOO IN LONDON WAS NAMED AFTER THE BATTLE OF WATERLOO. For my entire life I've thought the Battle of Waterloo was fought in London! I'm so embarrassed.

(I told my dad this. He asked if he could get a refund from my school.)

Just finished a replay of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag (it seemed necessary after Pirates of the Caribbean) and got tearful all over again at the ending. Of all the Assassin's Creed games, I think Black Flag has the story I get most invested in, perhaps because it's so small-scale and personal. The focus is very much on Edward and all that he learns and all that he loses, rather than on the Assassin-Templar conflict.

This is why Black Flag is one of my favourite games in the series, even though two thirds of the missions are terrible. Tailing isn't fun! Eavesdropping is a nightmare! Naval combat is - well, actually I enjoyed the sailing bits a lot more on this playthrough than I did on my first. Which is good, and not just on the revelatory 'videogames are better when you enjoy playing them' level; it was difficult to get into Edward Kenway's mindset when he was so at home on the water and I was so miserable. But there's no excuse for the missions where you have to tail in the ship.

Edward/Kidd is still the best pairing. Amazing discovery on this replay: in the opening cutscene of an early mission ('A Single Madman'), Kidd pats Edward on the arse. I want them to have so much sex where Edward's painfully in love and Kidd's just going 'need some stress relief; I suppose you'll do.'

On this replay, I really got the sense that Anne Bonny could have been Edward's second wife if things had gone slightly differently, although there would always have been the strange underlying sadness of their shared loss. It's an intriguing thought, but in that universe we'd never have had Haytham and the horrible but fascinating Haytham-and-Connor relationship, and that would have been a tragedy.

Here's something that's been bothering me. In the original Pokémon games, Professor Oak shows up to congratulate your rival on becoming the Pokémon Champion. On finding out that you've beaten him, though, he scolds your rival: 'I'm disappointed! I came when I heard you beat the Elite Four! But, when I got here, you had already lost!'

Isn't that a bit harsh? However briefly, your grandson was the best Pokémon trainer in the country. Most people are never going to achieve those heights! Give him a bit of recognition, Oak, for goodness' sake.
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Well, I couldn't exactly not give Evie an Eevee. Have some more Assassin's Creed/Pokémon. This, er, doesn't feature any visiting, but it's clearly set in the same universe as Visiting the Pokémon Centre, so I suppose it's part two of that. It can stand on its own, though.

Title: Visiting the Pokémon Centre, Part Two
Fandom: Assassin's Creed/Pokémon
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 1,400 (this part; 4,700 cumulative)
Summary: It’s been tradition in the Assassin Brotherhood for over a thousand years: every novice receives an Eevee. In deciding what to evolve it into, you will discover yourself. (Part two: the Frye twins.)

Part One

Visiting the Pokémon Centre, Part Two )
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I accidentally wrote a Pokémon AU of my Sense8 AU for Assassin's Creed. Looking back, I somehow feel that I should have seen this coming.

Title: Visiting the Pokémon Centre
Fandom: Assassin's Creed/Pokémon
Rating: PG-13
Wordcount: 3,300
Summary: It’s been tradition in the Assassin Brotherhood for over a thousand years: every novice receives an Eevee. In deciding what to evolve it into, you will discover yourself. (Inexplicable Pokémon AU of the Visitorverse AU.)

Visiting the Pokémon Centre )

Part Two
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It's Christmas Eve, and that means it's STUPID SEASONAL MANIP DAY.

'Shay, you look ridiculous and I refuse to accept this present.'

Less seasonally appropriate but equally essential: Edward Kenway with a Vaporeon.

I've been trying to work out which Eevee evolutions the pre-PS4 Assassin's Creed protagonists would own if they lived in the Pokémon world (and all owned Pokémon in the Eevee family), but I can't find a good Eeveelution for Aveline. This is a disaster.

Altaïr: Espeon (a Psychic type seems to fit Altaïr’s character arc, which is essentially about gaining wisdom.)
Ezio: Flareon (Fire type; passion! vigour!)
Edward: Vaporeon (Water type; they can swim around together!)
Haytham: Umbreon (Dark type; one of its Pokédex entries reads, 'When darkness falls, the rings on the body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby,' and Haytham certainly strikes fear into hearts, but Eevee will only evolve into Umbreon if it really loves its trainer, hinting towards the fact that Haytham has a heart of his own really. Very deep down. When he's not busy murdering informants and alienating his son.)
Shay: Glaceon (Ice type; Shay spends a lot of time in cold places, and a Glaceon would fit the terrain.)
Connor: Leafeon (Grass type; Connor spends a lot of time in forests and wilderness.)
Desmond: Eevee (Normal type; unevolved; untapped potential; could become one of the Pokémon owned by his ancestors.)

But that leaves Aveline with Jolteon (Electric type) or Sylveon (Fairy type), and neither seems to fit. I'm actually inclined to give Jolteon to one of the Frye twins; it makes sense to have an Electric type in the Industrial Revolution.

Well, no, I haven't played Syndicate, but it's never too early to think about what Pokémon a character might train.

Sylveon does have the ability 'Cute Charm', which means there's a chance the opposing Pokémon, if it's of the opposite gender, will fall in love with Sylveon and be unable to make itself attack it. I suppose that can sort of be related to the way Aveline will charm enemies into letting their guard down. I also like the idea of Haytham's Pokémon being weak against Aveline's, given the weird unrequited (semi-requited?) Haytham/Aveline plotline that's developed in the Visitorverse.

Connor almost certainly has a Braviary in addition to his Leafeon. It's an eagle (symbol of the Assassins); its design is inspired by Native American culture; it's in the colours of the American flag. I don't think I've ever found a Pokémon that fits a specific character on so many different levels before.

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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is an interesting and rather a bleak book. In contrast to Philosopher's Stone or Chamber of Secrets, each of which are year-long buildups to Harry discovering and thwarting Voldemort's plan, Order of the Phoenix is a year-long buildup to Harry screwing up horribly and getting someone he loves killed. I was so upset whenever I noticed a point where everything could have been averted.

A few more thoughts:

- Harry, Hermione, Ron, Neville, Ginny and Luna all go to the Department of Mysteries. A six-person party, three male, three female. A perfect party for a Final Fantasy game, in other words. Get on that, Square. Or someone could write fanfiction in which they're all l'Cie.

- It never really occurred to me before how confused Neville must be during the entire ending sequence. 'We're going to fly to London to save someone named Sirius? Well, this is obviously really important to Harry, so I'll help out, even if I don't really know what's going on.' (Bless you, Neville.) And then Sirius actually shows up. 'Oh. So, um, we came here to rescue Sirius Black? Death Eater Sirius Black? Sirius Black, the guy who broke into our dormitory and tried to kill Harry two years ago?'

- I'm liking Ginny more this time around. I've never disliked her, exactly, but I had trouble believing in her sudden offscreen shift from 'quiet and shy' in the first four books to 'bold, outspoken, spirited' in the fifth onwards, and I suppose that made it hard for me to appreciate her as a character. I still think the shift could have been done better; if it's true that she only came across as quiet and shy at first because of her crush on Harry, perhaps we could have seen her spending a lot of time with Harry and gradually getting more comfortable with him over the course of a book? But I am enjoying her more than I used to.

- The room in the Department of Mysteries where love is studied is always kept locked. They leave open the room with the literal veil of death, but the love room is always kept locked. What the hell is in that room?

On a related subject: I recently loaded up my Pokémon White file from 2011 and went through my PC box to see the nicknames I'd given all my Pokémon. A few of them made me smile (I'd named my Trubbish 'WHAT' in allcaps, which I think accurately captures my reaction when I first saw it), but my absolute favourite was the Litwick I'd named Filius. Filius Litwick. I'm so happy with my past self. (I'm also quite fond of Severus Snake the Seviper.)

In SoulSilver, meanwhile, I have a box containing twenty-five male Eevee (I was breeding for a female). You can see my gradual breakdown if you look through them. I started out giving them individual nicknames, then started giving them all nicknames beginning with E, then eventually named one 'EEEAAARRGH' and gave up; the rest are nameless.

(Oddly enough, one of the Eevee of Suffering is named Ezio, even though I must have named him well over a year before I started playing Assassin's Creed.)

On a less related subject, here is a terrible tale of Sense8 references gone wrong:

Riona: There's a really strong smell of cat urine. It's troubling me.
RD: ?
Riona: ...I'm the only one who can smell it, aren't I? Someone in my cluster is at a cat urine convention, and I'm experiencing the things they can sense.
RD: ...a cat urine convention.
Riona: ...
RD: A cat urine convention.
Riona: (breaks into giggles)
RD: You said 'cluster', and I thought 'okay, I'm following this'. And then you said 'cat urine convention'. That's what came to your mind.
Riona: I don't want to be psychically bonded to someone who goes to cat urine conventions!
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The text message I sent to [ profile] th_esaurus early on in my holiday:

The colours in Greece are very bright and warm, like someone's turned up the saturation. On the downside, today I had literal ants in my literal pants.

The message I sent towards the end:


So, yes, I've spent the past week in Greece! On the extremely beautiful island of Kefalonia, specifically. I could swear the shore nearest us was the shore from the opening video of Final Fantasy VIII. The waves breaking on the beach looked exactly the same. I never thought the sea could actually be that colour, but apparently it can!

Here is the traditional write-up of things that amused me during the holiday. Cast: Harriet (me), Mum (my mother), Dad (my father), Joseph and Fred (my two younger brothers), and Eleanor (Joseph's girlfriend).

Family adventures in Greece! )

On our last full day of the holiday, we went to Ithaca by boat. I wanted to go to Ithaca solely to stick it to Odysseus (I think Odysseus is a great character but don't much like him as a person), but I actually got strangely emotional looking at the island from offshore, thinking about him seeing it again at last after all those years.

(And then Poseidon sent a storm to batter us. That guy is really weird about people going to Ithaca.)
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The eighth season of Supernatural may have had a wobbly start, but it brought back Charlie Bradbury and, to my great surprise and delight, teenage hunter Krissy Chambers, so I think I might have to forgive it.

(Krissy! I was so sure I'd never see her again!)

In fact, while the first half of the eighth season really didn't work for me, much of the second half is excellent. I'm particularly fond of 'Pac-Man Fever', because there is so much hugging and because the relationship between Dean and Charlie is the cutest thing in the world.

(He kisses her hair. I apparently have a terrible weakness for hair-kissing.)

I'm glad that Dean hasn't lost his concern for other people, as I thought he might have at the beginning of the season. The line 'If you ask me, we got off cheap' in 'What's Up, Tiger Mommy?' wasn't, it turned out, an indicator of a fundamental change in Dean's character; it was just a flagrantly, ridiculously out-of-character moment. I am still very unhappy about it and I am going to rule right now that I do not accept that line as canon. I am writing it out of Supernatural in my personal perception of the universe. Dean never said that line, because Dean would never have said that line.

Who wrote that episode? I'm going to check. Andrew Dabb and Daniel Loflin. I don't know which of you is responsible, but ONE OF YOU IS DEAD TO ME.

And now, as the ninth season is not yet out on DVD here, I've entirely run out of Supernatural to watch! It feels a bit odd. I've spent the last quarter of a year catching up on this ridiculous show. What do I do now?

What I do now is speculate on what types the Hogwarts houses would specialise in if they were Pokémon gyms. Obviously.

I think that Gryffindor would specialise in Fire and Fighting types, Ravenclaw in Flying and Psychic, Hufflepuff in Ground and Normal, and Slytherin in Poison and Dark. Perhaps Poison and Dark seem slightly stereotypical types to assign to Slytherin, but I think it makes sense. 'Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends', as the Sorting Hat says. Poison and Dark types tend to reward strategic play and slightly underhanded tactics.

(The one thing I'm sad about is that I can't think of a good house mascot for Gryffindor in this universe. Slytherin's snake could be an Ekans, Arbok or Seviper; Linoone is a Normal-type that looks slightly badgery, so it could work for Hufflepuff (although in my heart Hufflepuff's Pokémascot will always be a Sandslash); there are a fair few Flying-types that could replace Ravenclaw's eagle. But there's no leonine Fire- or Fighting-type Pokémon. Alas!

NO, WAIT, I'M COMPLETELY WRONG. Apparently the sixth generation has introduced a Fire-type lion called Pyroar! Splendid.)

The general view of the Hogwarts houses is that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff favour training as a means of winning Pokémon battles (if you lose a match, come back when your Pokémon are stronger), whereas Ravenclaw and Slytherin favour strategy (if you lose a match, rethink your approach and try again). Minerva McGonagall, as head of the Gryffindor gym, tends to take opponents by surprise with her highly strategic fighting style.
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TERRIBLE FIC IDEA: The Last of Us/Pokémon crossover, in which the Paras line are the cause of the outbreak. Runners have little Paras mushrooms on top of their heads; Clickers have the large Parasect mushroom. Possibly there is some sort of glowy Runner-to-Clicker evolution sequence, rather than a gradual transformation. Ellie has a Rattata. NOBODY WRITE THIS.

Adventures in playing Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII:

(I am playing as Lightning, also known as 'the saviour'. It is my task to... save people's souls so they can be reborn in a new world, I think? This game is pretty confusing.)
Riona: Ooh, what are these shiny things on the ground?
(The things on the ground are leaflets.)
Leaflets: The evil saviour will die at the hands of the Shadow Hunter.
Riona: Well, that's not very nice.
RD: Can you even have an 'evil saviour'?
Riona: Why don't these people want their souls to be saved?
Riona: Oh, my God, this is how Jehovah's Witnesses feel.

Lightning Returns is a surprisingly addictive Jehovah's Witness simulator, it turns out! The plot is absolute gibberish and most of the gameplay boils down to doing a million fetch quests for weird NPCs, but somehow it manages to be a lot of fun. Possibly because you're playing as Lightning, who has little patience for all the stupid things she's being asked to do.

My favourite Lightning lines so far: 'I'm not one to judge, but the love you have for your cat is more than a little frightening' and, when she asks whether someone's a firework seller and gets a condensed history of his business in return, 'Well, that was a lot more information than I needed to know.'

My other thoughts on this game so far are under the cut. They're not really spoilery, but they do indicate which characters from previous games in the trilogy show up in this one. I've completed the Luxerion, Yusnaan and Dead Dunes main quests.

Thoughts on Lightning Returns. )

I'm entirely too amused by the dressing-up system in Lightning Returns. You can give Lightning a fake moustache! You can put a Chocobo figurine on top of her head! Why is this not an option in every game?


Apr. 21st, 2013 07:32 pm
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Finished watching Full Moon wo Sagashite! And sobbed throughout more or less the entire final episode. MITSUKI. TAKUTO. MEROKO. EVERYONE.

(I actually started crying at the penultimate episode's ending credits, of all things, because they end with that lovely shot of Meroko calling to Mitsuki with Takuto smiling fondly beside her and Mitsuki running to them. It's such a lovely illustration of their three-way friendship, and the episode itself had just dealt that friendship a heartwrenching blow.)

Full Moon probably isn't objectively great, but I don't care; it's really managed to capture my heart. I love Mitsuki and Takuto and Meroko. I love how much they all come to care about each other. I love the ending; it made me a little sad, but it's moving and open and hopeful.

I really like it when endings feel as if they have a whole new story stretching in front of them. Maybe it comes of writing fanfiction. I think that's why I didn't really get along with the epilogue to the Harry Potter books. You can't just tell us what's happening seventeen years later! Seventeen years later belongs to us!

I don't think I'm actually going to write Full Moon wo Sagashite fanfiction. I don't feel confident enough with any of the characters' voices. If I did write fanfiction for it, though... well.

My first thought, when Negi Ramen showed up in the first episode, was how much they reminded me of Team Rocket. They even did a little motto (the video quality's not great, I'm afraid, but it certainly gives you an impression of how Team Rockety it is).

I don't know about you, but I'd quite like to see Takuto and Meroko as a branch of Team Rocket. They pursue Mitsuki initially, trying to steal her Pokémon, but end up accidentally befriending her.


Oh no, I'm actually thinking in depth about this now. One day, Mitsuki is singing when a strange Pokémon approaches and begins to duet with her. It stays with her afterwards; she names it Full Moon. Unable to find out what species her new friend is, she sets out to visit Professor Wakaouji, in the hope that he might know something. Little does she know that Team Rocket have spotted her Pokémon and identified it as the legendary Meloetta!

I - I really shouldn't write this.
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Whoops, went quiet for a month and a half there. I'm still around! Not a lot's happened, though; I've mostly just been working. I hope there are still people here.

To my surprise as much as yours, I finally finished the answers to that character-number meme: the one where I picked fifteen characters and you asked questions like 'would Six and Eleven make a good couple?' without knowing which character corresponded to which number. The one I posted more than a year ago. That one. Whoops.

Previous answer instalments are here and here. Fandoms represented below the cut are My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII, Uncharted, The Mentalist, Red Dead Redemption, Phineas and Ferb, Portal, Peep Show, Silent Hill and Pokémon.

I was going to say 'It's stupid crossover time!' before remembering that, in this journal, every time is stupid crossover time. )

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I have now watched the first four episodes of Princess Tutu! [ profile] futuresoon is entirely responsible for this.

Here are my thoughts: what?

Here, to further illustrate said thoughts, is an exchange I had with my housemate when I was in the middle of the second episode:

Riona: Oh no! An anteater in a school uniform is asking out the boy the duck-girl likes!
[ profile] th_esaurus: ...
[ profile] th_esaurus: This isn't a real series.
[ profile] th_esaurus: I'm not okay with this.

(One of my favourite moments in that particular episode comes when the boy's schoolmates learn that he is going out with an anteater. There is general shock - not because his girlfriend is an anteater, but because they thought he liked someone else.)

Princess Tutu, as far as I can tell, is about a girl who is secretly a magical ballerina who is secretly a duck who solves people's problems by dancing with them. It is even stranger than it sounds. I sort of love it already. Ahiru is incredibly endearing.

(Ahiru is also the easiest character to assign a Pokémon ever. Psyduck. Sorted. Oh no, wait, what about Ducklett? It evolves into Swanna, which is a great parallel for Ahiru turning into Princess Tutu! But Psyduck would be so perfect! It's possible to have multiple Pokémon, of course, but for some reason I'm convinced that Ahiru has only one.

Maybe Ahiru is a Ducklett but has a Psyduck.


As Livejournal once again seems to be doing its inexplicable best to drive away its users, I'd like to remind everyone that this journal is also available at Dreamwidth under the same name. If you're planning to migrate over there, let's stay in touch! I have no plans to stop posting to Livejournal, though, so if you're primarily LJ-based there's no problem.
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A couple of days ago, I thought I'd pick up the Undead Nightmare add-on for Red Dead Redemption again, as I'd never finished it. As I rode through the New Austin desert at night, I suddenly saw an alert informing me that a mythical creature had appeared in the area. Said mythical creature was War, one of the horses of the apocalypse, and it wasn't difficult to find; its mane, tail and hooves were on fire. I broke it and hitched it and now it is my trusty steed.

In my last entry, I said that if John Marston had a Pokémon, it would be a Ponyta. I'm pleased to have my belief so thoroughly justified.

In other news, I was watching Channel 5 yesterday. During an advert break, a short trailer for Big Brother played, in which the hosts (I was going to say 'judges', but I don't suppose Big Brother really has judges, does it?) stepped out onto a balcony above an arena and one dramatically announced 'Let the fun and games begin!'

I don't know whether this is deliberately trying to echo the phrase 'Let the Hunger Games begin!', but I really hope so. The publicists for a slightly cruel reality show deliberately evoking a work about reality shows taken to outright evil extremes? Got to admire that.

The thing I was watching, incidentally, was 'Desperate Souls', episode eight of Once Upon a Time. My thoughts mainly consist of 'MR GOLD, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD'. At the beginning I was thinking 'Well, Mr Gold seems sort of... nice? Bit creepy, but pleasant enough? Not particularly like his fairytale counterpart?' And then he became more and more magnificent and bastardly until I was just gaping at the screen. I fear and sort of admire him.

I am more amused than I should be by all the mirror-based puns whenever Sidney Glass is around. Keep it up, Once Upon a Time.

And I really like the friendship between Emma and Mary Margaret. I want Mary Margaret to find out Emma's true relationship to her - it could be so interesting! - but it doesn't look like that'll happen for a while. Still, I'm enjoying this series immensely, so for now I'm happy to wait.

It's just occurred to me that the ridiculous Once Upon a Time concept is one that can be applied to other fandoms. What if the characters of Avatar: The Last Airbender or Final Fantasy X were living in a small town in our world, having lost their memories? ...well, they'd just go about their business, I suppose, unaware of their former lives. It would essentially be a 'mundane existence' AU. This is a terrible crossover idea.

(Hey, what if the cast of Final Fantasy VIII were living in a small town in our world because Rinoa secretly put them there with her sorceress powers, trying to keep them from fighting Ultimecia and getting killed? One day, it occurs to Squall that, although he and Rinoa are married, he can't remember how they met. She becomes quite strange and cagey when he asks her about it. Slightly more workable as a concept, but I still don't think I'd be able to write it.)
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It's been months since the first instalment of the character-number questions, but I have not forgotten about them! I'm just really slow.

Here is the second instalment! Fandoms represented are, as before, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XIII, Peep Show, Phineas and Ferb, Red Dead Redemption, Portal, Uncharted and The Mentalist, with the inevitable mentions of Silent Hill and Pokémon.

Some day I'll just have 'a delicious piece of cake' as the ninth character. )

There are yet more answers to come! Goodness knows how long it'll take me to get to them, though.
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Waterloo Road is back on television with episode 7.21, and you know what time that makes it? IT'S RIONA RAMBLES ABOUT HILARIOUSLY TERRIBLE DRAMA VERY FEW OF YOU WATCH TIME.

(Note that by 'hilariously terrible' I am not trying to claim that my enjoyment of Waterloo Road is ironic. I cannot deny that my love of Waterloo Road is absolutely sincere and equally indefensible.)

I hate that it looks like they're giving Josh a drug-addiction plotline, because Josh has already learnt his lesson about drugs! In an extremely dramatic, distressing fashion! With your vast array of characters, Waterloo Road, surely the Wheel of Plotline Assignation could have fallen on a student who hadn't had a previous traumatic drug-related incident? Presumably he has forgotten about that occasion because of the drugs.

I'm not complaining about Josh actually getting a plotline, though, because he's been practically invisible for far too long. Maybe we'll get some Josh and Tom interaction! I have missed Josh and Tom interaction. Maybe that interaction will contain the line, 'What the hell were you thinking? Did you completely forget what happened in series five?'

(Josh's hair has grown back! I am so pleased.)

In other news, Tariq appears to have unexpectedly become one of my favourite characters. Under all the posturing and anger and terrible, terrible decision-making, he's a good guy, or at least not a bad one. I realised I sort of loved him when he... framed himself for something he had actually done, I suppose (what do you call it when you use false evidence to implicate yourself in something you did in fact do?), in the hope that detention would keep him from having to do something terrible.

Plus he loves his sisters, and you know about my weakness for sibling relationships in fiction. He's also incredibly controlling towards his sisters, but my weakness certainly isn't confined to healthy sibling relationships. (He relies on Trudi to keep him on track! Awww.)

I shouted at the screen in appalled disbelief more or less every time Linda Radleigh said or did anything. THERE IS SO MUCH WRONG WITH YOU.

Just now, searching for something non-Waterloo Road related to include so this entry would be of potential interest to more than three people, I found this floating around in my 'stupid manips' folder:

I think it speaks for itself, really.
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Elena Fisher of the Uncharted series was my first thought - she's smart, funny, bold, level-headed but playful - but, on further consideration, spending time with her would also mean spending time with Nate. And I like Nate! In theory, I'm very happy with the idea of being friends with Nathan Drake; he's good-hearted, hilariously dorky and prepared to go to extraordinary lengths for the people he cares about. In reality, though, he is a walking disaster-magnet and I would almost certainly be killed if I got anywhere near him.

If we ignore the men with guns and focus on character and the fact that Nate would probably somehow find an ancient Babylonian golden statuette propped up against my front door, thus making me rich, I think 'Elena and by extension Nate' has to be my answer to this.

Other thoughts: I'd actually quite like to be friends with Bianca of the fifth-generation Pokémon games (Black and White). She's sweet and scatterbrained and enthusiastic, and although she may not be the world's greatest trainer she always tries her best. I genuinely think we'd get on well.

Despite loving a huge number of Final Fantasy characters, I'm having trouble thinking of ones I could be friends with. Squall and I would just sit in intensely uncomfortable silence; I can't see us ever making it past the level of awkward acquaintances. I wouldn't be able to cope emotionally with someone as volatile as Lightning, and Balthier would intimidate me. Snow would drive me mad. Yuna or Sazh I could be comfortable with, I think.

And obviously the Aperture Science Weighted Companion Cube is an extremely reliable companion and will never judge you.

I don't often answer the Writer's Block question, but this one I really like. Not that I would say no to an Amazon gift card, but I'm mainly answering because I love the question.
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I received a request for a Pokémon manip post, and, hey, who am I to refuse? (I can't guarantee that I'll run off and make a Pokémon-related manip every time someone asks me to, but it's certainly not something that generally requires much prodding. I am weak-willed and very fond of Pokémon indeed.)

Pokémon in the Portal universe are probably kept in Aperture Science Pocket Monster Containment Spherical Cubes.

As always, this is an invitation to post your own silly Pokémon-related manips in the comments! Or indeed Portal-related manips; both are extremely manippable fandoms. Have fun!